Enhance your mood according to your moon sign

Indian Astrology | 12-Jan-2021

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According to Vedic astrology moon is a very important planet. It affects humans a lot as it is closest to earth so we consider it a planet representing human mind. A well placed moon can give the native a strong will power and control over mind. Knowing your moon sign can help you know why you may have mood fluctuations or how you can enhance your mood. If you consult the best astrologer for your horoscope 2021, he can tell you you’re moon sign.  

The moon sign is the sign in which moon is posited in your kundli. It can be in any house. Moon sign tells a lot about the native’s characteristics - likes & dislikes. Rising sign or ascendant also tell a lot about a native but as moon represents mind, we see the moon sign too. Some people can have moon in rising sign only so their moon sign and ascendant is same. In fact Kundli matching is also done taking into consideration moon sign and moon nakshatra only.  

The moon sign shapes your emotions and your soul. Just like moon governs the high and low tides in the sea, the same way it governs our mind. In fact the same event can give different reactions in a different people because of the moon. For example if a father dies, one son may be devastated as he loved his father and another son may be happy as he will finally get his inheritance. So moon decides how a human mind works.  

A strong moon can make you ride over any period and a weak or afflicted moon can cause suicide. Depression is also very common now a day which can be caused due to moon’s placement and dasha. One should consult the best astrologer for a detailed analysis on your mind.  

Moon conjunction with another planet also affects your mind. For ex - Moon with sun in the kundli makes moon weak as sun is very powerful. Moon with Saturn in the Kundli means the person was born during sade saati and may have had medical issues in infancy. Moon with Mercury means the mother (moon) and son (Mercury) are together so they are very happy and the native is of a jolly nature. Kapil sharma the comedian has such a combination. This way there are various more conjunctions and there interpretations.  

According to the online Kundli one can know their moon sign and the native can enhance their moods if feeling low in the following ways -  

  1. Aries - moon is comfortable in Aries sign as its lord Mars is friendly with moon. An Aries person if feeling dull and low should go in for some physical activity to feel alive and good. 
  1. Taurus - moon is exalted in this sign so it’s a happy place for moon. They know their preferences and have a stable mind. A good night sleep is the best solution to uplift their mood the next day. Also they can indulge in a spa or eat a good meal to get your act together.   
  1. Gemini - moon is in Mercury’s sign. It is said that moon is the mother and Mercury is the son. They need communication with a friend to enhance their mood. An exchange of dialogue and meeting minds is the best solution for them.   
  1. Cancer - moon is in own sign in cancer. They pick up energies from those around them so they should devote a portion of the day to themselves and do activities like cooking to cool down and make their mood bright.  
  1. Leo - moon is in sun’s sign. The native has a strong sense of leadership that needs nurturing and love. So if their mood is not too great, they should sit among people who give them attention and the king will be back in action in no time. 
  1. Virgo - moon is in Mercury’s sign. The native with this moon sign love routine and do everything with detail so for breaking that monotony they should indulge in hobbies that are fun and not very strenuous.   
  1. Libra - moon is in Venus sign. The native has to realise that you cannot be in harmony with everyone all the time as they do not like conflict at all. There are bad days and to uplift their mood they should paint, play an instrument, do craft or make a collage.   
  1. Scorpio - moon is in Mars sign. They find it extremely hard to trust someone and open up. They are very private but once open to someone; they give the gift of permanent loyalty. The best way for them to get rid of stress is to sit alone and in peace. They will come back rejuvenated.   
  1. Sagittarius - moon is in Jupiter’s sign. The native wants freedom and does not like it when they are bound to any people or obligations. The best way to relieve stress for them is to go for a vacation or a change of scene even if for few hours. It helps them a great deal.   
  1. Capricorn - moon is in Saturn’s sign. The native is very hard working and want to create something that lasts for generations. They should give time to daily self-care rituals to de stress as they get too busy in their work.   
  1. Aquarius - moon is in Saturn’s sign. They are the most adjusting sign in the whole zodiac. They are mostly in service of people and help others. They should indulge in the inner child and do something adventurous to uplift their mood.  
  1. Pisces - moon is in Jupiter’s sign. This dreamy moon sign is hard to pin down and read. They are empathetic and do care for others around them. They should wash off their stress by going for a swim or taking a shower.  

There are many ways to enhance your mood and make your mind bright according to your moon sign. Even the rising sign and sun sign makes a difference to your mind and characteristics. To know more you should consult the best astrologer for a detailed analysis.