Will I succeed in business?

Indian Astrology | 16-Jan-2021

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It is everyone’s dream to be an owner of a business. Working under somebody does get you money but most people in their hearts wish be their own boss. But this is not always possible. Some people excel as professionals when they work under someone vis-à-vis some people do well when they do their own business. 

For this the best astrologer can analyse the business horoscope and guide the native accordingly. A person can do well if s/he chooses the profession his Kundli supports.  

Important houses influencing business career –   

  1. The most important Kendra house - 10th house. This is the house of karma, profession, social status, recognition in work etc. This house should be strong with benefics and no aspects of malefics. Its lord should also be well placed. 
  1. 6th house which is upachaya and arth house should be strong for a person to overcome obstacles and enemies. Its association with the 10th house gives good results. 
  1. 7th house is also very important for checking profession for two reasons. One it checks partnerships & second its 10th from 10th house so that makes it secondary house for profession.  
  1. 2nd house is the house of wealth. It does show if a native does well in business then his 2nd house is strong. 11th house is the house of gains so that’s also seen. An association of 2nd house with 11th is very good and makes the native wealthy. 
  2. Ascendant or lagna is of course very important as it represents the person itself. If a person packs will power and risk taking ability then he or she anyway cannot undertake a business venture.  

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Some planets also need to be analysed for business prospects. Important planets for business are –  

  1. Mercury - it signifies business and is a main source of business. Mercury oriented people mostly have a great acumen for business as it rules over analytics and logic. Its association with the lagna, 2nd, 7th or 10th house is considered good for business.  
  1. Moon - it signifies a strong mind and is a factor of wealth. For business one needs a stable and strong mind which comes with a strong moon. Moon in the second house gives great wealth.   
  1. Sun - it signifies status, power and stamina. A weak sun can give less energy so that native is unable to cope up with the business challenges. Sun plays an important role in overcoming challenges. Sun is most powerful in the 10th house as it gets directional strength.  

After checking the planets and houses in detail one can confirm if the native has business yog. Furthermore, one needs to check if the dasha is favourable or not. The results of the planets come when dasha activates it. Transits of Jupiter and Saturn are also to be shubh for good results. The D-10 chart also needs to be analysed in detail with a focus on the 10th house lord.  

For this detail analysis, one should talk to astrologer and see what profession suits them the best. There are some kings and also king makers. Even king makers can be wealthy and popular. For example in Amitabh Bachchan’s janam Kundli, the lagna lord is Saturn and he is not very business oriented.

 Therefore, when he works for others like movies produced by other people as well as shows like KBC for other producers, he does well but when he started his own company ABCL he was a failure. Contrary, Mukesh Ambani’s janam Kundli should be a study in finance horoscope as he’s a leading business man of India.

His moon in second house gives him wealth and extraordinary 6th house with major planets also makes his defeats all his competitors. Jupiter in 10th house gives him blessings in his profession forever. So one should meet the best astrologer and see if your kundli tilts towards business or job.