Walking Barefoot in Grass- A Great way to please Saturn

Indian Astrology | 12-May-2021

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The lap of nature is what everyone longs for. Fresh gushes of wind at the face and listening to the chirping of the birds is a real bliss on the Earth. This early morning moments help to kick-start the day with a bang! 

Going for walks early in the morning and feeling the fresh grass while walking barefoot in light sun can actually take you to a trans!  So, head to a nearby park and remove your shoes and to walk barefoot on the grass while breathing the fresh air. 

Ever wonder why walking barefoot? Read this! 

Our daadis and naanis were so intelligent to advise us to walk barefoot on grass. If you follow this golden advice a great vision is promised. Even studies show that walking barefoot on grass has a healing power.

The essence of this advice finds its roots in naturopathy and astrology too to your surprise!!

Nature and its inherent properties are well known to heal the person. According to naturopathy, everything in this world is infused with some energy and when two forces that complement each other are combined, they tend to heal. 

Studies have shown that the health of people is on a downfall, the major reason being they have cut the cords with mother earth. It’s been researched that a reconnection with the electrons of the earth can bring physiological changes and well-being as well. Not just this, but when you walk barefoot, the principles of reflexology come into force which says that harder you press your soles, better is the functioning of your organs.


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Few spectacular health benefits of walking barefoot on grass: 


Treats insomnia


As per the studies, if one is sleep deprived, then instead of popping sleeping pills up, try taking stroll in the park. A stark difference will be noticed in the sleeping pattern in just few days of starting this practice. An early morning barefoot walk on the grass for around 30-minute will gradually treat insomnia completely.


Healing inflammation


Of course, a few minutes barefoot walk on the grass stimulates the functioning of our organs. This gives multi-fold benefits. One as mentioned is due to reflexology. Second, soaking in the sun promotes absorption of vitamin D with anti-inflammatory properties in the body field.


Improves mental well-being


Several studies have assured walking barefoot on the grass improves mental health of the people.


Good for heart


Walking regulates our body temperature to hormone secretion, and hormones play a dominant part in the proper functioning of different organs of our body. So now, if body works well, heart is bound to work well too.


Great for vision 


When we walk, our second and third toes feel the maximum pressure and these are the ones with the maximum nerve endings, which in turn improve the functioning of our eyes hence vision. 

It was what medical science talks of. Now let’s talk about another popular science i.e. the science of astrology. Astrology too shares a great connection with nature and many of its aspects are related to the elements of nature. 

Different planets of astrology are related to nature in form of trees, food, appearance and seasons. The planet that leaves maximum impact on one’s life during its transit and placement in the chart is Saturn. This is responsible, of course in combinations with its fellow planets, for timing all major events of the life. 

The planet Saturn, is the son of Lord Surya and wife Chhaya, it is a slow planet that moves very slowly and is enormous in size. It usually stays in an astrological house for two and a half years and thus has maximum impact. 

In adverse conditions, the planet is known to bring poverty, sorrow, misery, losses and obstacles in every part of life.

It strongly affects kundalis and can give both positive and negative influences according our past deeds. If it is present in 2nd, 7th, 3rd 10th and 11th house it is considered auspicious but inauspicious in 4th, 5th, and 8th house. 

Not only Saturn controls life, death, riches, domestic happiness, children but also legal cases, theft, illness of intestines, financial troubles etc. Thus, Saturn can make us king or can make us pauper depending upon its placement in the chart.

In case Saturn is benefic, a person is a gifted scholar with great command over the language. Favourable Saturn gives immense profits in the trade of machinery, leather, furnace, cement, wood, iron, transport, oil, astrology, rubber, etc. However, if it is malefic, the person has to struggle a lot in life. He may suffer from stomach ailments too. There are high chances of loosing wealth or imprisonment.


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Bad effects of Saturn: 

  • Obstacles and undue delays in work

  • Illiteracy

  • Poverty

  • Misery

  • Delay in Marriage or Problematic Married Life. 

  • Health issues 

  • Losses in business 

  • Arguments in relations. 

The bad dasha of Shani may last as long as seven-and-half-years called Sade-Saati. People often are left with no hopes during this period but interestingly this phase teaches the native important lessons to make them a better person.


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Remedies to cure ill effects of Shani 


Those who are going through a tough phase due to Shani Dosha must do these remedies to free themselves of the ill-effects of Shani Dev.

  1. Mantras come to the best rescue. Recite Shani mantra, 23,000 times to gain protection from the ill effects of Saturn. Reciting them in the evening for 108 times starting from the Saturday of ‘Shukla Paksha’ will do the trick.

  2. Hindu religion believes in ‘Havan’ for internal cleansing. Astrologers advise japa of mantra with the ‘Mahadasha Havan.’

  • Recitation of ‘Shani Stotra Path’ is very effective. Starting from the Saturday of ‘Shukla Paksha’ brings mental peace.
  •  Light a mustard oil lamp under a peepal tree every Saturday. 
  •  Recitation of ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ will yield good results.
  • Rudrabhishek, a form of Lord Shiva pooja can effectively heal the effect of Mahadasha. Even offering water on Shivling on Mondays and Saturdays will be helpful.
  • On Saturdays offer cow milk with sesame seed & water on shivling.
  • To gain favour of Saturn, people should see their shadow in mustard oil and donate it.
  • Abstinence from alcohol or non-veg during this period. Eating khichadi of black urad daal has a pacifying effect.
  •  Applying mustard oil on body and nails before sleep.
  • Wearing black coloured clothes on Saturdays

 Most of the remedies in astrology revolve around Saturn as pleasing and propitiating it brings major ups and downs in one’s life. However these have to be altered as per one’s needs so talk to an expert astrologer before following them blindly. Apart from other remedies as prescribed by astrologers after a careful analysis of one’s chart. A simple and sure shot remedy to please the planet Saturn is to walk barefoot on the grass.

As the planet Saturn is a planet with air element, the heightened influence of it can make one restless. Thus, a required balance can be attained by walking barefoot. By walking a certain distance on the grass, the restlessness as spewed by the overwhelming force of planet Saturn can be controlled.

The planet Saturn, however, is a great disciplinarian. By inundating misery, it prompts the native to work harder. Saturn governs bones, legs and feet in the human body. And thus, when you walk, the planet Saturn gets the impression that you are working harder for improving health, which could majorly please it. 

So, in a nutshell, walking on the grass barefoot is to help you during the Sade Sati and Dhaiya periods of your life, which are considered very difficult periods for any individual.  

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