Become a Numerologist to Get Holistic Growth

Indian Astrology | 13-Jan-2023

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Numerology is not a proven science, yet it can bring notable differences in people's lives. Numerology involves the study of numbers and related energies. In simple words, it creates balance in our surroundings through numbers.

Our birth date and name have special meanings in our lives. We were born on a particular date for a reason. Just like astrology, Numerology also believes in the theory of karma. Here, we believe what goes around comes around. We chose a date to take birth because the energies on this date will decide our fate by coinciding with our past karmas. 

What does Numerology do?

Numerology can bring a significant impact on different aspects of life. Each number has a specific energy and relation with different planets in the sky. Now, the best numerologist studies the important numbers in your life and tries to create balance in different areas of life. 

Numerology helps in making day-to-day decisions by explaining our lucky numbers and days.

Numerology helps an individual to understand his actual path in life. It can explain the purpose of an individual. Clearing out the undesired blockages in life, Numerology guides us toward the path leading to success and prosperity.


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Numerology and holistic development

Your name has it all! The name does not just signify an identity given by the parents, it involves much more! The name can either make or mar you. 

Each alphabet in our name carries a numerical value. And when added together, it indicates energy. Different numbers denote different energy. For example, number 1 denotes passion, courage, pride, boldness, aggression, and leadership skills. Similarly, all other numbers have their respective natural traits. When a person shows a presence or absence of any energy, there is an imbalance in his life, causing losses and miseries.

Numerology ensures a person leads a balanced life by rearranging the numbers in such a manner to bring desired results in life.

Numerology helps in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a person. When we become aware of good and bad points, we create awareness in our subconscious mind. For example, a person is very humble, and people take extra advantage of it. Now, it is clear that the person lacks boldness. Now, a numerologist will work towards creating a sense of boldness in him by playing with numbers so that he doesn't get suppressed anymore.    

Numerology helps in holistic development, and the person acts consciously as he knows that one mistake can invite many troubles to him. It is basically karma modification and awareness of the surroundings.

By changing the house number, mobile number, spelling of the name, bank account number, etc., we can attract positivity in life.

In an online numerology course, you can learn how altering an individual's name can bring noticeable changes in a person's life. Your birth date is responsible for your present status and possessions. One can change his destiny by making a few corrections in the spelling of the name. The numerologist suggests remedies related to the birth date to bring desired changes in an individual's life. 

Passion for numbers and belief in occult studies can do wonders in life. One should learn Numerology to see the magic of numbers in daily life. It puts your mind at ease as it helps you know about coming good and bad times. 

With Numerology, you know the right time to do various activities. When should you invest in property, then you should look for a job; how to find a compatible partner, who can help you in your spiritual growth, etc., can be known through Numerology. 


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Each number's vibrations define the desires, expectations, suitable career, and purpose in life. It helps gain an in-depth understanding of the inner traits, personality, and motivations. One should try to align the energy of their name and birth date with their day-to-day decisions. If a person acts as per the energies he is born with, he is sure to excel in his career and family life. 

Numerology can present unexplored avenues for you. There can b things and fields where you can't imagine yourself. But with planetary energies, you never know; it is the best field for you.

You know the opportunities and threats in life with the help of Numerology. 

Also, Numerology also puts focus on the challenges and obstructions likely to come your way. The remedies help to remove these obstacles. You can learn how to use your energies to grow and prosper. It teaches you about shortcomings and the ways to overcome them. You learn to turn things in your favor and thus grow holistically. 

Everything we see around us has some spiritual and mystical connection with us. Our surroundings have an impact on our subconscious mind. Hence, we need to change our surroundings to bring positive changes inside. Different occult branches work in harmony to bring positive changes. However, each of them is complete in itself.

At Future Point, you get courses in astrology, Numerology, tarot reading, crystal healing, palmistry, and lal Kitab. You can learn Numerology here with the masters and can excel in the field as a renowned name! Numerology not just facilitates worldly and holistic development but also promises a bright career. Earning money while helping people is an amazing feeling that only Numerology can fulfill.


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