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What is All Dosha Report?

Not one, but there are the four major Doshas present in our Kundli which if ignored can create a lot of hassles in our lives and can affect our growth badly. They might be minor sometimes, sometimes almost insignificant, but when the planet that controls the Dosha in our Kundli goes beyond our control, the things or the situation begins to fall or deteriorate. In order to prevent any mishaps in life, there are a number of ways to deal with it and to prevent these situations from reoccurring. But, the prerequisite to safeguarding yourself is one must know what specific dosha resides in the Kundli.

When you get to know the exact problem, it becomes quite easy for you to look for its remedy or solution, you get to know the right path to walk on during a challenging situation. With the help of All Dosha Report, you can steer clear of all your troubles beforehand. The Online Horoscope aims at reducing the problems, so you can lead a stressfree and prosperous lifestyle.

This exclusive report by Indian Astrology will revolve around the 4 major doshas residing in the Kundli of a person namely Manglik Dosha, Kaal Sarp Dosha, Pitra Dosha and, Shani Sade Sati. All these doshas are said to be unauspicious and they have harmful effects on the life of a person. Sometimes, despite putting up all the efforts, you might find it hard to get yourself out of the problems of your lives. There are chances that you might be going through one of these doshas in your life.

With the help of this exclusive report of All Dosha by Indian Astrology which circles around these major doshas, you can deal with all the problematic situations of your life more efficiently as well as you can find the path heading towards a beautiful life completely free from all the problems and stress. Neglecting any of these doshas can lead to the arrival of unwanted problems and hardships in your life.

Reason to Choose the All Dosha Report at Indian Astrology?

By choosing this All Dosha Report at Indian Astrology you will be able to lead a stressfree and beautiful life filled with happiness and prosperity. You can terminate all the maleficent effects and defects of all these doshas present in your Kundli by remedies and treating them in the right ways as mentioned in this report. With the report, fixate on a single dosha and use the prescribed astrology remedy as mentioned in the report to get rid of that dosha.

The All Dosha Report at Indian Astrology has described many ways through which one can get rid of the malefic effects of these doshas. This is the time when you can focus on leading a life free from problems and enjoy all the joyful moments of your lives.

What would be included in the All Dosha Report?

The All Dosha Report consists of the predictions along with the accurate calculations that will help you to lead a life that will be free from all these doshas. This report provides the most accurate calculations and reliable results which is designed by the best astrology software, Leo star. The Kundali Report would comprise of calculations and predictions which will help you have a clear vision of all the events of your life.

At first, this report will cover your basic horoscope report (Janam Kundli). This extensive All Dosha Report at Indian Astrology of 46+ pages will give a complete idea of your entire life events with the help of predictions and calculations. The All Dosha report would include the factors mentioned below:

  • Basic Horoscope: This would include a basic horoscope model ( Kundli ) of your entire life in which Vimshottari Dasha would be highlighted along with the major position of all the 9 planets in your Kundli associated with Vedic astrology.
  • Favorable Points in Life: With accurate calculations, this report would cover all the favorable points in your life and it also includes the way through which they will help you determine the highs and lows of your life.
  • Gem Recommendation Report: A proper description of all the gemstones that will help you to make your life perfect and free from hassles. This report will be a remedy and an ultimate guide for the people who have been looking ahead to wear the gemstone best suited to their Kundli.
  • Shani Sade Sati Consideration: This portion would talk about the period when Saturn’s 7 and a half years also known as the Shani Sade Sati will start in your life. This would cover all the major and minor phases along with the predictions.
  • Shani Sade Sati Remedies: This would include remedies to get rid of the Shani Sade Sati and the ways to protect ourselves from the unfortunate effects of Saturn.
  • Manglik dosha and its remedies: The people who are thinking of getting married must always check if Manglik dosha resides in their Kundli. This report will give you a complete description of your kundli and will also let you know if Manglik Dosha resides in your Kundali or not and the ways to get rid of it with effective remedies.
  • Kaal Sarp Dosha: This will give you a detailed description of the Kaal Sarp yoga and will also let you know if it resides in your kundli. Kaal Sarp Dosha remedy will also be provided in this section.
  • Description of Pitra Dosh: This section would consider the ancestral debts if present in your Kundli. This will provide you a detailed analysis of your Kundli and will tell you if you have Pitra Dosh in your Kundli or not. This report will also cover the Symptoms of Pitri Dosha, its remedies, a Puja in case Pitra Dosha is present in your Kundli, along with the Pujan Vidhi for Pitri Dosha Puja.
  • Rudraksha & its Relation to your Horoscope: This will provide you with the proper recommendation of Rudraksha that will help you to reduce all the problems present in your life. Also included will be rudraksha as per your horoscope.
  • Life Predictions: This section of the report will consider the basic predictions of your life that will include your physique, health, nature, finance, family, eyes, speech, education, mother, property, love life, children, sense of judgement, family life, marriage, business partner, profession, father, status, and position in the society.
  • Yearly Predictions for 5 Years: This is the most amazing part of this report that would include the Yearly Predictions for the coming 5 years. So, with the help of this All Dosha Report you will have a basic idea about the events that you would have to go through in your life.

This All Dosha Report at Indian Astrology is created in such a manner that it will help one to lead a life beautiful life free from all the problems. This report would let you plan an amazing life ahead. The Predictions that are mentioned in this report, are accurate and this report has the authenticity mark from the Vedic Astrology Software mogul, LeoStar. Now, you can plan ahead in life with the help of this online All Dosha Report.

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