Why Online Puja is Doing Rounds these Days

Indian Astrology | 02-Jul-2021

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The ongoing global pandemic- CORONA, has proved an eye opener for almost all of us. It has made us realize that running in a rat race is no more useful and when bad times struck you are no more different from those suffering the same hardships and effects irrespective of the amount of your wealth or status. 

It is ultimately God before whom we all have to bow to garner his blessings and come out of the troubles of life. With lockdowns and curfews everywhere, we all got some time to stop and start introspecting as to where we all are heading? What is the ultimate goal of this ever running life? Where will we reach and what will we reap? People have realized the values of relationships and the need of maintaining harmonious relationships with the closed ones. 

In these trying times money seems to have taken the back seat and family bonding has overshadowed all material aspects of life. In a way it has proved a blessing in disguise, and people surrounded with family and loved ones have realized how privileged they are. Basic amenities like food, shelter and good health are what we all need and this is the biggest lesson we all have learnt during this phase of global crisis.

Thanking God through performing a Puja is an age old custom which we follow till date. It is an acknowledgment of our very presence while thanking God for all his blessings and love that he has showered on us in our lives. Showing your gratitude towards God through thanking or appreciating him is a minimal thing what we all can do. During these trying times, everyone looks for the mental peace and what better way to achieve it then remembering God. 

Performing puja is a way of thanking and at the same time relieving your mind by remembering him. And if it is done through the comfort of your home with all your loved ones joining it that too from their homes is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? 

In this world where everything seems to undergo transformation, Puja methods are no exception. The traditional custom of performing puja has adapted the techno savvy world and has settled well with the emerging trends of digitalization. No matter which corner of the world your family members may reside you may always gather them for performing online puja. 

Isn’t is the best advancement in technology. Despite the fact that the world is undergoing several changes but our faith and trust in God still have remained unchanged. In India, we can’t imagine our presence without the presence of God! Praying to God is the foremost thing we all start our day with. Since we have deep rooted devotions towards several deities, the Online Puja service may further strengthen our divine bonds with God effectively. 

The best part is that you don’t need to take a step out of your house to do the same. All you are required to do is to sit comfortably at home and witness all the rituals.

Online puja facilitates the puja process to become convenient and really easy. 

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Which Puja to perform:

There are various types of Puja, some we do on regular basis and then there are certain special puja which is done either to propitiate a diety or to get their blessings for a special cause. Now, there are certain planetary placements in all of our horoscopes. Some of them may be creating Rajyogas means giving us wonderful results earning us wealth and fame. At the other hand, there may be some duryogas or bad ones creating obstacles and failures in our lives. 

A talk to astrologer can help in knowing all the good and bad yogas in our kundali. The astrologers can suggest as to which planet we need to take the blessings or to make it calm through performing a puja. The puja conducted for a specific purpose certainly helps us to get the desired results and prosper in life. 

Book Your Online Puja Now at Indian Astrology  to overcome the hurdles and ensure prosperity in life.

Why an Online Puja?

This is a common question with simple answer. Though all the temples have been closed but have the planets stopped taking rounds in the sky? They are not at all affected by the lockdowns we face here on the Earth! They still are giving us their good and bad effects. So, there is still a dire need to safeguard us against the inauspicious transits or seek the blessings of the auspicious planetary movements. 

This is why, Online Puja has become rather more important in these crisis. We definitely are in desperate need to please our deities and seek mental peace more than the normal times. Performing an online puja is more convenient and free of hassles as you don’t have to commute to far off temples or even in your vicinity even if they are open to maintain social distancing. This saves you a lot more time in commuting and also the money you might have spent in the travel involved. 

The same amount of devotion, determination and auspiciousness is guaranteed the same way we get through personal visits to the temples. All the rituals are followed in the most diligent manner using superior quality of samagri or puja essentials.  

The Puja will not only help you gain mental and physical strength but also to mitigate the hurdles or omens in married life, education, health related issues, competition and other evils. 

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Different Pujas that you may book at Future Point:

With Future Point, you can book different puja like kaal Sarp Dosha Puja, Mangal Graha Shanti Puja, grah pravesh puja and other specific pujas for propitiating or pleasing different planets. Some of the Deity Puja you can select from Ganesh Puja, Durga Saptasati Puja, Hanuman Puja, Rudrabhishekam Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Vishnu Puja and  Rudra Puja. For Puja performed for Graha Shanti, you can select any of the nine planets like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn, Ketu and Rahu Shanti Puja. 

If you have a defect in your kundali, you can perform Dosha nivaaran Puja for Grahan Dosha, Angarak Dosha, Chandal Dosha, Shapit Dosha, and Kaal Sarp Dosha Puja. For Nakshatra Shanti Puja, you may select any of the 27 nakshatras.

There is no need to worry about the authenticity of the Puja so performed. As Future Point a leading name in the field of astrology, is well known for its world class services. The experts here will perform the opted Puja with full sincerity confirming its authenticity. The recitation of mantras and chants are performed in the same way as are done in the temples by the trusted vedic scholars. 

All you have to do is to book online and join through your smart phones or computers and feel the ambience as you would have done through a personal presence at any temple. The custom of observing sankalp is also performed with the help of the knowledgeable Pandits before initiating any of the puja proceedings, so you achieve all the sacred blessings of the Puja and thereby auspicious results.

Which Puja is beneficial for you according to your Horoscope? Talk to Astrologer