Financial report 2021 according to your zodiac sign

Indian Astrology | 03-Apr-2021

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2020 was a year full of unprecedented times which will be written in history. All of us who have gone through the year 2020 have some or the other story to tell. Financially it was one of the toughest year for most people living in the entire world. A lot of industries crashed and economies saw a downturn in their GDP’s. People have a lot of hope from the year 2021. One feels that things will get better this year and lot of industries will pick up. For decoding your finance report for 2021, you should talk to the best astrologer in Delhi.

Your financial position can be judged in an online Kundli by the following houses –  

  1. 2nd house - the dhan house and a part of the arth trikon is the most important house to check in a Kundli for checking the financial status of a native. If the house is strong free of malefic influence then the native will be financially well placed. 
  2. 11th house - is the house of gains. It is a part of the upchaya houses. When a malefic planet sits here, if gives motivation to do better in life and make oneself financially well placed. If the 2nd and 11th lord are inter connected then also the native is very good financially. 
  3. 6th house - is a part of the arth trikon. It is  also a upchaya house. So 6th house is a very important house for finance. Mukesh Ambani, the richest man of India has a lot of planets placed and associated with the 6th house. If any basic astrologer will see they will not realise the importance of the 6th house. If this house is powerful in any Kundli then they squash their competition and rise well against obstacles. 
  4. 10th house - is a part of the arth trikon as well as a upchaya house. A strong 10th house makes a person good in their profession and rise financially. 

Now this year 2021 will be good for some zodiac signs while bad for some financially. Let’s have a general look at each of the signs. Here we are considering the rising sign or the lagna in a Kundli. 

  1. Aries - 2021 will hold many challenges as well as opportunities for the Aries lagna. With Saturn in the 10th house, there will be a constant push to do some work out of the box. In April when Jupiter will move to your 11th house, there will be gains. After September there may be some problems but you will overcome them and better period financially from December onwards when Jupiter will be back in the 11th house. 
  2. Taurus - 2021 will be a good and a rewarding year for Taurus lagna overall as it’s yog karak Saturn will be in the 9th house in transit placement. Though one has to be cautious of earning a quick buck and using any shortcuts. One should think of long term goals and then invest. 
  3. Gemini - 2021 will be an ok year for you. You will not gain much but also not lose anything much. As the main planets will be transiting in the 8th house, it does bring some obstacles to start something. If you are looking for some change on profession or job, can do after April. 
  4. Cancer - 2021 will start with a bit of problems and obstacles but after sometime there will be a lot of opportunities coming your way which will give you satisfaction on the financial front. 
  5. Leo - 2021 has Rahu sitting in the tenth house for Leo lagna which is like a game of snakes a ladders. Sometimes it gives sudden gains and sometimes sudden loss. So one should be careful in this period and avoid any sort of investments or risk taking projects. 
  6. Virgo - 2021 is a good year for Virgo’s financially. They will get good opportunities at work which will prove to be fruitful. With Jupiter in the 5th house in the first half of the year aspecting 9th house (house of fortune), 11th house (house of gains) and the lagna which is you yourself, it brings in luck as well as gains. 
  7. Libra - 2021 will be a very good year for Libra lagna financially. With a combination of Jupiter and Saturn in the 4th house, they will buy a new property as well as car. They can accumulate their wealth and earn good comforts for themselves this year. 
  8. Scorpio - 2021 will b a year full of hard work for you. Your hard work will get success definitely and you will have some gains on the financial front. But be ready for hard work and courage and this year will give you good results. 
  9. Sagittarius - 2021 is going to be an exceptional year for Sagittarius lagna. The combination of Jupiter and Saturn in the second house which is the house of dhan will turn out to be very fruitful financially. They can expect good results at work in 2021. 
  10. Capricorn - 2021 will be a good year financially overall. When Jupiter will go to the second house in April it will be even better as Jupiter is the karak of wealth and its transit over second house will give good results for the Capricorn ascendant. 
  11. Aquarius - mostly Aquarius are known for their financial stability and their tact of taking care of finances. They usually are small spenders but the year 2021 will see lot of expenses as Saturn will be transiting over the 12th house. It can bring some work opportunities from out of the country  which can work out but overall one should be careful of unwanted expenses. 
  12. Pisces - 2021 will be a mixed bag for the Pisces ascendant. They are not very money minded but will have to look out for new opportunities to earn money. 

This is a general overview of all the zodiac signs. We also need to study the placement of planets in the Kundli got which you can talk to the best astrologer Dr. Arun Bansal and discuss all your financial issues and expectations.