Online Pujas

Puja is performed to pay reverence to the supreme Lord and to get blessed by his choicest blessings. It marks as the best way of striking a connection with the Lord. Indian Astrology offers you the best services of Online Puja, which is aimed at seeking direct blessings from the Lord. These blessings will help you to attain good health, wealth, and prosperity in life. If they are carried with devotion, a puja can help you to fulfill all your wishes with the grace of God.

As the April begins, the highly anticipated festival of Chaitra Navratri or Vasant Navratri, which will commemorate the 9 avatars of Maa Parvati is here. Indian Astrology brings you Navratri Online Puja so that it helps you to attain the blessings of Maa Parvati in your life. Navratri Durga Path Online will help you to attain wealth and prosperity. These Paths are performed by learned Brahmin pandits. Book Navratri Puja Online to attain the blessings of Navdurga.


These Online Pujas performed in your name by the expert Pandits are the best way to obtain the blessings from the supreme almighty. Puja is an ancient Vedic ritual that is carried out through various prayers, songs, correct Pujan Vidhi and during the correct Puja Muhurat to ensure that lord is pleased with you. Indian Astrology has been making efforts to provide you with the best Online Puja Services that bring you Joy, well being, and prosperity in your lives and your family members.


Pitra Dosh Puja

Pitra Dosh refers to the set of misfortunes resulting in people’s lives due to the curse given by the departed ancestors. An individual must understand that in order to get anything auspicious in their life he/she needs the blessings of their ancestors from many generations who, after leaving their bodies, remain deeply involved with our karmic structure in a very subtle but powerful way.


Shradh Puja

Shradh Puja marks an essential and most precious time for performing the ritual of Tarpan. Shradh Paksha is a highly important aspect of the Hindu culture that holds a key place in Vedic rituals.


It is considered that if the devotees perform any puja with full heart and admiration for the diety, they get blessed with positivity, love, good fortune, and warmth in life. It will help one to cleanse all their sins and will pave the way to attain spiritual enlightenment.

Indian Astrology’s Online Puja is performed by learned Priests for every auspicious event in your life at every moment- be it Birthday Puja, Namkaran Puja. Pujas are also available for all the festivals, whether it be Diwali or Ashtami Puja. All these Puja are available to you on our Online Hindu Puja page.

When a person performs Puja with utmost dedication and devotion, the Lord smiles upon him/her and he is able to attain blessings and love from the Lord. A puja might be performed for various reasons, namely Puja for marriage, puja for children, puja for progeny, puja for career, or even puja for good health. One can perform Puja for the invocation of the deity, to get all their wishes fulfilled. It is considered as the most divine method for striking a connection with almighty. It brings up a deep sense of spiritual enlightenment within a person and blesses him with success, peace, love, and harmony they can fathom.

There are numerous benefits of the Puja, it provides devotee a way by which they can attain the love and the warmth of the Almighty. Puja also helps us to negate the sins of our pasts and provides us a way by which we can correct our wrong deeds.

However, a Puja won’t release any benefits if it is not performed with proper Puja Vidhi. Puja usually requires the expertise of a Pandit to chant the mantras. It is considered as the most integral part of the oldest branch in Vedic Astrology. Puja will only be successful and beneficial if it is performed in the correct way. It is a really complex part of Vedic astrology and requires an umpteen chanting of the Vedic texts and the Mantras. It is always advised that Puja must be done through the hands of some expert and when it is performed in the right way, it can transform your lives in miraculous ways.

The wide range of the Pujas is available at cost-effective rates at Indian Astrology. This helps the person to attain the best thing that is made for him, and never settle for anything less than that. The Pandits who perform this Puja strictly adhere to all the rules and regulations mentioned in the Vedas and ritual manuals. This Puja is performed under your name so that you obtain the best outcomes from the Puja.

After the successful completion of the Puja, you can opt whether you want the Prasad delivered to your house or not. Indian Astrology is here to solve all your problems and fulfill all the necessities required for Puja.