Vedic astrology rules for a harmonious love, relationship and marriage:

Future Point | 08-Oct-2018

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Vedic astrology is one of the most coveted principles that not only tell your fortune but let you understand if you made the most of the experiences life has faced you with. Vedic astrology is a science that goes eons back. Vedic astrology, which was practiced in the ancient Indian times, now has become the most sought after means to know about one’s future. There are Vedic astrology practitioners whose chambers are thronged by businessmen, stars, celebs to know whether or not they will be successful in their future endeavor. In short, Vedic astrology makes your life easier and you are prepared for everything that is askew.

Why do people visit astrologers?

People visit astrologers for many reasons. It is said, that a renowned astrologer will hold your kundli or the birth chart under the scanner to figure out the constellation of your stars under whose influence your life changes. The astrologer, for the alternative means, can read the lines of your palm too which falls in the other category called palmistry as the lines of your palm too has stories to tell and they reveal a lot about your life. People visit astrologers to know about their future and what it really holds for them.

Our lives are not easy, there are lots of ups and downs we go through but how we manage to see the light at the end of the tunnel and overcome the hardships is important. Our problems are different so are our priorities. Some of the people are childless even after years of their marriage, some unemployed men are pounding the pavement but to no luck, some businessmen are facing consecutive losses in their ventures and can do nothing to turn around their luck, there are nubile girls too who has reached the marriageable age but not getting the suitable groom. Problems are many, but solutions can be only sought by the help of astrology.

Then there are people who are way too apprehensive about visiting astrologers but when they get results, they start swearing by this scientific discipline. To break your bubble, astrology is not about wearing gemstones, this is more profound a principle than what meets the eye. Your kundli or birth chart is the main requirement in astrology where the astrologer will judge the merits of it and tell you about your future success of failure.

How can you make your love life harmonious by the help of astrology?

There is a heart line in your palm that tells you about your health and love life. Only the lucky few find true love in their loves and the others become constant seekers. In this time and age of transitory happiness, finding love and shuffling through options have become easy but being in love has become pretty tough. This is a disturbing reminder of the fact that the divorce graph has soared up an unprecedented high too.

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The key reason behind the rising numbers of couples who are opting for divorce is the lack of mutual understanding and excessive interference of the families. In Indian subcontinent, marriage is the communion between two families but there is a line in the sand as to how much the family can interfere in the couple’s life.

However, the couples that keep these problems at bay smartly ensure a lifelong partnership but those failing to establish a proper mutual understanding drive their relationship at sparse. Also, the notching up lifestyle standards are compelling the couples to spend more time in bread-winning the and that demands from the time they were supposed to spend together too.

As a result, the couples are dealing with the lack of mutual understanding and an emotional passage grows between them. Because people have stopped emoting it needs a lot of effort to retrieve a relationship from the damage where both the partners have to engage their serious efforts. You can only save your relationship by spending more time with each other and trying to understand each other better. Wondering how an astrologer can help you in this? Well he can in more than one ways.

When you visit an astrologer, he will ask for the kundli of both the natives that are tied in this sacred knot and tell you whether this relationship When you visit an astrologer, he will ask for the kundli of both the natives that are tied in this sacred knot and tell you whether this relationship will work out. The planetary positions in your birth chart decide the time of marriage for you and the endurance of the same. In the astrologer’s office, you will get various services like horoscope matching, astrology consultation, marriage astrology, and know whether there are any doshas in you like Manglik dosha that is plaguing your marriage. These are the proved ways astrology can help you retrieve your relationship.