Tarot reading and associated Myths

Indian Astrology | 23-Jun-2021

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Most people find an element of mystery in tarot card readings and they believe that it’s not a cup of tea of everyone. People are often attracted to the strange costumes and peculiar appearance of tarot card readers as portrayed in online videos and images. This sense of mysticism attracts people towards the world of tarot card reading, but unfortunately they do not know how to learn tarot card reading professionally. 

This ignorance has given birth to several myths hover their heads all the time. They don’t get to the appropriate place where they can learn it the right way and are deprived of the real knowledge of tarot card readings. To get into the awe-inspiring world of tarot card reading, you need assistance of experienced and expert teachers or practitioners who are well-versed in it. Here, at Future Point, students can benefit from the online tarot card reading course conducted by the best of the faculties in India. They have an innate command over the subject and have practical approach to the same.

Here we will talk about some myths which have kept the learners away from the true knowledge of tarot card readings. Also, some important instructions that will help you learn tarot card reading.

Top Myths about Tarot Card Reading

Tarot reading is a forte of few gifted ones only: Many people could not learn tarot card readings because they strongly feel that it is not something that could be done by everyone. They believe that this knowledge can’t be learned; instead, some people have got this expertise as God's gift and are the rightful heirs. It is absolutely false!! Anyone can learn tarot card reading provided you have landed in a trusted tarot card reading institute. Come and learn Tarot Card Reading with the best of the teachers at Future Point.

A person should have strong intuitive mind: The person whose third eye is open can understand the tarot card; this is also a wrong perception in the minds of people. Sufficient education and knowledge are required to read tarot cards and not intuitions or the opening of third eye.

One should always use old deck of cards: This is one of the top myths with no ground. Tarot card reading depends completely on your learning and instincts and has nothing to do with the old and new deck of cards. So, the myth that old cards are more powerful is baseless. 

You have to be psychic to read Tarot

Many people believe that you have to be psychic to read Tarot. That is, in order to be a good Tarot reader, you have to have some sort of supernatural power that allows you to foresee the future. They even believe that tarot practitioners may communicate to the spirit world through messages. But in reality all you need to become an efficient tarot reader is to say yes to your intuitions.

Tarot fore tell the future

However, this one isn’t completely a myth, but it isn’t exactly the whole truth either. Many people see tarot as a tool of predicting future. And, not only that, they believe that whatever the Tarot says is bound to happen, no matter what. Some people even don’t go to tarot readers thinking if something bad is predicted will happen for sure so, they tend to avoid it. The truth is that tarot not only predicts about the future but also about the past and present times. Understanding the past helps you discover the key lessons you’ve learned along your path so that you can use them to make better decisions in the future. An understanding of the present times helps you discover what’s happening for you right now.

Tarot helps you understand your past and present to be in a better position to manage and control our future events effectively.

Tips for a Tarot beginner

Got your first set of tarot cards? HURRAH!

You must be extremely excited to learn the ins and outs of Tarot. You sit down, pull the cards out of the box, awe over the beautiful artwork for a second and perhaps ruminate on an image of yourself as an all-knowing spiritual guru, and then… what next?

It is when you realize, there are a lot of cards. It may even fall heavy on you that you only recognize only few of them. And that accompanying little booklet isn’t as helpful as you thought it might be. Now, you wonder, Will I ever be able to memorize the meanings of each card?

One thing is straight that one can absolutely learn how to read Tarot. All that is required is the guidance of a tarot guru who can initiate your journey on the path of tarot reading. Learn tarot card reading through online at Future Point from the comfort of your home. With determination and hard work, you will excel faster than you may even imagine. But to do that, you do have to follow a series of carefully crafted steps. No one masters Tarot reading in just a day, no matter how gifted or psychic they are.

So, here we enumerate few tips that will help you gain prowess in the field of tarot reading:

Create your 'Code of Ethics

 While learning and practicing tarot cards, make some rules that match your ideology and philosophy. Code of Ethics is very important on moral grounds, For example, you decide to keep the information and problems of a client completely confidential or you vow to never mislead your clients. 

Formulate your questions properly

While doing card reading, there will be times when cards do not seem giving relevant answers to the questions asked, or they will give vague answers. The main reason behind this is unclear questions. Tarot cards are like a mirror. They represent you most politely and honestly. So if you are confused or asking unclear questions, then it will also appear in your card. And then you will not get what the card is representing. So make your question as crisp and direct as possible. This is one of the most crucial tricks that you can only learn from an experienced guide or institute. Learn Tarot reading with the best teachers at Future Point.

Opening and Closing

Few important things have to be taken care of when you open and close the tarot card reading session. When you are opening the card reading session, keep your mind focused and pronounce positive affirmations in your mind. While closing, thank the existence and the holy angles and insist that they will always give you the required guidance.

Use a deck of your choice

As already mentioned, one of the biggest myths about the Tarot is that you can’t buy your own cards. Sometimes you find no connections to the deck as given to you for some archaic rule.

Additionally, it is difficult to follow prescribed rules when there are hundreds of Tarot decks to fit to every interest. 

Get a professional reading.

One of the simplest ways to learn how to read tarot is to get a tarot reading done by a professional. Observe carefully how your reader draws cards, makes connections, and explains the meanings to you. It may prove quite informative! If you’re more interested in how spiritualists channel their intuition, getting a live reading session from a psychic is also a nice idea!

Make the cards uniquely yours

Keep your deck of cards in a special pouch or find a box that you reserve only for your cards. Also give them a prominent place in your home, spend 10 minutes daily to just shuffle them. No matter what you decide to do—and there’s no “right” and “wrong” in it—the idea is to get comfortable with ownership of your cards. There are tarot practitioners who don’t let anyone touch their cards, except when they’re shuffling. The reason being another person may create imbalances with the energy of the cards by touching them.


The first thing that you should do as soon as you bring your deck home is temper your expectations. It doesn’t matter how many books you read or how many online tutorials you go through, getting familiar with your deck is going to take some days. Learning the Tarot is all about finding connections and discerning nuance so connection is important. You’re learning a challenging new skill, so forgive yourself for mistakes and move ahead. Learn the meanings of different cards, but leave yourself room for your own interpretations.

Once you move further on Tarot, you will find that every reader has his own interpretation of each card. Each card is followed by a few keywords that most experts mutually agree upon and if you go with them no wonder you will find yourself in contradictory situation. Plus, each card will reveal something different meaning depending on where and how (upright or reverse) it shows up in your spread.

Tarot teaches you to listen to your subconscious mind and be more confident with your intuitions. View the keywords as parameters for the meaning of the card and start looking closer at each card’s name and illustration to decide what it means on a personal level.

One way of doing this is to choose one card a day and meditate on its meaning. Maintain a journal in which you note down what the card means traditionally and what is your own interpretation about it? Try to find the connections between the meanings and your memories that may co relate. If so, jot them down too. This will give you a stronger connection to each card and you can easily distinguish them from others.

The most important thing is that you trust yourself!

Read yourself before you read for others

You may have heard that you’re not supposed to give Tarot readings to yourself, but that’s just another myth that doesn’t make sense. How can you guide others when you can’t just read your cards? So, start reading for yourself regularly. It’s totally okay to consult your books and journals as much as you need to!

If you choose to read for other people, try to hold off on that until you’re able to competently read your own Tarot without having to look up the meaning of every card you pull. Meet the best tarot card reader through the website of Future Point and utilize your full potential.