10 ways to Incorporate Vastu in Your Home

Future Point | 26-Dec-2018

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Every structure in this cosmos attracts and stores a particular type of energy and that energy has an immensely powerful effect on the people that come in contact with that energy.

Vastu is a science that imparts the knowledge of the "Celestial Architecture", which if incorporated in the structures that we reside, can do wonders in our lives.

Vastu is also called as the "Architectural Science of Gods".

By applying Vastu, one can ward off all negative energies from a structure and attract positive ones.

Now, the most important structure to us is our home, because that is where we really live our lives. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to keep our home in accordance with the principles of Vastu.

Although the guidance of Vastu begins right at the time of starting the construction of a home, but for those who want to incorporate Vastu in their already constructed home, can do that in following 10 ways:

1. Vastu Friendly Plants

There are certain types of plantations that help in enhancing the Vastu of a home. The most popular one which is widely seen is- Money Plant.

Money Plant attracts the energy that promotes wealth and prosperity in the home.

2. Wooden Sun

Placing a wooden artwork that represents Sun, on the eastern wall your home, enhances the healing energies of Sun in you home.

3. Bring some Underwater Life

Fishes and Turtles are said to dispel certain dark energies present in your home. So, placing an aquarium in your home would definitely be a good idea.

4. Good Luck from Winds

It is said that winds coming into a home bring both luck, both good as well bad. However, putting some "wind chimes" in an open place would attract only good luck & positive energies through winds into your home.

5. Prosperous Safe/Vault

Place an idol of Lord Kuber who is the treasurer of Heaven, into your safe/vault to attract wealth & prosperity.

6. No Clutter

Only a clean and clutter free home attracts positive energies. A home with clutter and non-functioning electronic items harbours malefic energies of planets Rahu that is detrimental to prosperity.

7. Keep the Shoes Outside

Try not to bring shoes into the further part of your home, as shoes house the energy of planet Saturn and if brought into the inner areas of home can cause delay in success.

8. Maintain a Healthy Kitchen

Kitchen is a place where food is prepared which gives us nourishment. Make sure that there are no medicines kept in the kitchen, otherwise it will cast an ill effect on the health of family members in your home.

9. Mirrors

Mirrors should be placed in the bathroom or outside bedroom as mirrors in the bedroom cause bickering among couples and destroys harmony.

10. Wall Colours

Have only soothing wall colours in your home as they promote mental peace and spiritual happiness in the home.

These were in-general Vastu Shastra tips for home to incorporate positive effects of Vastu in your home.

However, it is advised to go for a professional Vastu Consultation to know the exactly applicable Vastu for Home that is conducive with the structure of your own home.

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