World's Top 3 Best Astrologers to consult in 2023

Indian Astrology | 17-Jan-2023

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All of you must be aware of Astrology. It is an ancient wisdom as propounded by our seers to gain insight into the future. The astrologers are mushrooming at an alarming rate. But merely reading a few books or doing some astrology courses doesn't make you an astrologer! Astrology is the vast ocean where the learner needs to take several dips before finding the true gem of Astrological knowledge. Here, we will help you find the top 3 best astrologers in the world in 2023 for consultation.

Here, we want to add an incident where Naarad muni asked Lord Vishnu, "Who can be termed as an Astrologer?" Lord Vishnu replied that an individual who has analyzed more than 50,000 birth charts could be termed a real astrologer. So, even if an astrologer analyzes ten kundlis per day, he will take 15 years to meet the criterion for a genuine astrologer!

So, look for an astrologer with vast experience and good intentions rather than materialistically driven goals. Here, we will introduce you to well-known and trusted names of Astrology whom you can rely on for solving queries related to any quadrant of life.

Which Astrologer in India is known for giving the best astrology predictions?

Before we quote the names and the achievements of the best astrologer in India for consultation, we want you to know about the leading institute of Astrology- Future Point. It is the best institute for learning Astrology and other branches of occult studies like Vastu, Tarot reading, Lal Kitab, Palmistry, Crystal healing, Numerology, etc. You will find the best teachers here who are determined to give the best knowledge in the simplest form. The sole aim of Future Point is to provide quality education at affordable prices!

Three astrologers have gained accolades and the trust of the masses in providing astrology consultation. These three bright names are-

  • Dr. Arun Bansal
  • Mrs. Abha Bansal
  • Dr. Tanvi Bansal

Let's know about each of them-


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Dr. Arun Bansal

Dr. Arun Bansal is a well-known name that requires no introduction to Astrology. He created the first-ever Vedic Astrology Software in the country, LeoStar, in 1978. He is lovingly called the 'the father of computer Astrology'. Arun Bansal ji is widely known for his accurate predictions and effective remedies. He is the Founder and Chairperson of the No. 1 institute of occult education, i.e., Future Point. He is also the President of the "All India Federation of Astrologers Societies," AIFAS, the largest Indian Federation that teaches Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot, and Vastu in more than 100 Indian cities. 

He is unique and has a simple appearance different from other astrologers. He possesses inner stability and peace, which is immediately brushed on you once you visit him. Bansal ji possesses such a calm aura that the person senses immediate relief with entering his office. People globally acclaim him as the best astrologer and the Vastu consultant. He has been practicing astrology for more than 42 years and has surely analyzed more than 50,000 birth charts- a criterion for a true astrologer!

He firmly believes that the events occurring on this Earth are not by chance. The celestial bodies in the sky fully control these. Whatever happens in your life results from planetary movement in the sky.

An IITian by education and an astrologer by profession, he knew that his computer science acumen would help him create something very useful for astrology enthusiasts. Unaware of his capabilities, he created India's first ever Vedic astrology software, LeoStar, which changed the fate of Vedic Astrology forever!

Due to his constant efforts, we conveniently make birth charts and use other astrology features conveniently on our phones and computers. He is the man behind the technical revolution in the field of Astrology.

Now, you can imagine the depth he holds in astrology. And when someone like him sits to analyze your birth chart, no secret can remain hidden, and no problem can remain unsolved!

The man holding whopping 42 years of experience, Dr. Arun Bansal, is a celebrity astrologer and provides services in-

  • General Consultation covering all aspects of life
  • Land and Property related matters
  • Legal disputes and court cases
  • Vastu consultation
  • Consultation for Education 
  • Consultation for Career 
  • Consultation for the whole family
  • Consultation for diseases and health
  • Remedial measures
  • Gemstone and Rudraksha suggestions
  • Donations and puja 

The categories mentioned above may not cover all areas of his unprecedented talent. These are a few glimpses, and he can provide all kinds of services one requires in the occult field. Renowned author of hundreds of books, he has collaborated with a few biggest names. He provides Horoscope Reports containing detailed information about your life. You can also take specific reports dealing with a particular topic in your life. Satisfaction and Solutions are guaranteed!


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Mrs. Abha Bansal

The next and equally talented best astrologer is Mrs. Abha Bansal, the Director of Future Point (P) Ltd. A postgraduate in Economics, she opted for a job in the financial sector. But destiny has something else in store for her. She had a keen interest in Astrology, and after spending several years of curiosity and hard work, she is finally ranked as one of the top 3 astrologers in the country.

She has been practicing astrology for 40 years and possesses vast experience in the field. She can provide the best astrological advice with a completely new yet wider viewpoint to its clients. She is a well-traveled astrologer having commendable global exposure. A good astrologer should have knowledge of cultures and recent trends worldwide. With good global knowledge, an astrologer can give practical advice to visitors. Mrs. Abha Bansal is one such astrologer who guides her clients following recent trends popularly known as Desh, Kaal, and Paatra in astrology. She is the best astrologer in India for marriage, who can resolve all your issues related to love and married life.

Marriage is a sacred bond that transforms our life fully. In astrology, several houses and planets get activated as soon as we marry a person. This is the reason a person lives a completely different life before and after marriage. You must have seen people going into a miserable state after marriage while some enjoy fortunes once they marry. It is all due to astrological combinations in the birth chart. One must consult the best marriage astrologer before tying the knot. Marriage specialist astrologer Mrs. Abha Bansal ji has confirmed marital bliss for the end number of couples to date and continues. She builds a foundation for a strong marriage by carefully analyzing the birth chart's peculiarities and kundli matching. One can contact Abha Bansal ji for accurate marriage predictions and its fate. Don't wait to meet your best partner under the guidance of Abha Bansal Ji.


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Dr. Tanvi Bansal

Let's meet another top astrologer Dr. Tanvi Bansal, who has proved her efficacy at a such young age. The new-generation astrologer Tanvi ji is a leading author and editor in astrology. She has written several books to impart astrological knowledge to the masses. She has a keen interest in astrological research and has worked as a senior editor and writer in many research journals. She has done e a Ph.D. in Astrology and has in-depth knowledge about the practical application of astrological principles. She can predict the accurate occurrence of different events in your life. A postgraduate in management studies and a brilliant mathematics student (Hons.) from Hindu College, Delhi University, she is a developing name in astrology.

She actively participates in all the astrological events, conferences, and meetings, managing online and offline classes, etc. She is a keen observer. She strictly monitors the relationship between the celestial movements in the sky and events here on Earth. This quality makes her the best astrologer who talks confidently and with surety about the future.

A scholar in reading ancient Vedic texts, she can effectively correlate the miseries in one's life with the responsible planets. In Astrology, you must perform remedies for the right planet. If you mistakenly strengthen or weaken the wrong planet, disasters may follow!

Thus, it is very important that your astrologer can determine the responsible planets for problems in your life. An astrologer can only succeed once he knows ancient texts. Here, Tanvi Bansal ji can be of great help to you. When you strike the right chord at the right moment, life is music to the ears!

She rightly says- Astrology is a domain that is too vast to be mastered in the present life. It is complemented with constant research and studies that one can excel and become a master of Astrology. 


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Can we trust Astrology?

Our readers might think it is easy to praise someone, but can we actually trust Astrology? Yes! 

Astrology is related to even the tiniest of the events and things we face in our day-to-day life. The planets Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu can bring permanent changes in your life. When something big happens in your life, it is due to the effect of any of these biggies!

Small planets are equally effective and work under the tone set by the big planets. So, to clear your doubt, you can book an appointment with any of these three top astrologers. They will give you accurate predictions and may even reveal those secrets no one knows about your life. This is only after experiencing the truth and wonders of astrology that you can build trust in it.

Astrology practitioners, lovers, and believers can indicate the likely events in the future. Astrology offers valuable insight and hopes which can never be imagined through any other means. Astrology is a science that has proved its presence and excellence from ancient times to the day. One can't demonstrate its usefulness through lab experiments, but it was, is, and will be the wisest. Planetary influences can't be seen but experienced through their movements in different houses, signs, and nakshatras of the birth chart. It is silly to doubt the working efficiency of Jyotish- the Vedanga. It is the only lighthouse in the darkest modern times!