How Can Wearing Gemstones Change Your Life?

Indian Astrology | 03-Jan-2022

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Astrology improves our lives by giving valuable insights into the future. It is a tool to foresee times to come while providing ways to overcome troubles. Astrological remedies have helped people combat the adverse effects of the planets for ages. Wearing gemstones is the most popular astrological remedy to get the blessings of planets in life. Gemstones have been an effective method to remove the malefic and strengthen the benefic influence of planets in our lives. In Vedic Astrology, we study the nine planets and their influences on our lives. Over the years, people used gemstones mainly as ornaments. 

Royals used gemstones in ancient times. They could understand the power and healing properties of the gemstones as told by their raj-purohits or royal scholars. Gemstones have healing properties. Their structural designs attract energies from the universe to be absorbed by our bodies. For example, if during the birth of a native, the Lagna lord is afflicted, debilitated, or weak in the birth chart, it can have terrible effects on the body.

Moreover, the weak or afflicted planets in the horoscope harm the body and mind when operating in their major period. Weak planets create trouble in the personal and professional life of the native. To remove the harmful effects of the planets, one should wear gemstones only after an astrological consultation. 

The gemstones have specific properties that help to remove negative effects. Different planets have different gemstones, and each has specific properties. The wearer absorbs these properties. The specific properties of the gemstones help to resolve different types of problems. The astrological benefits of gemstones attract good effects of positive planets in our lives. Let's understand how wearing gemstones can benefit us-

How do gemstones work?

  • Before we move further, it is essential to understand how gems work. Gemstones have transmission of wavelengths that belongs to a specific planet. The astrologers recommend wearing gemstones to draw more energy from the planets to suffice the lack of planetary rays at birth. Every planet has a particular gemstone; if that planet is weak or afflicted at birth, we can rectify its energy by wearing it. For example, if the Sun is weak in a kundali, that person can wear a Ruby gemstone. Here, it is vital to see whether the Sun is a malefic or beneficial planet for him. The gemstone absorbs and transfers the planet's energy into the wearer's body. It will help get positive results for the planet. 

Points to remember while wearing a gemstone

  • One should wear a gemstone after astrological consultation as per your zodiac. The wrong gemstone can bring opposite results for the native. 
  • A gemstone enhances the absorption of a planet's cosmic rays as different from the light rays.
  • The cosmic rays transform our Aura.
  • A strong Aura aids in physical and mental healing.
  • One can notice the results after 30 to 40 days of wearing a gemstone.
  • There is a method for wearing a gemstone, and one should follow it after asking an astrologer. Each stone has specific Vedic mantras, and one should recite them before wearing these gems. 

The benefits and advantages of gemstones

Gemstones have been a source of fascination for the human race for their luster and healing abilities. Gemstones can strengthen your luck, help you overcome life's troubles, remove obstacles and hurdles, and succeed in your career, education, love, and marriage. They help get financial prosperity, health benefits, security, and emotional balance. Wearing gemstones may give miraculous outcomes. Wearing the correct gemstone also amplifies your personality by enhancing the karakas of the benefic planets in your birth chart. 

Benefits of Ruby Gemstone

Ruby gemstone signifies the planet Sun, a karaka of power, ego, politics, health, status, immunity, and father. It is a gemstone of the kingly planet Sun and brings significant accomplishments in a person's life. The ruby gemstone improves boldness, courage, nobleness, values, and sattvik dispositions. It is assumed that a good-quality Ruby gemstone protects its wearer from opponents and blesses the native with excellent health and immunity. 

Benefits of Pearl Gemstone 

The gemstones, pearls, or moonstones are the stones of the planet Moon. The Moon is a karaka of softness, sentiments, emotions, care, peace, love, and tranquility. The pearl gemstone bestows charm and beauty to the wearer. It gives mental stability and relieves the stress in an individual's life. The Pearl also grants progeny. 

Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

The Red coral is a stone of the mighty planet Mars. The red coral gemstone symbolizes bravery, passion, boldness, victory, power, stamina, initiative-taking tendencies, energy, and strength. Just like other gemstones, it has medicinal properties and is also used in Ayurveda for medicines. It cures blood-related and circulatory diseases. 

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

The yellow Sapphire belongs to the most benefic planet of astrology, i.e., Jupiter. Jupiter is a karaka of fortune, religion, wealth, education, abundance, wisdom, progeny, fortune, married life, and knowledge of Vedas. All good things in life are connected to Jupiter. It bestows the wearer with luck and abundance in life. One can talk to an astrologer and wear yellow Sapphire to have prosperity in life.

Benefits of Diamond Gemstone

Diamond is a stone of the planet Venus. Venus signifies materialistic pleasures, vehicles, fine clothes, beautiful villas, attractiveness, allure, everything that shines and smells divine, flowers, and romance. Diamond blesses the native with luxury, magnificence, sensual pleasures, travels, assets, and riches. It is widely accepted that a Diamond adds charm and glow to the wearer. The gemstone enhances beauty, romance, protection, and love.  

Benefits of the Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Ruled by the much-feared planet, i.e. Saturn, it is the gemstone with many myths. A beautiful blue-colored mystical Sapphire can take a person from rags to riches and riches to rags. It blesses its wearer with a strong will and determination. It also safeguards from rivals and evil eyes. It gives a strong intuition and insight to the wearer.

Benefits of Hessonite Gemstone

This gemstone belongs to the shadowy planet, Rahu. Rahu is a planet of illusion and deception. It is a malefic planet and entangles the native with negative traits, too much materialism, insanity, eccentric tendencies, and obstacles in life. Hessonite safeguards the native from evil eyes and spirits. It gives a focused mind and determination to achieve desired goals in life.

Benefits of the Cat's Eye Gemstone

This gemstone belongs to the shadowy planet Ketu. This gemstone saves the person from suffering and enhances spiritual growth.

These are the benefits of some of the most famous gemstones, and you may take an astrological consultation to know which gemstone suits you the best. Wearing gemstones obtains positivity and success in life. It assists personality development and strengthens the karakas of the related planet. An astrologer may suggest the most appropriate gemstones to enrich your life with fortune and prosperity.