LeoTouch – The Best Astrology software for Mobiles and Tablets

Indian Astrology | 20-Aug-2022

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In modern times when smart phones can be seen in everyone’s hands, several mobile apps are ruling the world. How about a comprehensive mobile app that serves all your astrological needs? 

How wonderful it would be if someone can get answers to all problems in life through using a mobile app! LeoTouch is a precious gift of Indian Astrology to all astrology enthusiasts. 

Equally useful for the beginners and professionals, LeoTouch has been rated in the top 5 astrology software for android. Proving its utility to every user, the software is gaining popularity with every passing day.      

LeoTouch - The best Kundli software for mobile

There are many mobile apps based on astrology but a user knows that different apps give different depictions of the birth chart of a same person. This puzzles the astrologer as without an accurate birth chart, no one can make accurate astrology predictions. 

The first and foremost function of Vedic astrology software is to cast an accurate birth chart. LeoTouch is the most reliable mobile app as it has been prepared by the founders of the most popular and best seller astrology software LeoStar- I. 

LeoTouch series for android and tablets affirm to the same quality standards and extensive features as incorporated in LeoStar astrology software for windows. 

Indian Astrology needs no introduction when it comes to naming the No. 1 institute in occult science. The institute has marked its presence in the industry since past 40+ years. 

It has a sole motto to prove the usefulness and efficacy of Astrology to the masses and they have succeeded in their aim through their different educational courses, consultation services and wonderful astrology software series. 

Dr. Arun Bansal ji, who belongs to IIT background and is counted amongst the best astrologers of the country, has formulated the most comprehensive horoscope software under Leo series.

LeoTouch astrology software for android is easy to use mobile app and has been widely accepted by the professional users across the globe. The app can be downloaded from the Google play store in few easy and simple steps. It comes in both with or without the printing facility versions to suit the needs of the users. 

The mobile app is very impressive with its accurate calculations and long list of useful features. It comes in both English and Hindi languages and supports day-light saving concept, accurate time zone calculations and war time corrections. 

This is the reason it can calculate accurate birth chart for a native living in any corner of the world. LeoTouch has gained immense popularity in few months of its launch and is preferred by the most distinguished astrologers worldwide. 

Distinguished Features of LeoTouch

LeoTouch is a user friendly Kundli Software for Mobile with lots of unique and advanced features. 

  • Beautiful depiction and soothing appearance
  • 100% accurate calculations
  • Available in various fonts, color schemes and style
  • Printing facility
  • Bilingual
  • Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly horoscope
  • Various modules
  • Kundli
  • Match making
  • Lalkitab Dasha and Debts
  • Lalkitab Teva and Varshphal
  • Numerology
  • Varshphal
  • Rasi prediction
  • Panchang
  • Astrological tables
  • Muhurat calendar
  • Festivals calendar
  • Effective Vedic Mantra

LeoTouch Professional version provides-

  • Accurate Panchang details for the next 10, 000 years
  • Shodashvarga charts
  • Several types of Dasha e.g. vimshottari, yogini, char dasha etc
  • Mundane
  • Kp system
  • Horary
  • Several useful astrology books
  • Calendar
  • Transit
  • Longevity
  • Astrograph
  • Astrological yogas and lots of other useful information

LeoTouch software for androids- Key utilities

Match making- This is the most useful feature where parents can match the kundli of their children on their own. 

This is easy to use feature where based on ashtkoota Milan, compatibility between the prospective partners is checked in an efficient way. It can be utilized by both professional astrologers and family members for its simple and easy techniques. 

Any number of charts can be matched with a single kundli in one go which saves the user from entering birth details again and again.

In-built Future Predictions - LeoTouch mobile app is one of its kinds to provide accurate future predictions based on your birth details. The mobile app is a result of extensive research and has enormous data storage which processes the useful information in few seconds and presents it to the user. It accurately calculates necessary details to give most impressive predictions. Even suggestions are given for good and bad time periods in life.

Gem selection - LeoTouch provides appropriate guidance for gem selection as well. After analyzing your birth details, the app suggests the most suitable gems and rudraksha to safeguard you against the evile whereby enhancing the effects of the good planets.

Other astrological remedies - The app also suggests the articles for donations, japa, mantra, puja etc based on the personalized details of the native. These remedies help to remove the bad effects of the planets while attracting good luck and prosperity in life.

Special remedies for Sadesati and Dhaiyya - The app also calculates and suggests the most effective remedies for a native’s sadesati and dhaiyya. These are usually considered the dreadful periods and one need to perform remedies to overcome the ill-effects of these negative time periods.

Daily horoscope - You get daily/weekly/monthly/yearly predictions related to various aspects of life like education, health, finance, marriage and others.  

Extensive Data bank for research - LeoTouch kundali software contains its own data bank showing birth details of several celebrities to be used as study and research material for the natives. 

LeoTouch Home - LeoTouch Home is a popular version of LeoTouch series to be used by the students and home users. This has all basic features with horoscope matching facility and different modules can be accessed as provided under different packages as per the need of the users. 

Online Astrology Software - Indian Astrology also provides online Kundli software where one may cast accurate horoscope online.  This is an API application which can be accessed by any astrology portal to provide online birth chart.

LeoTouch mobile astrology app is the best astrology software which provides you with the most accurate and reliable astrological information. The key to accurate predictions is correct calculations and one can never go wrong with LeoTouch mobile app while performing kundli analysis.

The extensive data helps the astrologers to provide the right guidance to the clients. Similarly, home users can be benefitted with its easy to use approach and in-built useful details based on personalized individual details.