Marriage to a Divorce Astrology- Real Reasons Revealed!

Indian Astrology | 14-Jan-2021

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Marriage is the most important turning point in the life of a person. Marriage marks the beginning of a whole new chapter in the lives of both the boy as well the girl. 

It is marriage that practically defines responsibilities and is a marvellous learning experience with respect to the concept of a family. Marriage is not just a social arrangement wherein couples choose to spend their lives together and raise a family, but it is a sacred union of two souls that vow to stand by each others’ sides during all times and exude good moral character, love, honour & commitment for one another!

However, divorce is an unfortunate reality that often creeps into certain marriages and results into bitter endings. Statistically speaking- The rate of divorces is much higher in the western countries/societies as compared to the Indian society.

Did you ever wonder why is this the case?

Well, this is simply because the majority of people in the Indian society base their marriage related decisions on the divine wisdom of Vedic Astrology. A Marriage Astrologer evaluates the compatibility factor of a couple and reveals whether they are a suitable match for one another or not as per the planetary placements in their natal Horoscopes or Kundlis. This process of ascertaining the viability of a marriage/proposed marriage on the basis of different astrological parameters is called Kundli Milan or Kundli Matching.

So, whether it is the unmarried who wish to make sure that their marital union would transform into love & bliss, or the already married who want to ward off any & all unwanted issues that are threatening the harmony factor of their marriage or it is the divorcee who wants to tie the knot again with a hope of having a fulfilling marriage, Vedic Astrology is the only practical & time-tested solution for all.

Marriage to a Divorcee Astrology is a segment of Vedic Astrology that deals with the marital aspect of a person’s life who is likely to go through a divorce and or end up marrying a divorcee in life.

It must be understood that a couple’s marriage before breaking-up goes through a turbulent phase of bickering, disagreements, quarrels etc. and divorce more often than not, comes at a later stage in the couple’s life.

Now the fundamental question that remains on table is that- Can Astrology Help to Stop Divorce ?

The answer is- “Yes”!

Application of Vedic Astrology with respect to Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage!

Astrologers while performing the process of Kundli Matching for a couple or simply deciphering the marriage aspect of a person’s life, analyze various planetary placements and multiple astrological factors. Remember, it is the planets that cast their enormously powerful effects upon us and literally shape up our life. Therefore, the role of planets in determining the fate of different aspects of our lives including marriage, simply cannot be ignored.

If there seems to be some problem in the Horoscope or Kundli of a person or a couple, the astrologer upon analysing the kundli derives remedies that nullify or pacify the negative effects of ill placed planets that are responsible for wreaking havoc in the marital sphere of a person’s or a couple’s life.

Once the root planetary issue responsible for disturbing the marital bliss is successfully addressed, the person or couple start to witness their marriage coming back on the right track.  Also, in many tedious cases where the marriage is on the verge of a collapse, certain powerful astrological Remedies for Divorce if adopted timely can prevent the unfortunate ending of a marriage.

What causes a Divorce?

Astrologically speaking, there could be many reasons for a divorce. The system of Kundli Matching evaluates the future of a marriage based on different parameters that are key to ascertaining whether the marriage would be successful or would attract bickering and in some unfortunate cases, end up in a divorce. The chances of a divorce increase if the Kundlis or Horoscopes of the boy & girl  fail to match on certain parameters. Some of such broad parameters are listed below:

  • Innermost Nature
  • Health
  • Sexual Compatibility
  • Childbirth
  • Finance
  • Longevity

Planets for obvious reasons play a highly crucial role in steering the course of a marriage. If planets negatively affect certain key houses of a horoscope that are involved in the marriage aspect of a person’s life, then the person experiences problems in the marital domain of his/her life.

Let us take a quick look at the houses of a Horoscope or Kundli that are involved in the marriage of a person!

2nd House

This house signifies ‘Family’.

5th House

This house represents ‘Love and Children’.

6th House

It signifies ‘Bickerings’.

7th House

It is the house of the ‘Spouse or Life-Partner’.

8th House

It signifies the ‘In-Laws’.

10th House

This house represents ‘Judicial Proceedings’ in case of legal matters related to marital conflicts.

11th House

It signifies ‘Gains and Realization of Desires’.

Also, some of the special astrological factors that affect the marital sphere of a person’s life are:

Cancer and Leo Ascendant

People having a Cancer or Leo Ascendant are often seen deprived of marital joy & bliss in their lives. These two ascendants bring dissatisfaction from marriage.

Placement of the Lord of Ascendant

If the Lord of Ascendant is positioned in the 6th or 8th or 12th houses of the Kundli, then it weakens & disturbs the overall personality of the native and poses cosmic roadblocks in the path to marital happiness.

Effects of Malefic and Cruel Planets upon Marriage

The planets that are considered as Naturally Malefic  Planets are:

  • Saturn
  • Rahu (North Node of the Moon)
  • Ketu (South Node of the Moon)

Also, the planets that are considered as Cruel Planets are:

  • Sun
  • Mars

If the houses of a person’s Horoscope or Kundli that are related to the marital domain of that person’s life are negatively affected by either malefic or cruel planets, then it poses serious threats to the smooth functioning of that person’s marriage.

Saturn present in the 7th House, ruling the 7th house or aspecting the 7th house of a native’s Horoscope or Kundli promotes marriage with a person who is much older in age or even a divorcee. It is for this reason, Vedic Astrology’s segment on ‘Marriage to a Divorcee Astrology‘ primarily focusses on the relationship of Saturn with the 7th house of the Kundli.

Rahu and Ketu are known for providing sudden and more often than not unpleasant results with respect to one’s marriage if they have their malefic influence on the houses that are related to a person’s marriage in life.

Last but not the least, Sun and Mars are cruel planets that create ruckus in the marriage of a native if they come in contact with the marriage related houses of the native’s Kundli. Special attention is given to analyze the positioning of Mars in the couple’s Natal Horoscope or Janam Kundli as this highly volatile planet in certain cases create a ‘Manglik Dosh’ which is a highly detrimental planetary flaw generated by an ill placed Mars in the Kundli of either of the couple. Manglik Dosh or Mangal Dosh wreaks havoc in the marital domain of a couple’s life unless treated timely with Kundli specific Vedic Remedies.

So, whatever your problem with respect to your marriage life is, take the prudent step of contacting Indian Astrology to consult with a highly experienced Astrologer that would perform a comprehensive analysis of your Kundli and recommend powerful astrological remedies to you that are specific to your Janam Kundli and have the potential of removing the negative planetary influences from your life that are responsible for creating troubles in your marriage and at the same time would help in driving your marriage towards happiness, love, joy and bliss!