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Kundli Matching for Marriage

Planning a marriage is a big task, but even bigger is choosing if you are tying the knot with someone who is going to support your dreams & aspirations. Kundli Matching before marriage creates a perfect picture for one to access their decision in the correct light by knowing the person’s behavior & temperament; whether it will be compatible with yours or not. Kundli Match Making helps judge a person by what the stars have predicted and what’s inside- rather than just the face value.

Kundli Milan is the comparison of two natal charts to analyze the union between two individuals. Advised to be done before tying the knot, Kundli Milan has garnered much fame in recent times due to its accuracy to predict the future of the marriage and how the two people connected will be able to have a lasting relationship. In case an Astrologer finds out there is trouble predicted in the future, there can be remedies suggested to combat these and have smooth sailing in the future.

Free Online Kundli Matching

Marriage is the union between two souls longing to be together. As is decreed by a higher authority, Marriage needs two people to unite and work together in order to be better humans. To support each other at all times, and to be the pillar of strength when need be- Marriage is not just a nuptial bond but is way more than that. Therefore, Hindu Families often put stress on Kundali Matching before tying the knot, so as to be sure that the union would turn out to be a successful one. With Free Online Kundli Matching one would be able to gauge what their partner will bring to the marriage and if they will be compatible with each other in the long run.

It is not about being superstitious anymore, since the mystical way a Kundli work has been explained by way too many astrologers online through research and uncanny predictions. The youth despite deviating from Ashtakoot Milan and Guna Milan for several years are now coming back to it due to the strength of predictions. With zero to no chance of error, the Kundali Matching Predictions are capable of projecting a clear picture in front of the couple on how their life would be. From the couples’ behavior towards each other to their views about society and how they’ll be with their in-laws, Kundli Milan is even capable of predicting about the kids and their future!

While Matching Kundali Online, there are generally two aspects which are taken into consideration- the placement of Moon and the Nakshatra both the natives are born in.

Process Followed During Kundli Matching Online

The process of Matching the Kundli of both the natives is quite simple. Also known by the name Guna Milan, it literally means matching the qualities and comparing if they’ll be able to stand the test of time and prove to be a great match. The total number of Guna present in a single horoscope equals 36 and as per the astrologers, 50% i.e. at least 18 out of 36 must match for it to be a fruitful association. In case the number of matched attributes is lesser than the prescribed limit, the astrologer doesn’t permit the marriage.

The Role of Manglik Dosha in Kundli Milan

Accorded by many astrologers as the most common flaw that people overlook, but live to regret- Manglik Dosha in Kundali is not something that one should disregard if found in Kundali. Planet Mars and its placement in the Kundali is given high importance when an astrologer analyses someone’s Horoscope in the light of a marriage possibility. In order to marry someone with Mangal Dosha in Kundali, the Astrologer would advise certain remedies to combat it successfully. If someone with Mangal Dosha ties the knot with another person who has Manglik Dosha in Kundali, then the Dosha gets canceled and the union would turn out to be a fruitful one. If proper heed isn’t paid to this and the dosha is neglected, some fear that it might turn out to be fatal for the couple.

Is it really important to Consult an Astrologer for Kundali Matching?

Given the importance that is levied on Kundali Matching and what all it could reveal into the future of the couple, it is on the couple to be sure before settling for someone or regret later. The Kundali Matching, as per many Astrologers is also a great way for business partners to find out how their union will be and if it will turn out to be propitious for their organization or not!

Due to the complexity of the calculations, it is advised that you consult an Astrologer and not believe everything that the Free Kundali Matching comes up with. Although the predictions in the Free Kundli Milan are somewhat true to their core, it takes and expert astrologer to analyze and study both the Kundali’s and then draw a conclusion.


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