When will I be rich?

Indian Astrology | 23-Dec-2020

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Money makes the world go round and round. It’s an absolute reality of today’s world & is very important in everyone’s life. You need it for survival of course but people usually never draw a line and always want more of it. It does buy you all the comforts and luxuries of the world hence making people happy in the bargain. The best astrologer in Delhi can analyse your Kundli and tell if you will be wealthy or not.  

Some people have raj yog right from the beginning which means that they will be born with a silver spoon and have money at their disposal. Such people do not have to work very hard to earn money. However some people earn lot of wealth with their hard work and make a name for them. 

They also have a raj yog but it operates later in life. However such people are just a few in millions and others want to achieve and be like them. When you talk to an astrologer, s/he can analyse your chart and help you become wealthier by suggesting remedies or wearing a gem stone etc.  

The main aspects of a Kundli that you need to study for analysing wealth are –  

  • 2nd house - the second house is the karak of wealth. First, you need to check the planets placed in the second house. Benefic planets always give good results and make the native a wealthy person. Jupiter particularly gives very good results in the second house as it’s also the karak. Second, there should be no malefics aspecting the 2nd house as it becomes weak. Thirdly, the lord of the second house should be well placed and strong. Then we can say that a person will be wealthy.
  • 11th house - the eleventh house is the house of gains. If this house is strong then the native will be wealthy. An exchange between 2nd and 11th house is particularly considered very good in a Kundli. 
  • 5th & 9th house - these are called Lakshmi sthan in any Kundli. Benefic planets in these houses always gives good results in terms of wealth and association of 5th & 9th house with lagna also makes the native wealthy & happy in life. Also an association of the trine with Kendra makes a wonderful raj yog. Such natives enjoy wealth all their life.
  • If benefics gets posited in 6th, 8th or 12th houses then it’s not considered good for the wealth of an individual. 
  • Hora chart (D-2) in divisional charts should also be analysed to see if a native will be wealthy or not. Also if the native has to work or will get wealth without hard work. The period for flow of wealth as well as the conditions for work can also be analysed in detail through the D-2 chart. 

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The planets that need to be well placed for gaining wealth in life are Jupiter, moon, sun & Venus.  

  • A strong Jupiter in 2nd, 9th or 11th house can make a native very rich and wealthy. It’s the karak of accumulated wealth especially in the second house. 
  • A strong sun makes the native a king and a king is always wealthy. It gives power too along with money. Sun is the strongest and gets digbali in the 10th house.
  • Moon and Jupiter together form the yog for wealth called the Gaj Kesari yog. This yog gets formed when the Jupiter is at 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th house from the moon. This yog makes the native very rich and wealthy. 
  • Venus represents luxuries and comforts. A strong Venus will not only give the native money but also enjoys his money during his lifetime. Some people may have money but not always can enjoy their wealth. They just keep working all their life. With a good Venus they can live life king size so as to say. We often see ladies of very rich households also cleaning and working tirelessly in their house, such people have a weak Venus so they are unable to enjoy comforts despite having the money.
  • A strong Mercury also gives a native a sense of business mind and makes him wealthy.  

 If planets like Jupiter, Venus, moon and mercury are not well placed or weak due to any reason then one should consult an astrologer and find out remedies so they can become rich and earn wealth through their hard work too. There are many ways like pooja, donation or wearing a stone which can help you achieve your dreams and do well in life.