The Lagna Chart – It’s about You and Your Life!

Indian Astrology | 19-Dec-2022

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If you wish to know anything about your life, you need to refer to your birth or Lagna chart. The rising sign at the Eastern horizon at the time of the birth of a person is called the Lagna. The Lagna chart represents the placement of various planets in different zodiac signs and houses at the time of birth of a person. The horoscope or the Lagna chart gives almost completely accurate information due to its dynamics and regular changes after every two hours. The Lagna rising is the sign placed in the first house, and then we determine the other houses in a counterclockwise movement.

The Moon sign and the ascendant sign decide a person's whole personality. People with the same Moon signs or the Sun signs can have different personality traits for differences in their ascendants. This is due to the reason that the Sun stays in a zodiac sign for around 30 days and moves one degree in the day, whereas the Moon transits inside a sign for around 2.25 days. However, the ascendant resides in a sign only for about 2 hours a day. The Lagna cart gives accurate information about a person, and almost every event in a person's life can be seen through the Lagna chart. It is a blueprint of a person's life.  

As per Vedic Astrology, the whole zodiac has been divided into 12 signs, 12 houses, 9 planets, and 27 nakshatras. The best astrologer uses these traits to correctly predict the life events of a person. 


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What is the Lagna Chart?

Lagna or ascendant is everything for a person. The Lagna chart along with the Vimshottari Dasha in Kundali can predict every event of your life. The ascendant or the rising sign says a lot about a person, and it is further refined with planetary influence on it. The zodiac sign in the first house is the ascendant sign and is the beginning or the entry point of a person in the present birth.

Lagna can be explained as the moment of union of a body and the soul. The Lagna chart typically signifies various aspects of a person's life. The Lagna chart is always accurate as it is based on the Earth's rotation. The Lagna chart consists of 12 houses, and each house represents a specific aspect of life. The Lagna or ascendant or the first house is all about a person's personality, character, nature, mindset, and attitude.


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There are twelve houses in the Lagna chart-

  • The first house- Your projected behavior, health, temperament, your reaction to the outer world, and your appearance.
  • The second house- Your wealth, savings, family, speech, losses, gains, financial status and your concern about money matters.
  • The third house- Your mental aptitudes, siblings, hobbies, courage, early childhood, everyday communication, and early education.
  • The fourth house- Domestic environment, home, vehicles, mother, home, and family etc.
  • The fifth house- Love affairs, virtuous deeds of past life, procreation, children, learning, creativity, speculation and intelligence etc.
  • The sixth house- Your work environment, the employer and employees, health, debts, enemies, routine, and hygiene etc.
  • The seventh house- Your life partner, marriage, business partner, external contacts, contracts, joint ventures, etc.
  • The eighth house- Death, possessions of others, inheritance, insurance, sudden accidents, unexpected events, sex, regeneration, etc.
  • The ninth house- Religion, higher education, philosophy, publishing, long travels, foreign countries, and foreign culture, etc.
  • The tenth house is Father, status, reputation, fame, career, karma, workplace, etc.
  • The eleventh house- Friends, social networks, clubs, organizations, associations, materialistic gains, goals, hopes, and desires, etc.
  • The twelfth house- Your subconscious mind, expenses, losses, hidden enemies, hidden resources, asylum, foreign settlement, and social responsibility, etc.


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Role of Lagna in Your Life

The Lagna chart helps to understand the core nature of a person. The ascendant sign narrates a lot about the characteristics, nature, and personality of the native. Each ascendant sign has certain inherent traits which it imposes on the person with its presence in the first house. Everything from appearance, character, and confidence that molds a person into what he is can be determined by the Lagna chart.

The ascendant/Lagna plays a crucial role in structuring the identity and personality of an individual. Also, the ascendant sign explains the most compatible and incompatible zodiac signs with whom you may or may not get along. The ascendant sign is also responsible for an individual's physical stature and courage to face worldly troubles. It can bring respect or ill-fame to you. It can predict your success or failure and obstructions in life. If the Lagna is strong, a person faces fewer problems in life and vice-versa. 


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Importance of Lagna

The Lagna chart is everything, and there are no words to explain its importance. It helps in unleashing circumstances in one's life. One can estimate the personality and day-to-day activities of a person through the Lagna chart. The Lagna chart reveals one's strengths, weaknesses, traits, characteristics, emotions, etc. One should know about his Lagna and Rashi through free kundli to get important details in daily life. The planets affect our Lagna and Rashi with their transits, and that results in different events in life. Thus, one should know about the Lagna char to understand what can happen in his life.

The Lagna chart assumes a lot of importance for marriage, education, career, health, foreign settlement, etc. One can know every detail about life from the Lagna chart. During the marriage, it becomes essential for kundli matching. Since we can know almost everything about a person through the birth chart, we can estimate the personality traits of your life or love partner with its help. It becomes easier to estimate whether the proposal is a perfect match for you or not. The Lagna chart can reveal whether a person is honest or a cheat. 

The nine planets, with their influence in different houses, give different good and bad things in life. The planet in the ascendant house affects the personality of the native to a greater extent. The placement of the nakshatra will also matter. All the planets that make associations with the first house through lordship or aspect or conjunction have a greater impact on the personality of an individual. E.g., Moon in the ascendant will make you very caring and emotional, and the presence of the Moon will make you fearless and bold. Similarly, all planets put their influence the personality with their presence in the first house. 

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Nothing like a strong Lagna!

If a person has a strong Lagna, he becomes successful in almost every walk of life. A strong Lagna gives the zeal to overcome any difficult situation in life. The person faces fewer troubles in life. A strong Lagna indicates that the person has done many good deeds in his previous life, so he has gained the support of the planets in this life. It can be termed divine help. A strong Lagna means a healthy body and mind. A talk to an astrologer helps to understand the blessings and curses of the present life through careful analysis of the Lagna.

Transit of the planets

The planets keep moving in the sky, and with their transit or movement in the Lagna and other houses, they bring significant results in our lives. A person who experiences the transit of malefics in the Lagna has to undergo several hardships in life, particularly in health. Similarly, the transit of the planets in different houses brings significant events in life. 

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