What Type of Marriage you will have as per your Zodiac Sign

Indian Astrology | 29-Aug-2022

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Love or arrange marriage? Everyone wants to know what the future will bring in married life. Apart from kundali matching by birth chart and consulting a marriage astrologer, people feel even the best kundali matches are not enough! They go for apps like love calculator by name etc to find what will star bring them in their future.

But do you know that your zodiac signs can reveal much more about you and your partner? Predictions about your personality and the type of partner you will have can be quite helpful. 

once you decided you want to get married, you would want to know what type of marriage you will have. And for that, your zodiac sign can be of great concern. 

Based on your personality and outlook, zodiac signs can reveal the type of marriage you will have. The style, preparations, and type of celebration each sign will have can be known.


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Let’s check out what zodiac signs have to say!



Aries is bold, romantic, and impetuous. They look for equality in a relationship and love to be free and like to be seen in a relationship. Committed and straightforward without any additional drama makes Aries fall for love marriage mostly. Aries couples sometimes get competitive and that should be avoided.

Aries are fearless and variant and like to plan big for important events in their life. Instinctive surprises and unexpected dates are their ideas for expressing love. They will choose warm colors and lavish outfits for their big day! Read more about Aries Horoscope




Natives of Taurus are committed and loyal in a relationship. They will take every point into notice before making important decisions. They never walk out of a relationship and have a taste for luxury and classy things. They will like a grounded marriage and it can be a love or arranged marriage. The partners must be innovative and try new things. Everything about their marriage will tell a tale of elegance. Be it hotels, dresses, or the wedding venue. Read more about Taurus Horoscope


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Geminis are social animals. They will like to have a love marriage and cannot spend their life with someone who’s not known. They are fun-loving and would want someone to have fun with them. Talkative and expressive Gemini would want a partner to conversate with. They like to explore new things as a couple to make life exciting and enjoy every bit of it. Spending quality time together is important for the couple. Good communication will help to sustain the relationship. 

Their wedding is going to be fun as well. Good food, good music, and lots of friends will make their big day lively and memorable. Read more about Gemini Horoscope




Cancers talk about soul and family. They are sensitive and possessive and love to spoil their partner. The couple will share similar cooking hobbies like baking and would love to call each other a lot of cute nicknames. Cancerians sometimes get over possessive and can’t see their partners talking or socializing with others to avoid that they must involve themselves with their friends and family. They will have a love cum arrange or arranged marriage as per sun sign. Their wedding will be intimate with close friends and family and more likely to be at a venue where they spend most of their time. The big day will be full of emotions for sentimental Cancerians. Read more about Cancer Horoscope


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The dominant Leos are very friendly and passionate. they love deeply and are self-centered enjoy the attention and often find it annoying if not receive any from their partner. they desire royalty and luxury. The couple will have strong opinions and one should be careful not to be too pushy with the other as it may give rise to conflicts.

They will have a romantic and royal wedding saga! Read more about Leo Horoscope




Virgos are ultimate perfectionists. They notice every minute detail and are very organized. They like refined things and everything should be sophisticated around them. They will be very particular with the choices they make and hence choose a partner themselves and are likely to have a love marriage. The only thing a Virgo should keep in mind is not to ignore bigger problems with a picky attitude.

Their wedding will be a page3 wedding with food and wines, beautiful flowers, colorful decorations, and amazing outfits. Read more about Virgo Horoscope


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Libra is the ruler of the wedding season and hence most marriages take place in October. The marriages on the other hand for Libras are not very balanced. The priority is the relationship for the couple but at times they are so dedicated to each other that they lose their individuality. One must do their things too to survive a healthy married life. Libras are very choosy and hence never let their partner go easily.

The wedding would be far away from reality with fancy flowers, unusual decorations, and dim lights. The natives will have a love cum arranged marriage. Read more about Libra Horoscope




Scorpios are intense and passionate and desire a romantic, loyal and transparent relationship with their partners. They have a long-term commitment and there their marriage is a long-term affair. Because of their possessiveness, they are likely to have a love marriage which would be a statement in itself filled with drama and perfection. Rich and luxurious wedding with a unique taste of food and drinks apart from lavish events to entertain the guests. 

Just share your heart out if you feel hurt because jealousy and power to control might not be good for you as a couple. Read more about Scorpio Horoscope




Sagittarians, the adventurous souls would like to move freely and their day will be filled with fun and entertainment. They are likely to have a love marriage and do everything for their love. Discovering new things and traveling together is what a Sagittarian aspires for. A destination wedding is apt for a bold and daring Sagittarius.

However, they should not be too risky with financial matters and should hold the horses. Read more about Sagittarius Horoscope




Winter weddings are ruled by Capricorns who love to celebrate the traditions and legacy of their family. They like challenges and are smart enough to catch lies and secrets. They need commitment and usually go for an arranged marriage. Sophistication and elegance are reflected in their wedding.

They should know that enjoying the present is more important than planning for an unpredictable future. Read more about Capricorn Horoscope




The free birds and not willing to compromise in any situation are the natives of Aquarius. They share equal independence with their partners. They are highly social and like to party in a big crowd. Staying committed and loyal Aquarians have chances of love cum arranged marriage. The unusual and very modern wedding is to witness with these couples.

Though, they should focus on spending more time together for a sustainable relationship. Read more about Aquarius Horoscope




Emotional and dreamy Pisceans like to woo their partners with everything they have. They will sacrifice everything for their love and be confident and creative while doing that. They mostly have love cum arranged marriages which will be dreamy fantasy tales with pastel decors and soothing music. More like a Bollywood movie!

There will be a lot of traveling during anniversaries to the renewal of vows and fancy dinner dates almost like an unseen reality.

Though they must not be too lost in their dreamy world and must stick to the real one. Read more about Pisces Horoscope


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