Rahu: The Planet of Illusions

Indian Astrology | 02-Sep-2022

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The 8th planet of the solar system and considered as an invisible planet exerts a great impact on human life. Rahu doesn’t own a zodiac sign and is also known as “ChayaGraha”.

The favourable results can be achieved if Rahu is placed in the 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses of a birth chart. Free kundali can be checked online to see the position of Rahu. Its friendly planets are mercury, Venus, and Saturn. Sun, moon, and mars are not very friendly with Rahu however. 

Rahu is a demon’s head fixed on a serpent body and hence it’s quite violent, mischievous, and aggressive. A person with Rahu present on the birth chart would be full of anger. He would be full of secrets that are dark and terrifying. Smugglers, drug addicts,wizards, etc have Rahu in their kundali and hence very evil, unusual, and unpredictable.


Because Rahu is a demon, it creates confusion and makes one believe in non-existent things. It creates confusion and the spell it creates can be called Maya jaal! High usage of electronics and internet and social media indulgence make Rahu present everywhere! The person will not be able to see things clearly and will be lost in the dreamy world where not everything can come alive. 

Confusion is no lie and one has to be very careful and understand the illusion by analyzing its effects. Its presence in our lives is only through its effects and illusions. It has no physical existence. 

It develops a connection with everyone to make them believe how powerfulRahu can be and give them a sense of freedom and a materialistic approach toward life. Rahu often makes people selfish and believe in unrealistic goals.

Another aspect of the illusion of Rahu is that the person feels connected to the outside world. Sometimes there is a connection between the present world with other supernatural things that are considered to be from the outer world.

Unusual stories and experiences that we hear from people are nothing but the illusions of Rahu.Only a person with a very strong influence of Rahu can feel such energies, unlike normal people. These illusions created by Rahu give rise to psychosis and strong energies can be felt that disturb the conscious mind of a human being.

Rahu- brings major changes in one’s life regarding house, career, and family. Different planets have different effects onRahu. Let’s learn how.

MERCURY- with mercury, Rahu is very strong and effects like deceit, lying and communication disability can occur. Though placed auspiciously can give amazing and positive results to the native.

VENUS- passion for love and attraction towards the opposite sex is more likely to develop.

MARS– imbalanced love, financial losses, rudeness in nature, and confusion lead the native to the wrong path.

SATURN- anxiety, restrictions, delays,and tortures will be a part of the native’s life with the conjunction of Rahu with Saturn.

JUPITER– conjunction with Jupiter creates Guru Chandal dosha. The native can be drawn towards ego, selfishness, and aggression.

SUN– despair, sorrows, disheartenment,unnecessary struggles, and unusual troubles are a part of the sun’s conjunction with Rahu.

MOON- the person will be highly sensitive and emotional because of the conjunction of the moon with Rahu.

If the 6th, 8th, or 12thhouse or conjunction of the main planet of the house is afflicted by Rahu, then inauspicious results will be given. The person will be weak mentally and found disturbed when placed with malefic planets. Results are different as per the different horoscopes and hence to know the accurate outcome, one has to talk to the best astrologer.


Rahu influences a person by dominating their thoughts and forcing them to desire endless things which have no existence. Past life unfulfilled desires are also aroused by Rahu. It makes you realize that the world is the only truth. It is a never-ending circle and a person cannot come out of it until he/she is spiritually awakened. Rahu has such an influence that the person will either be too materialistic or too spiritual. It’s a bondage from which one cannot come out and also prefer to stay within.


Rahu can affect a person in both ways. The positive way and the negative way. If placed correctly, it will provide good wealth, healthy relations, a fast-growing career, and power. But vice versa if placed inauspiciously with other planets.

Malefic or negative effects of Rahu

When placed with unfavorable planets in the kundali of a native, the Rahu will give negative results. 

Marital life is likely to suffer and there won’t be a good relationship between the partners.

The native will think highly of himself and will not settle for anything less and hence will face financial hindrances.

Childbirth and education will also face problems.

The native will be over-sensitive and very emotional which will cause fear and anxiety, creating major health issues.

The native might suffer from several health issues like urinary and uterus ailments. Skin diseases, asthma,and stomach-related problems can also be there in the birth chart.

A negative Rahu gives fear and can cause suicidal tendencies.

Nightmares, evil spirits, unusual activities, and thoughts are scary effects of a malefic Rahu.

Positive effects of Rahu

Rahu is always seen as a scary and fearful planet. But this is not the whole truth! If placed strongly with favorable planets, it can give amazing opportunities to the natives to reach new heights in business and attain success and fame. If posited rightly, the native will be found attractive and good-looking. Apart from that, the native will have a good future in astrology, photography, the stock market, foreign languages, and gambling as well.


To pacify the evil effects of Rahu, one can follow these remedies. But the outcome may differ from others as it all depends on the position of the planets present with Rahu.

  • Feed black dogs on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Worship Goddess Durga
  • Apply sandalwood powder on your forehead
  • Rahu beej mantra is miraculous if chanted regularly.
  • Peacock feathers release the negative energy instantly.
  • Meditate often
  • Help people who are physically disabled or drug addicts.
  • Feeding the pigeons also helps to calm down Rahu.
  • Donate black sesame seeds to a temple on Saturdays.
  • To reduce the bad effects of Rahu, one should donate garlic, onion, and mustard oil.
  • Donating black blankets to the needy increases the good energy of Rahu.
  • Wear more blue-colored clothes.
  • Stay away from liquor and non-vegetarian food.
  • Give respect to Grandparents and fathers.
  • Wearing an8-faced rudraksha is also helpful.
  • Always return with something if anything free is given.


So, we know that Rahu has its positives and negatives. If anyone feels they are having hindrances and obstacles in their life, and it seems difficult to grow, problems are chasing you now and then, then it’s time to calm down the Rahu effects.  Rahu is just an illusion that feeds a native’s ego and drives him to the wrong path. But one should be strong-headed and save himself from such illusions and lead a happy and prosperous life by following the remedies.