Vastu Tips for Strengthening Family Bonds

Future Point | 03-Dec-2018

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Family is the true power of life. We share our happiness, sorrow and problems with our family and they always support us at bad times. Family bonding is the most important factor in social institution. If family bonding distorted and there is conflict between you and your other family members then it makes your life depressed and dislocated.

It filled your life with insecurities and also effects the growth of the family. Misunderstandings, conflicts and arguments can disturb the harmony in the relationship. Some Vastu defect could create the disharmony in the relationship. The placement of certain things if done in a wrong way can lead to break ups and unnecessary fights.

So, today we tell you some Vastu tips to make your house friendly and increase the harmony in family.

Why Vastu friendly home is important

A lot of vibes and energies flow in the house which affects the life and relationship of individuals living in it. Any kind of Vastu defect can deeply affect the mood of a person. According to Vastu, there are 16 zones in a house which are capable to affect the relationship of individuals. South west is the direction which affects the relationship of husband-wife and Parent-child whereas North-west is the direction that strengthens your bond with your relatives.

Main entrance color

South west is the good direction for the entrance of the house. Place a yellow color door mat on the door. It improves your relationship and communication with your family. You can also put yellow curtains in this direction or paint the wall in yellow color. This can be control the anger and impulsive behavior of the individuals living in the house.

Directions for rooms

Environment of the house largely affect the relationship of husband and wife. Their bedroom should be in the south direction. If your bedroom is in this direction then it will prevent you from disharmony, arguments and sustain the love of your relationship. Also putting a pair of love birds in the South west corner give positive affect to your married life.

Family picture

Surroundings of the house should be calm and cool as it affects the health of the people who living in it. It also makes prosper life of the individuals. Hang a family picture in the south west wall of the home. It makes bond of love between family members.

Puja room

Avoid red bulb in the Puja room as it influence the harmony in the relationships. Never use red paints or posters in the Puja room of the house.

Green plants at home

Green plants are very good for the relationships and family bond. North area of the house is auspicious to sow green trees and plants. It helps you to build trust and love in family.

Vastu tips for family bond

  • Money plant can strengthen your family bond. North east direction is good to place money plant and bamboo tree. This will not only help in creating positive aura but also make you financially strong.
  • Place a painting of sun in the east direction. It improves your social relations.
  • Ensure that entrance wall should not be naked. You can place or hang picture or statue of lord Ganesha as it will keep ward off loneliness that is portrayed by naked wall.
  • Place scenery in northeast direction as it will help in planning and good vision.
  • According to Vastu wood is known to emit warm energy whereas metal beds emit cold energy. Always choose wooden beds for a warm and coziness in your bedroom.
  • Fresh flowers can add their fragrance into your family life. It will also eliminate the bad odor from your room and making the atmosphere pleasant. Avoid artificial flowers. Fancy lamp shades will bring sensuousness and aesthetic appeal to the room. Green and blue shades are believed to elevate one’s mood.
  • Always place the door mat near the main door of the house. It is believed that door mat absorbs the negative energy and prevents it entering your home. Door mats also wipe the dirt out from the shoes.
  • Decorate the entrance area of the house with beautiful and vibrant things. This gives you and your family happy and good vibes while entering or going out of the house.
  • Make sure that there is no unused waste in the south west and north of North West zone. It enhances the bond and love between the couples and family members.
  • Keep away washing machine from south west or north of North West zone as it would hamper the relationship and family life. South east direction is good for placing washing machine as it is the zone of churning.
  • You can also place some red flowers in the south east zone of the house. It adds warmth in your relationships.