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The word Varshphal is made up of ‘Varsh’ which means ‘Year’ and ‘Phal’ which means ‘Result’. Therefore, Varshphal means ‘Yearly Result’. Astrology is an occult science that was revealed by the Holy Sages of Bharat, thousands of years ago with the sole aim of empowering humankind with the incredibly useful information of how the future is likely slated to unfold.

As part of its predictive functionality, Astrology offers Varshphal which reveals what the planets & stars are signifying for a particular year of a person’s life. This is invaluable guidance that can make a huge difference in your quest for achieving your goals & objectives in life.

Varsh Details

Varsh Details

Varsh means "Year" and Varshphal in the context of astrology means "result of the year". We all want to know how our life will pan out in terms of our health, wealth, career, marriage, child birth and many other aspects.
It is for this purpose we take the help of the divine and ancient science called Astrology. While it is wonderful to know about long term future, it is equally important to be aware of what lies ahead on an immediate basis as we all live in the present and it is the decisions taken in the present that eventually mould our future.
Therefore, one must go for Varshphal Predictions to navigate wisely through the immediate time frame of an year. A Varshphal Chart of a native is carefully constructed by incorporating many tedious Varshphal Calculations and the predictions that are made thereafter, paint a clear picture of what the said year has in store for the native.

Pages : 30-31
Sample : English | Hindi
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Varsh Kundli

Varsh Kundli

This varshaphal report is smaller model with Varshphal Calculations & predictions. This is around 16 page report which gives the Varshphal Calculations & Predictions for a specific year. This type of Varshaphal can be cast for any specific year.

Pages : 15-16
Sample : English | Hindi
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Significance of Varshphal?

You could enhance the chances of succeeding in crucial endeavours of your life manifold by knowing in advance what the forthcoming year has in store for you based on the positions of planets in your Natal Horoscope or Janam Kundli as well as the key planetary transits that are taking place in the zodiac belt or will take place during the course of that particular year.

This is essentially the main purpose of getting a Varshphal Report. Imagine the difference that making informed decisions could bring in your life with respect to your course of action to realize your dreams & desires. It always pays to move ahead with a proper plan and identify & walk onto the path that has the least number of obstacles and the maximum prospects of positive growth & success for you.

Varshphal from Indian Astrology

Indian Astrology offers Varshphal in the form of two highly useful reports called ‘Varsh Details’ and ‘Varsh Kundli’. Both these reports are extremely beneficial for those who like to charge ahead in life with a proper plan and a well thought out road map. It is prudent that one must not rely on blind hard work in life and rather take the smart & informed route of channelizing his/her time & energy in a manner and in the fields that are best suited to harness success as per what the favourable cosmic forces are signifying for the person.

Get your personal ‘Varsh Details’ or ‘Varsh Kundli’ report and make informed & subsequently rewarding decisions in life!