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A Kundli is an astrological chart that is calculated as per the planetary alignments in the universe at the specific time of a native’s birth. Based on the principles of Vedic Astrology, the Janma Kundli or Horoscope is an illustrative chart of one’s future prepared by Vedic Astrologers through the birth details provided by the individual. The Free Online Janam Kundli aims to foretell the future so that one does not need to worry about what’s to come in the impending days. Vedic Astrology contains 12 zodiac signs, who are posited in the 12 houses of the birth chart, thus forming a complete Janam Kundli. Each house and the planet present in the house are significators of different facets of our life- thus determining the course or path that one would take in life.

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What is Free Kundali

It’s accurate to say that one’s fate is decided at the time of his birth that they can decipher in their Janam Patrika. With the help of an expert Astrologer, one can decode the meaning of their Janam Kundli by date of birth and decide what course of action they are planning of running on. With the help of a Free Online Kundli, you can get the predictions of your Future through your Horoscope, because not every planet and nakshatras play a benefic role in one’s life.

Every big event in our life, be it a marriage, childbirth, or a major career change is decipherable in our Birth Horoscope and can be traced with the help of a Free Kundali.

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In the Hindu religion, Kundli and Kundli phal play a major role since the ancient ages due to their ardent belief in the Vedas and its accuracy. Even today, a deep analysis of Kundli is done at the time of birth of a child to know his/her future beforehand and safeguard against all ill-effects any planet might have. Before tying the knot with anyone, Indian Parent still stress over the importance of Kundli Milan and finding out if any of them contains Manglik Dosha or any other dosha. This Kundli Matching provides substance to the relationship and helps the couple decide their future together through the Ashtakoot Matching and compatibility score provided after that.

Importance & Benefits of Kundli

A Kundli is a diagram of our past, present, and future- a way for us to know every major event and milestone beforehand. Our character traits, our behaviour, our relationships and career, and how and when we’ll be getting good things to happen in our life. A Kundli contains all the answers one could ever have about their future. Free Horoscope Predictions can help you know what time you are going through today and what time could you face tomorrow, all this will benefit even the most confident individuals. Every high and low, every big event and ailment all are represented in your Kundli so that you needn’t worry about your future at all.

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The Free Kundli Software will also let you perform birth time rectification through the War Time Correction mode and DST Correction mode. You can also get a Detailed Personalised Horoscope Report that lets you know about all the facets of your life including your love life, career, education, career, business, and every achievement of your life.

Alternatively, you can also connect with our expert Astrologers and share your problems to get accurate solutions and remedies. Talk to Astrologer Online. Getting a Free Janam Kundli can help even those who are stuck in the most difficult situations through remedies and antidotes. Every problem of yours can be indicated in your Free Online Kundli and deciphered by Best Astrologers available in India. The Free Online Kundli can help you achieve results in your life that you never thought possible. The Free Kundli comes armed with predictions of accurate timings and periods when you can expect the highs and the remedies for all the lows.

A Janam Kundli can help you understand your true potential and what career you must opt for. It can analyse even your deepest secrets and desires only to provide you with all the information needed for a problem free happy life. By determining your future you can put all your knowledge to great use and achieve greater things in life.

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With the Free Kundli available at Indian Astrology features your horoscope along with any dosha that is present in your Kundali. You can find out if you have Kaal Sarp Dosha or Manglik Dosha through your horoscope and thereafter decide if you want to consult an Astrologer for remedies for Kaal Sarp dosha or Manglik Dosha. The Free KUNDLI provided by us serves its purpose by helping you attain a better life with health, wealth, and prosperity.

By getting a Free Janam Kundli from Indian Astrology you can start working on achieving a great future for not just you, but for everyone around you. Find reasons as to why you have been facing a hard time in your life through an Online Kundli prepared by Best Astrology Software. No matter what the problem or your query is- you can find the solution in your Kundli, now available at your fingertips through the Online Kundli Software.

The Free Kundli Software at Indian Astrology contains 10 pages of detailed Horoscope Predictions for free so that you don’t have to spend any money on getting a detailed analysis of your horoscope done.You can also get remedies from our Expert Astrologers available to end all your woes and facilitate you with a content life. The Free Online Kundli is your solution to know what went wrong in your past and how you can change stuff in the future for your own betterment.

You will be getting your Free Kundli in a PDF format once you completely fill the form and submit it. Available in two primary languages of India- English and Hindi, you can get your Future Predictions all sorted in the language that you comprehend well. You can download Kundli on your computer or the device that you are using in PDF format and read it on the go. The Free Kundli Online by Indian Astrology comes from the Astrology Software mogul, LeoStar series. By providing you with the information about your future we want to influence positivity in your life.