Importance of a Free Horoscope

Indian Astrology | 31-Jul-2020

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A horoscope defines the movement of stars and planets at different phases in an individual’s life. Horoscopes help predict the future of a person. It is generally made at the time of the birth of an individual or on special occasions, such as marriage. 

Today, one can easily take out a free horoscope online. In this article, we would be discussing the importance or significance of a horoscope for human beings.

Relationship Between Humans and Horoscope

Just like the twelve zodiacs of the sky, there are twelve houses in horoscopes. A horoscope is a birth chart or celestial map of the position of stars and planets at the birth of an individual. It requires the date, time, and place of birth to predict the position of the planets and stars and can be used to predict the personality traits as well as the character of an individual.

A Brief History of Horoscope

Horoscopes are based on the method of predictive astrology. Predictive astrology can be understood as the part of science that deals with the positive as well as negative effects of constellations and planets on human beings. This includes understanding the twelve houses of a horoscope based on the zodiacs. This is something that is not included in the traditional method of Indian Vedic astrology. 

However, the Atharva branch of Vedic astrology has some core elements related to this method. Here, the 27 constellations or the Nakshatras are divided into 9 different parts, with each of them being divided further into 3 constellations each. Out of these, the first one is taken as the birth constellation, and the tenth one is the profession constellation. 

Significance of Horoscope

A horoscope indicates the favorable as well as unfavorable events of an individual’s life based on the position of the planets at the birth of the individual. The method of prediction, nature of the horoscope, as well as the good and bad indications may vary across different cultures or countries. Through horoscopes, one can get answers to several questions, such as the timing of marriage, favorable periods in life, the struggling phases, and so on.  

With the help of horoscopes, one can also solve several problems in personal and professional life. These can vary from getting an insight into the state of finances in the life of an individual to finding the right career path for a student. It even tells you about the state of your married life based on different planetary positions. It is highly recommended to check one’s horoscope before starting a new business or a venture. A free horoscope can be one of the best ways to predict your future or find out about an individual.

A horoscope thus plays a significant role in an individual’s life. The importance of horoscope can be better understood with the help of the following points:

1. It Gives a Better Understanding of Astrology as a Whole

Learning all about astrology can be a bit overwhelming as it can be intense to wrap one’s head around all of it. A horoscope is a great way to understand in detail about an individual’s traits and characteristics. It also helps to have a glimpse at the future of an individual and what he can expect in his lifetime along with remedies for any problems or issues in life. Horoscope is a good insight into how the stars and planets affect the life of a person.

2. You Understand about your Strengths and Weaknesses

Every individual has good and bad qualities, which can be found out with the help of an individual’s horoscope.  This gives a better understanding of an individual’s behavior. Once you get to know about your strengths and weaknesses, you can enhance your strong skills while working on the weak ones. It also helps others in understanding you better and how you are expected to react in a particular scenario.

3. You find Better Ways to Handle a Conflict

Horoscopes are a great way to predict the things that can trigger an individual. It also describes the impulses and blind spots of an individual. It also provides us different ways in which one can handle different individuals based on their horoscope. When you are aware about what can trigger an individual and how to handle it, you come up with better ways to handle conflicts.

4. It Connects You with your Philosophical Instincts

Throughout life, most individuals have belief systems and philosophical instincts that drive the way a person thinks, acts, feels, as well as perceives things. Such questions also lead us to new and better places. A horoscope is a great way to find answers to such questions and understand life better. It gives you a purpose in life and tells you about the right direction that you need to follow.

5. One Becomes Tolerant of Clashing Personalities

Many of us have a person in life who we do not get along with, whether personally or professionally. The horoscope is a great way to find the reason for clashes and how they can be amended to find a common ground. A horoscope also helps you in understanding the personality of such an individual and all about his or her behavior.

6. It helps you Grow as an Individual

It can be hard for any individual to improve oneself, especially of the things that have been in existence for a long time. However, learning more about an individual’s horoscope can give you a detailed picture of how you relate and interact with others, as well as the aspects of personality that you need to work upon to become a better version of yourself. A horoscope helps you in working in perfect synergy with each other so that you can embrace yourself better.


The above article provides brief and concise information about horoscope and its importance in our life. This would give you some rudimentary knowledge about horoscopes and how you can solve critical problems of your life using them. Make sure you consult an astrologer or take out your free horoscope online today!