Miraculous Tips for Early Marriage

Future Point | 06-Nov-2018

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Marriage is a sacred relationship. In India, marriages are celebrated with much pomp and grandeur. Mostly girl’s parents desperately waited for this moment in their life. The marriage of the girl is super important for her parents and a delay in this can wreak havoc.

Delay in marriage relation could be many as not finding the right match, doshas in kundali, lack of family support in love marriage or delay in birth chart etc., if a marriage of both the sons and daughters are delayed beyond the accepted time then delay in marriage is always a major cause of concern.

Birth chart analysis

If you are worried about your marriage or your child’s marriage then his or her horoscope can tell you about the truth. To know about the delay and obstacles in the time of marriage is to get the birth chart analyzed. Through this, you can find out whether there are any doshas in the Kundli or if the individual is Manglik. After the analysis, parents and individuals seek the right remedies to avoid the obstacles in marriage purpose.

The reason behind the delay in marriage

The seventh house is considered as the house of marriage. Apart from that Venus for male and Jupiter for female are analyzed for marriage. If the sun is placed in the seventh house then delay in marriage is possible. Saturn presence in the 7th house in an aspect of this house can also be delaying the marriage of a person.

If a planet of love Venus is conjunct with malefic planets like the sun, Saturn, and Ketu or Saturn aspects Venus then they influence the energy of Venus and it can delay in marriage. Sun and Venus combination is also dangerous for a marriage. If Venus is placed in between sun and Saturn then the infused their malefic effect on Venus and it delays marriage.

Jupiter controls marriage, children, Wisdom, luck and higher knowledge aspects in life. If this planet is afflicted or debilitated, retrograde or combusted then it creates disharmony in married life or delay in marriage.

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Remedies to avoid delay in marriage

To avoid delay in girl’s marriage, she should keep fast for 16 consecutive Mondays. Offer jal abhishek with water to shivlinga regularly. Pray for early marriage to Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. You will get better marriage proposals through this.

Marriageable girls should recite the following mantra for early marriage :

Om katyayani mahabhag mahayoginy adhishivarim

Nand gop sutam devi patiam me kurute namah

Guri Shankar mantra is also helpful in resolving this problem. Mantra is :

Hey gauri shankara ardhangini yatha tawam shanker priya

Tatha ma kuru kalyani kanta kantam sudur labham

    • To avoid delays in marriage, feed green grass or spinach to cow regularly.
    • Recite the chaupai of saint Tuslidas at 108 times. The mantra is :

Tab janak pai vasishtha aayesu biyah saaj samvari key,

Mandavi shrutkeerati urmila kumara lai hankari key.

  • In an auspicious time or mahurat, get the root of the banana tree and energize it by worshipping it. Now, keep it securely wrapped in a yellow cloth.
  • If there is Rahu dosha in your Kundli, worship Goddess Durga. This can remove all the obstacles in marriage.
  • Tulsi marriage is also a great remedy to remove delay in marriage problem. Perform this Puja after consulting the astrologer.
  • A marriageable person whose age in between 25 -30 years, should wear yellow color clothes every Thursday. Offer milk and water to shivlinga and chant this mantra while doing this – om parvatipataye Namah. Follow this remedy for at least 9 Thursdays.
  • Offer water at Peepal tree for 43 days. Also, enlighten a Diya on Peepal tree. One should not do this on Sundays and during menstrual periods.
  • If there is any kind of delay in your marriage then they should mix a little turmeric powder in their bath water. One should also put a tilak on the forehead with saffron.

What to avoid

  • Don’t wear any yantra or locket without consulting an astrologer.
  • If you are following any remedy like conducting any puja or reciting any mantra then don’t discontinue this.
  • Don’t argue with your parents and elder relatives.
  • Make sure that the kitchen is not located in the northeast direction.
  • Avoid sleeping on the metal cot.
  • Don’t keep the mirror in your bedroom. You should keep a photograph of Shiva Parvati together.
  • Marriageable girls should sleep in bedrooms facing North West and for boys, it should be northeast.
  • If the marriage seeker performs this remedy then the best results will be gained. These remedies are a miracle for those individuals who are willing to marry.

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