Incompatible Ascendants Can Be Lovers Or Enemies

Indian Astrology | 04-Nov-2022

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Love is blind they say! Anyone can fall in love with anyone as love knows no boundaries and there is no filter when it comes to true love. Being the most connected and loved partners, they can have their reasons to fight because they couldn’t find compatibility with love.

They will just not agree on the same thing and always stress out each other. With so many regular arguments and surviving just for the sake of love, the bond gets weakened, and hard to survive. They turn back on each other gradually and the distance and lack of communication will lead to breakups and divorces. 

One must find the best astrologer to check on compatibility before proceeding to the next step. Considering the zodiac signs and birth charts before jumping into serious decisions help avoid the negatives of a relationship. 

Here are some of the most incompatible zodiac sign combinations:



Aries ascendants are ruled by the planet Mars and Gemini ascendants are ruled by Mercury. According to Vedic astrology, both planets are considered enemies, and hence these two zodiac signs never get along well and hardly develop feelings for each other. They never agree on the same thing and never have common likes and dislikes. They move in opposite directions in any conversation and decision and face arguments.



Ruled by the planet mercury, both Gemini and Scorpio demand different approaches when it comes to love and relationships. Gemini is a free soul and loves to have an opinion in every situation with constantly changing decisions and an impulsive attitude; which is not acceptable for a Scorpio as they believe in things that lasts longer. Geminis look for people who can accept them as reckless as they are without complaints. 

Both signs are smart and logical filled with anxiety and likely to overthink which leads them to arguments most of the time making them an incompatible pair.

One can always check on daily love horoscopes to have a clear and better view of their partner through their zodiac sign.



Capricorns are dependable and take everything very seriously whether its love, life, relationships, etc. they are very ambitious and work extremely hard for their goals. Sagittarius on the other hand like to roam free. They just like to vibe and do not care what others think as they know they will attract everyone with their charming and good-looking personality. 

Capricorns will not like a mismanaged Sagittarius and will never find a reason to be with someone who’s not punctual and disciplined. Both of the zodiac signs will have to work on each other’s likings and dislikes to make a relationship work. Keeping aside the egos will be the only way out for a successful relationship which here seems rare. 

A thorough analysis of birth charts and kundali matching is also advised before taking any serious decision as it helps avoid the negatives one might have to go through after marriage or in a current relationship.



Taurus natives are hardcore romantics who like to behave like old school when it comes to relationships. They enjoy romantic dinners and taking things slow and like to flow smoothly. While Aquarius on the other hand, get easily bored with the same and slow routines. They don’t like predictable and easy people but be unique and innovative. This combination can only work if they are willing to accept their flaws and go past the negatives while sticking to love.



Pisces are very sensitive and attach themselves easily to others. They are total empaths who want to be present for everyone. This water sign is the most caring of all! Leos are bold and loyal. They look for the same from their partners. Leos will want to have their partner to listen and agrees with them in every situation be it wrong or right as they like to be the best of all but a Piscean will always look for the other side of the story and be empathetic towards the other party before reaching any conclusion.

For this combination to work well, both of them should understand what their partner wants. A Piscean may look after everyone else but needs some validation for themselves too. And Leo will only look for loyalty.



Virgos are humorous and witty. They believe in enjoying the struggles and pains with a smile. You will never see a Virgo who’s worried about the sour lemons life is giving them as they make lemonade out of it and not let the world know how it tastes. This sounds cool to most people but not to a libra who loves the sunny side up. They believe that everything is possible and leave no effort undone to get what they want. They are truly optimistic and inspire everyone they meet. But for Virgo, too much inspiration becomes naïve and hence makes them not so compatible.

Despite having a lot of uncommon, they still behave as perfectionists in the worst conditions.



Libra is ruled by Venus and Leo is ruled by the sun. according to Vedic astrology, the combination of these two planets will lead to an unstable relationship or a failed marriage. Leos are quite impatient and want things to get done as soon as they want to leave no gap for patience and improvement. Leos are stubborn and like to live life king-size on their terms. Libra on contrary, is highly emotional and sensitive toward everyone’s feelings. They get hurt by the extreme actions of a Leo that will lead to heated arguments, fights, heated arguments, and differences. Both of them will lack physical and sexual chemistry as well. They will slide onto different paths even on their first meet.

Though if they strongly want to work in their relationship, they can survive it which is quite an impossible thing to say.



Taurus is ruled by Venus and Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. That depicts a love and hate-relationship between the signs. This means, they will always be arguing and will never settle on the same decision. Several conflicts and disputes will be there between them. Both of them will only suggest for the other picture rather than finding the positives of the present one.

Even if somehow there forms a bond between these zodiac signs that will be out of infatuation or mutual attraction but will not stay for longer.



Mercury is the ruler planet of Virgo and mars is the ruler planet of Scorpio as per Vedic astrology. It is believed that these two planets are the worst enemies, leading us to the conclusion that the natives of these signs will never have something in common. the impatient Scorpio will never want to work on himself causing troubles and stress to Virgo ascendant. 

Life sometimes has other plans and no matter how strongly the planets are against each other; love will find its way and will keep bringing the natives together for each other. With a will to be in a love bond, to be there for their partner, to have their partner back in every odd situation counts more than what planets suggest.