When Will You Marry in 2023?- Know Absolutely Free!

Indian Astrology | 20-Jan-2023

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Marriage is the most important phase of someone's life. Very few know that marriage is not only about giving fascination with the likely partner, but it changes your fortune too!

Yes, marriage can change your fortune. You must have seen people experiencing instant failure or success in business after marriage. The house of marriage in astrology is also the complementary house of your career. Thus, if the seventh house is in good shape, the tenth house of your business or career will flourish and vice-versa. The youngsters and their parents wish to know the timings of their marriage. Your birth chart can predict your marriage timings. It is possible to know everything about your marriage through marriage astrology


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When will I get married?


For those who know astrology, the seventh house of the birth chart is the house of spouse and marriage. Whatever we wish to know about our marriage or spouse, we need to focus on the seventh house. To know the timings of marriage, we check the dasha period of the seventh lord, planets occupying and associating with the seventh house and its lord. The marriage astrology report online suggests the timing of marriage after careful analysis of these elements. 

The dasha period of the planets mentioned above, Rahu and Venus, can give marriage in their dasha-antardasha. Here, the role of transit is also very important. The dual transit of Saturn and Jupiter confirms an occurrence of an event. The person usually gets married if they influence the seventh house or its lord. The transit of these two biggies makes special events happen in life.

The best astrologer also checks the position of the Lagna and the seventh lord in the navamsha or D-9 chart to give an almost accurate date of someone's marriage.


Love marriage or arranged marriage predictions


Love marriages are the new normal these days. But still, arranged marriages have retained their charm. Astrology can predict whether a person will have an arranged or love marriage based on the astrological combinations in the birth chart.

The fifth house in the birth chart is the house of romance, attraction, and love. We already know about the seventh house of marriage. Now, there has to be a connection between these two houses for a person to have a love marriage. The relation between the 5th and 7th houses or lords predicts a love marriage for a person. 

Here, one important thing to consider is that there might be an indication of love marriage, but the person has to be sure about the marriage's survival too. We often see people stand against society and families to marry their love of life. But their relationship starts breaking apart as soon as they marry. So, one should talk to an astrologer to determine the yoga for love marriage and its survival. It can be concluded that marrying your love partner is important, but the survival of the love marriage is even more important.


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Marriage and Planetary Positions


Happiness or miseries in married life largely depend upon the planetary positions. Those who doubt the efficacy of astrology should check the birth chart of any of their acquaintances with a troublesome married life. You will see malefic planets like the Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, or Saturn.   

The planets Sun, Rahu, and Ketu are known to create separation in astrology. So, caution is needed if the person has any of these three planets in either Lagna or the seventh house.

Free astrology predictions for marriage consider Mars a dominant planet in marriage-related matters. It creates delays, obstructions, arguments, separation, divorce, etc. So, an astrologer should carefully monitor the position of Mars for a promising married life.

Saturn creates delays and obstructions. An individual with Saturn in the seventh house either gets a mature spouse or faces delays in marriage. But, one planet is not sufficient to create obstructions; there has to be a malefic influence of two or more planets.


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How to predict the timing of marriage in astrology


The marriage timing depends on the supportive dasha and transit, as mentioned above. Here, one should consider desh-Kaal-Patra also because if the supportive dasha comes too early or too late, it will not be beneficial. Activation of the right dasha period at the right time is crucial. 


How will be my life partner?


You can know everything about your spouse/love partner using astrology. You may know about the appearance, education, profession, nature, character, family background, or even the spouse's location. Out of these traits, the most important is to know your compatibility with your future spouse.

There are several yogas for facing troubles or bliss in marriage. And if your kundli already has yoga for trouble in marriage, you need to be extra conscious. It would help if you met an astrologer for kundli analysis who can explain the possibilities in married life for you. One should only marry with kundli matching. The ashtkoota kundli milan and further checking of the kundli eliminate chances of separation and divorce. Matching kundli helps in finding a compatible partner.


Marriage and your career


The relationship between your marriage and career is the most important domain of astrology. Very few know that a healthy married life helps maintain a healthy career/business. Some people touch heights of success soon after they marry, while others turn to rags from riches after marriage. Why does this happen? How come marriage is related to your career? 

Here, if you count the seventh house of marriage from the tenth house of career, it falls in the tenth place. As per the bhavat bhavam principle in astrology, it is the secondary house of business. What we see from the tenth house is also analyzed from the seventh house. Thus, a person with a satisfied, happy and helpful spouse also performs well in his career. Keep your marriage in good condition to get success in your career!


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Love marriage prediction by date of birth


You may know whether your love will be converted into marriage through astrology. You have love marriage yoga, but what will you do if yoga for separation or divorce is also there?

You married your love partner but had to separate after a few months; what's the use of such a marriage? Sometimes, the person may have yoga for cheating or fraud from the spouse.

It is essential to find any such possibility with astrological consultation. If you don't pay attention to all aspects of love and marriage, chances of deception are there!

One should not just run behind marrying the love partner through all means; other implications are equally important. Here, most court divorce cases belong to people who were once love partners. 

  • The relationship between the 5th house and the eighth house shows the death of your love life. 
  • Similarly, if the seventh and fifth lord is placed in six-eight relations with each other, your love marriage may not survive.

Thus, it is advisable to have a broader viewpoint and stop being over-committed. As we say, precaution is better than cure! Take astrological consultation with the best astrologer to know everything right from the timing of marriage, love marriage, survival of marriage and compatibility with the partner, etc.