Importance of horoscope matching

Indian Astrology | 12-Dec-2020

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Marriage is the beginning of a new life. It is considered a life-long commitment and starting of a new family. It requires a lot of hard work from both the parties and also gives you a beautiful feeling to share your life with someone special. In India marriage is very important. Whenever parents have children of marriageable age they just think about getting a good match all the time & get Horoscope matching done from the best astrologer in India.  

Be it love marriage or arranged by parents, Kundli milan is of utmost importance. Even in our Vedic texts Kundli milan is mentioned in all the marriages. Matchmakers mention the birth details in the bio-data of all the prospective matches as that becomes one of the key deciding factors for accepting or rejecting a match.  

 In case of love marriage where the boy & girl are hell bent on getting married, an expert love marriage astrologer can check all factors first. If the matching is good then of course there is no problem, however if the horoscope matching has less points, they can suggest some remedies too.  Best astrologer in India will see the charts of both and first do a gun matching that is the traditional method of Kundli milan. The total points that can be attained are 36. The minimum criteria to go ahead for a marriage are 18 out of 36 points.  

We all have at some point or the other heard about the 36 points of horoscope matching but it is very interesting to know what all is included in these points. To give you an idea about it, I will explain the parameters in simple language. It includes the following parameters –   

  1. Nature analysis (1 point) - in this horoscope matching aspect we check the nature compatibility of boy and girl by checking the cast of their moon sign.  
  2. Who will control whom (2 points) - in this kundli milan aspect we check who’s the dominating or controlling one among the two by analysing their moon sign.  
  3. Bhagya (destiny - 3 points) - it is very important that their destinies should match so they stay happy together forever. This is checked by analysing their moon nakshatra.  
  4. Sexual compatibility (4 points) - sex plays a major role in a marriage and it is important to check the sexual compatibility of a couple before they get married. This is checked by the yoni in which they belong.  
  5. Mutual understanding (5 points) - this is a very important aspect and lot of modern day astrologers give this a lot of importance as compared to the other aspects. If a couple has mutual understanding they can tide over any period in their life and stay thick together. This is taken out by friendship level of the moon sign lord.  
  6. Guna level (6 points) - in this horoscope matching aspect it shows more of a mentality of a person and it should match among a couple. There are three parts of this manushya, rakshas of devta.  
  7. Love (7 points) - love is the basis for any marriage as we all know. Even Kundli milan gives it a lot of importance as it’s assigned 7 points and is calculated by analysing the moon sign.  
  8. Health (8 points) - health of both should be fine after marriage. We check this by analysing moon rashi of both.  

Manglik dosh in Kundli  

Apart from these 36 points, the best astrologer in India will also check if the boy or girl has manglik dosh in Kundli. This is not very dangerous as a lot of people are manglik and can marry another manglik without blinking an eye lid but Mars in some houses in the Kundli can be quite serious and needs to be checked by the best astrologer in India. Only good astrologers can check that well and then give an advise whether marriage should take place or not and if any remedies can be applied. As there are lots of cancellations also of this dosh one must consult the best astrologer in India to know more about maglik dosh in one’s kundli Milan. 

 Now the best astrologer of India will not only check these basic points which are available in any software but will check the lagna of both the boy and girl. Their lagna lord should be mutual friends and not enemies to check their compatibility. Also the sun and moon of both should be checked in detail to know about their soul and mind. It should match well for a good marriage in future. Just basic horoscope matching cannot give you a good analysis. That any basic level astrologer can do.  

 An in depth analysis of a few houses that effect the marriage should be done so it is important to visit the best astrologer of India.  There are a few houses in all the kundli’s that affect a marriage.  

  1. First house – it is the karak of self. It tells a lot about one’s nature and personality. So it is very important to study the first house of both boy & girl to understand if they will get along with each other. 
  2. Second house – it is the karak of kutumb & vani. It will tell you how does a person speak & how s/he will be in their house. If both speak harshly then there can be lot of fights so a best astrologer in India will not suggest such a match.  
  3. Fourth house – it is the karak of comforts and domestic satisfaction. There should be a match of the domestic environment in both the charts for any marriage to be successful. 
  4. Seventh house – it is the karak for martial happiness. This house should not be afflicted for both parties so as to come to a conclusion that they will have a happy married life.  
  5. Eighth house – it is the karak of character & spouse wealth. It is rightly said that if wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost but is character is lost then everything is lost. Ideally one should have a good character to have a happy married life & also one can check spouse wealth to see a tandem for both the charts.  
  6. Twelfth house - this is the karak of expenses. Two spend thrifts cannot be happy together as a couple as there will be no money left for a rainy day. Usually in this case opposites attract.  

So a modern and best astrologer in India will take into account all these factors and then suggest whether to go ahead for a match or not. Kundli Milan is very important in today’s time also just that the method should not be just relying on the typical old systems of gun matching but also added on lagna chart matching that helps to do a deeper analysis of a person. Apart from this we should also check if both have happiness of a child as that is the utmost goal of any marriage and also the D-9 chart which gives further information about spouse.