Shubh Muhurat in July 2021

Indian Astrology | 07-Jul-2021

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Months passes and we welcome the new one with hopes and warmth. Now, 2021 has shown us so much with its companion 2020 that every day we pray for prosperity and health to our family. Amidst the pandemic, when everything seems to be in chaos, we try to find out the auspicious time through our astrological charts. 

Economies are slowing down so as the career graph of its natives. In this situation if we know the auspicious timings during which we may get the best results of our efforts, would be wonderful! In Vedic Astrology, we talk about Muhurat, there are auspicious as well as inauspicious muhurats

It is observed if we follow the right timings for doing a particular work, then the chances of its success rise to a great extent. Similarly, any work done during the ashubh muhurat may not bring the desired results. Indian Panchang has details of each shubh and ashubh muhurats which we can effectively use at our disposal. In this article we are enumerating the auspicious muhurats falling in July 2021. 

One should take them into consideration while planning anything important like buying a vehicle, purchasing a property, getting married, house warming and others.

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Auspicious Muhurat for marriage in July 2021

July is a month of rains and pleasant weather all around. Also known as Saawan, it has religious significance as well because many of the festivals like naag panchmi and others specially related with Lord Shiva fall in this month. The pleasant weather has also inspired ouu hindi cinema to compose various popular songs based on this rainy month.

As far as weddings are concerned, they have to be performed according to the shubh muhuratas and that is generally observed too in various parts of India. Tying the knots in a shubh muhurat ensures blessings of the universe to the married couple. After all, muhurats are determined as per the celestial movement of planets and stars in the sky. 

Based on the Hindu calendar, the month of Ashadha starts from 25th June 2021 and ends on 24th July 2021. It is an auspicious month and many festivals having traditional significance fall in the month of Ashadha. The popular ones are Yogini Ekadashi, Devshayani Ekadashi, Pradosh Vrat and Ashadha Purnima. 

As far as weddings are concerned there are just 5 Shubh Muhurats to be observed for performing wedding rituals. In comparison with other months of the year they are relatively less. The Hindu calendar suggests only 5 Muhurats in the month of July with the first falling on 1st of July and the last being 15th of July. Let’s know about the 5 Shubh Muhurats of marriage:

First Shubh Muhurat: The first auspicious day for marriage is on Thursday, July 1, 2021. According to the Hindu calendar, it is the seventh tithi of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Ashadha. This tithi is considered auspicious for a wedding purpose and it will fall in Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra (Divaratri).

Second Shubh Muhurat: The second Shubh Muhurat for marriagein July falls on Friday, 2 July 2021. According to the Hindu calendar, it is the ashtami of Krishna Paksha of Ashadha month and the running nakshatra is Revati. This day is also an auspicious day to get married.

Third Shubh Muhurat: The third Shubh Muhurat for marriage in July will fall on Tuesday, 6 July 2021. It is the Dwadashi tithi of Krishna Paksha of Ashadha month and falls under Rohini Nakshatra. This is again considered auspicious for marriage.

Fourth Shubh Muhurat: The fourth Shubh Muhurat for marriage falls on Monday, 12 July 2021. According to the Hindu calendar, the day is the dwitya tithi of the Shukla Paksha and it will come under Magha Nakshatra of the month of Ashadha.  

Fifth Shubh Muhurat: The fifth and the last Shubh Muhurat for marriage in July will be on Friday, 16 July 2021. This will be the saptami tithi of shukla paksha of Ashada and the nakshatra will be Hasta Nakshatra.

  • 1 July 2021, Thursday: Tithi: Saptami, Ashtami, Muhurat: 06:05 AM to 06:05 AM, Jul 02; Nakshatra: Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati  
  • 2 July 2021, Friday: Tithi: Ashtami, Muhurat: 06:05 AM to 10:54 AM; Nakshatra: Revati 
  • 7 July 2021, Wednesday: Tithi: Trayodashi, Muhurat: 03:36 PM to 03:20 AM, Jul 08; Nakshatra: Rohini, Mrigashirsha
  • 13 July 2021, Tuesday: Tithi: Chaturthi, Muhurat: 09:21 AM to 02:49 PM; Nakshatra: Magha
  • 15 July 2021, Thursday: Tithi: Panchami, Shashthi, Muhurat: 06:09 AM to 11:44 AM; Nakshatra: Uttara Phalguni 

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Shubh muhurat for graha pravesh in July 2021

Planning a house warming party for your newly bought house? Hold on! First of all, take the divine blessings through grah pravesh pooja and after that you may celebrate the way you desire. Grah pravesh means inviting the divine to reside with you in your home. 

If there is a divine blessing in your home, all evils will vanish away themselves and who wouldn’t wish the same? A ‘Griha Pravesh’ ceremony is carried out only once for a dwelling. So, it is very important to take care of every minute detail to avoid any possible flaws. You need to choose the right date for the ceremony and one should plan the grih pravesh ceremony well in advance, to avoid last minute troubles. 

An advanced planning may help you to reserve the best Shubh Muhurat for your house warming ceremony. Else, you just have to settle for the normal day. So, if you are planning for a Griha Pravesh pooja in July 2021, then the shubh muhurat for it is as follows:

1 July 2021, Thursday: Tithi: Saptami, Muhurat: 06:05 AM to 02:01 PM; Nakshatra: Uttara Bhadrapada 

You can talk to astrologer for more mahurats for Griha Pravesh ceremony.

Griha Pravesh muhurats from mid-July to October 2021 (Sharavan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin, Kartik)

There are no auspicious dates available during these months. Griha Pravesh during this phase brings omens and may result in financial problems and health issues. However, property owners can consult with the best astrologer in India, to find a suitable date for entering one’s home.

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Shubh Muhurat for purchase of vehicle in July 2021

If you are planning to buy a new vehicle whether personal or commercial one, buy it during an appropriate muhurat and day to ward off all evils. It is believed that such vehicles don’t fall easy prey to accidents and mishaps. Thus, keep the people riding them safe too. They are also believed to remain long lasting and trouble free. 

Our vehicles also have become the tale bearer of our status, and sometimes they attract the negativity and jealous vibes around. So, in order to keep it safe from raised eye brows we should try and purchase them during shubh muhurat only. Here are Shubh muhurats for purchase of a vehicle in July 2021

  • 2 July 2021, Friday: Tithi: Ashtami, Muhurat: 06:05 AM to 03:28 PM; Nakshatra: Revati
  • 7 July 2021, Wednesday: Tithi: Trayodashi, Muhurat: 06:06 AM to 03:20 AM, Jul 08; Nakshatra: Rohini, Mrigashirsha
  • 26 July 2021, Monday: Tithi: Tritiya, Muhurat: 06:13 AM to 02:54 AM, Jul 27; Nakshatra: Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha
  • 29 July 2021, Thursday: Tithi: Shashthi, Muhurat: 12:03 PM to 03:54 AM, Jul 30; Nakshatra: Revati 

Buying a property in shubh muhurat in July 2021

To invest in a property is a big decision and it also involves huge investments. One can’t simply go and buy it like other immaterial things and has to think carefully from all aspects like directions, vastu specifications, cost involved among others. One may either plan to invest for commercial purpose or for residing the same. 

Depending upon the purpose, various poojas have been specified in our ancient texts. Your kundli also tells about as to when one should invest in the property to get the maximum benefits. Consult an astrologer to find the appropriate date. If one follows these golden rules and principles as laid in our scriptures, properity is bound to follow. Shubh muhurat for buying a property in July 2021 is as follows:

  • 2 July 2021, Friday: Tithi: Ashtami, Navami, Muhurat: 06:05 AM to 06:05 AM, Jul 03; Nakshatra: Revati
  • 8 July 2021, Thursday: Tithi: Chaturdashi, Muhurat: 06:07 AM to 08:59 PM; Nakshatra: Mrigashirsha
  • 9 July 2021, Friday: Tithi: Amavasya, Muhurat: 11:14 PM to 06:08 AM, Jul 10; Nakshatra: Punarvasu
  • 22 July 2021, Thursday: Tithi: Trayodashi, Chaturdashi, Muhurat: 06:12 AM to 06:12 AM, Jul 23; Nakshatra: Mula, Purva Ashadha
  • 23 July 2021, Friday: Tithi: Chaturdashi, Purnima, Muhurat: 06:12 AM to 02:26 PM; Nakshatra: Purva Ashadha
  • 29 July 2021, Thursday: Tithi: Shashthi, Saptami, Muhurat: 12:03 PM to 06:15 AM, Jul 30; Nakshatra: Revati
  • 30 July 2021, Friday: Tithi:Saptami, Muhurat: 06:15 AM to 02:03 PM; Nakshatra: Revati

Talk to the best astrologer in India to get a detailed information on muhurat specified for specific tasks.