Easy Vastu Shastra Tips to a Perfect Home

Indian Astrology | 17-May-2021

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Vastu Shastra Tips for Home: Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture of any building to enhance the positive energy. For a house to become a home which welcomes everyone with open arms, there should be a positive energy in it. Not all houses exude a good vibe from them. So many times when we go to a house we feel welcome and get a calming feeling just by sitting there. However some places give out negative vibes. 

This matters the most to the people who are dwelling in the house. For their happiness and positivity is greatly affected by the vastu of that house. Even if you are a believer or a non-believer in vastu, everyone wants good vibes from the place where they stay. The answer to that is if vastu for house is correct or not. 

Vastu shastra as a science is very ancient and is mentioned in our Vedic texts such as Ramayana and Mahabharata too. In Ramayana it was mentioned that goddess Sita was made to sit in a garden where there were heavy Ashoka trees in the north side. She was always upset and weepy in those days because if there are heavy items towards north and it gets blocked, it gives trouble to the ladies of the house. Also in the old days Indraprastha the center of the maha sabha had a water body which led to the war between Kauravas and Pandavas. Such is the power of a vastu dosh. 

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Vastu tips for Home –

If you have moved into a new house or planning to build a house or even just staying in your current house, you should consult a vastu shastra expert and do changes as per vastu. These small changes give very good results to enhance the happiness, peace and harmony of people staying in that house.

A few tips to incorporate in your house are –  

  1. Main entrance - according to vastu consultants, the main entrance is not just for people to enter and exit but also for the energies to come and go. The energies flow in and out from here. The favourable directions for a main door are north, north east or east. The door should be of a good quality and avoid using black around the entrance. Also avoid making a bathroom next to the entrance. 
  2. Living room - living room is the place where all members of the family interact with each other as well as with guests. It’s the first impression of your house to the outside people. The host should sit facing north or east. The room should be free of clutter. The living room should be in the north, east or north east direction. The heavy furniture should be placed in the south west direction. 
  3. Bedroom - the bedroom is where you spend a lot of your time. It’s your private time. Also it’s the place where you sleep and relax. The master bedroom should be in the south west direction. Not in the south east ever as that is the element of fire. The walls should have pastel colours as it soothes the mind. There should be no mirror right in front of the bed. 
  4. Kids room - the kids room should be in the south west direction of the home. The kids should sleep with their head towards the south or east for peace of mind. When they study their table should be in the north direction. 
  5. Kitchen - kitchen is where you prepare food for your family to give them good health as well as nutrition. It has a fire element so best to be placed in the fire direction. South east is a good direction for the kitchen. Never ever keep the kitchen in the north as it says that you are burning your own money. Keep the kitchen away from other bedrooms to avoid conflicts in energies. 
  6. Pooja room - this is where you connect with god and do meditation. The north east corner is best for pooja room. It should be free of clutter and not adjacent to the washrooms. 
  7. Toilet - the toilet should be in the west or north west directions. If the toilet is in the other direction then the effect is usually pretty bad and it brings bad luck to the family. 
  8. The jewellery or money box should be in the south west direction. It should not be cluttered in any way. 
  9. The rooms should not be circular in shape and should be strictly square or rectangular. 
  10. The overhead water tanker should be in the west or south west direction of the house. 
  11. The house should have proper ventilation and there should be ample sunlight reaching the house for positive vibration. It facilitates good flow of money. The house should not be dingy or dark.
  12. The house should be free of clutter overall. It’s not a very good idea according to vastu to keep very old stuff that you are not using. One should not hoard things and give away things that are not being used. 

Along with these tips you can re organise your current house or build a new house for harmony of all elements. Do consult a vastu shastra expert for a customised plan of your house. 


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