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Indian Astrology | 16-Dec-2022

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In Vedic Astrology, a lot of importance has been given to the divisional charts. The Navamsa chart is one of the most popular divisional charts, which has been given equal importance to the Lagna chart or the birth chart. The whole zodiac has been divided into 12 signs consisting of 30 degrees in each zodiac sign. When we divide 30 degrees into nine parts or divisions, each part or division is called a Navamsa or D-9 chart. The Navamsa is the next important chart after the birth/rashi chart. The best astrologer assesses the strength of the planets and houses, education, marriage, health, career, fortune, spiritual progress, etc., from the Navamsa chart.


Navamsa chart- meaning


Navamsa kundli means nine amsa/parts/division. Thus, Navamsa means the 9th division of a sign. In the birth chart, the 9th house is a house of Dharma or religion, also known as Dharmamsa. The Navamsa chart is used for deep and microscopic analysis of aspects of life like fortune, education, marriage, etc.


Navamsa chart and marriage


Navamsa chart is very useful for marriage purposes. However, it is not solely meant for marriage purposes but is considered useful during kundli matching. The Navamsa chart represents a microscopic view of the birth chart, which helps to look at things minutely. There is a misconception that the Navamsa or D9 chart activates after marriage, but this is not at all true. The Navamsa chart has been derived from the Lagna chart. So, Navamsa and other divisional charts get activated as soon as a person takes birth.

The Lagna lord in the Navamsa chart and the position of the seventh lord in the Navamsa chart predict the status of one's marriage. One may check his free kundli online to learn about his married life with the help of his birth and Navamsa chart. The lord of the 1st, 4th, and 7th houses in the Navamsa chart possesses divine significance. These houses represent the qualities of kindness, status, power, and wealth.


Why is the Navamsa chart important?


The Navamsa chart helps to determine the raj yoga and other auspicious and inauspicious yoga in the birth chart. There can be a person who doesn't succeed in life despite having much good yoga. This is because the planet that is creating raj yoga in the kundli is getting either debilitated or weak in the Navamsa chart. If a planet is weak in the Lagna chart and gains strength in the Navamsa chart, the planet starts giving good results. Similarly, a planet, even if exalted, doesn't give good results if it is weak in the Navamsa chart.

Some Rajyogas of the Lagna chart, like Atma karaka, Vargottam, Putra karaka, Dara karaka, Amatya karaka, etc., if sustained in the Navamsa chart, the person gets very good progress and success. For accurate predictions in Astrology, the astrologer should check the position of the planets and yogas in both Lagna and Navamsa charts.

Weak planets in the birth chart get strong in Navamsa, and the native gets favourable results. Planets gaining strength in the Navamsa chart become very powerful. A planet that occupies the same zodiac sign in the birth and Navamsa chart becomes highly powerful and is called a vargottama planet. The kundli analysis gives a gross prediction about various houses and Planets, and things may vary for different people. Thus, the Navamsa is a very important chart in astrology, and we need to use it for deeper understanding.


What is the significance of the Navamsa chart? 


Our horoscope indicates our personality, nature, character, thoughts, etc. The Navamsa chart gives the same information but in a finer way. The ascendant lord of the birth and Navamsa chart will give accurate information about someone's personality. The planetary influence in the Navamsa chart will influence one's physical appearance, personality, nature, preferences, etc.

Similarly, the Navamsa chart also plays a significant role in the marriage of an individual. The fifth and Lagna lord in the Navamsa chart will have a say in your married life. So, all problems, blessings, delays, and obstructions in marriage can be seen through the ascendant and the seventh lord of the D9 chart. The position of the seventh lord of the Lagna chart is also analyzed in terms of its placement in the Navamsa chart. 

A strong ascendant Lord in the Navamsa chart makes the native highly fortunate in all walks of life. The person becomes lucky with a strong Navamsa chart!


What does the Navamsa chart indicate?


The Navamsa chart indicates someone's marriage, life partner, the timing of marriage, quality of one's married life, overall fortune, career and profession, inherent talent and skills, spiritual development, monetary gains, wealth, planetary strength and weakness, etc. It signifies How lucky or unlucky one can be in this life.


Various important indications of the Navamsa chart


In Astrology, terms like Vargottama, Rasi Tulya Navamsa, Pushkara Navamsa, etc. are essential to understanding the planet's actual potential in the horoscope. It helps to accurately predict the results a planet will deliver in its Dasha and Antardasha. 

In Jaimini Astrology, the D-9 chart has been given too much importance. The placement of the Atmakaraka planet in the D-9 chart is very important. The Karakamsa Lagna (the placement of the Atmakaraka planet) predicts many things about different events in life. 

In Nadi astrology, we also find the wide application of the Navamsa chart. According to the Karma philosophy, a natal chart indicates the Sanchita Karma and a Navamsa Chart indicates one's Prarabdha Karma.

Though we can check all relevant details from the Navamsa chart, it is the main chart for the marriage of a person. It focuses on the 7th house's significance in a detailed manner. The chart is also significant for overall luck, professional life, and career.


Navamsa Chart and your spiritual progress


The ninth house is a house of religion, and the Navamsa chart signifies one's spiritual progress in life. A person with a strong ascendant and the ninth house in the Navamsa chart certainly attains higher levels of spiritual realms. We get to know about the Ishta Devata from the D-9 chart, which a person should worship for religious enlightenment and spiritual advancements. The placement of Atmakaraka Planet in the D-9 chart indicates the path you should follow to achieve spiritual growth and peace.