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What is Navagraha Report ?

The Online Horoscope Report of Navagraha Reading will have its complete focus mainly on all the 9 planets and the effect of their every position on your life. All these planets are correlated to one another and their relationship with each other might be bitter or friendly. It all depends on their positions. By having a complete and clear vision of what plans these planets and their positions have for you in the near future, you can work to find the paths leading towards the troublefree and prosperous lives.

Why choose Navagraha Report at Indian Astrology?

The ultimate solution to lead a stressfree and cheerful life is this Navagraha Report which is available on Indian astrology. Having the complete knowledge of all these 9 planets and the effects that they will have in your future, you can find the right path to follow for growth and happiness in your future.

The factors to be included in the Navagraha Report

  • Basic Calculative Horoscope: A basic horoscope with complete calculation to know the future predictions and to provide you a basic idea of the events to come in your life will be a part of this report.
  • Panchang: This will include a detailed panchang in the online horoscope report to have complete information about important tithis and planetary Dasha at the same time.
  • Birth charts: This would include the Lagna charts & Moon chart.
  • Planetary Degree and Positions: A detailed description of all the nine planets in Vedic astrology and their position in the birth chart.
  • Chalit & Bhava Chalit Charts
  • Vimshottari Dasha, along with its sub-periods.
  • Favorable Points: This section includes Numerology Reading, which would include all the favorable number and unfavorable ones. Along with this, it will also have a number reading too.
  • Planet Reading for all 9 planets: All the 9 planets of Vedic Astrology and their position in your horoscope would be encircled in the most significant section of this Navgraha Report. The placement of these planets in any house of your horoscope will have a major influence over your destiny. A detailed description of your horoscope along with the position of all the planets would help you to find how will they influence the fate of your life.
  • Personality Reading: This section of the Navgaraha Report will focus mainly on your personality, behavior, attributes, health, physique, nature and attitude, finance, family, eyes, & speech, co-borns, siblings, relationship with your companions, short travels, education, mother, property, and music. Marriage analysis, love relationships, career, diseases, enemies in life, servants and the fate of wealth and abundance in life will also be included in this report. Along with the above-mentioned points, business partner, longevity, accidents, insurance, savings, and investments, power, friends and society, elder brother, profession, father, societal position and foreign journeys would also be the part of this report.
  • Dasha Analysis for the Next 5 years: The main aim of this Navagarah Report is to explain the actual meaning of all these 9 planets in your life. This would also include the detailed study of the current Dasha period of the planet along with the upcoming Dasha phases in your life for the next 5 years.

The Navagaraha Report will comprise of 40+ pages aiming at the role of all the nine planets in Vedic astrology and their role in your life. This report is a great combination of numbers calculated accurately along with the predictions that would let you know about your coming time. With this amazing online horoscope report, you can head towards a stressfree and prosperous life.

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