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Indian Astrology | 10-May-2021

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We live in a world which is driven by constantly evolving cutting edge technological advancements and in order to excel especially in the professional sphere of our lives, it is imperative that we take the help of certain tools & technologies that are known to bring ease & efficiency in our endeavours.

When an Astrologer analyzes the Kundli or Horoscope of an individual, the ultimate purpose is to correctly decipher what the planets & stars are signifying for a particular aspect of that individual’s life.

One way of analyzing or even building the Horoscope/Kundli of an individual is by performing long & tedious mathematical calculations which are highly prone to human errors. Another way of doing all that is simply by taking the help of a Kundli or Horoscope Software that would perform error free astrological calculations and assist the Astrologer phenomenally in performing accurate astrological analysis. 

In the field of Astrology, it is extremely important to have a Kundli Software that would help an Astrologer to make quick, precise & accurate predictions. The efficiency and quite frankly, the reputation of an Astrologer depends upon the kind of Astrological Software that he/she uses professionally.

A professional astrological software can take an astrologer’s analysis about an individual’s life to a whole new level of accuracy & result in deriving highly useful timely predictions that could significantly help that individual to change the trajectory of his/her life for good.

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Which is the Best Astrological Software?

Indian Astrology offers an incredible series of softwares that is developed over the course of many years after putting in a lot of research. These softwares help an Astrologer significantly by bringing efficiency & accuracy in his/her analysis.

The series that caters to softwares for the Windows platform is called the LeoStar series and the one that is built for the Mobile or Android platform is called the LeoTouch series.

Both LeoStar and LeoTouch offer an amazing gamut of astrological features and come in versions that have a more streamlined & dedicated occult based approach.

Following are the types/versions of LeoTouch Softwares that are offered by Indian Astrology:

Salient features of LeoTouch:

  • It supports multiple systems of Astrology
  • It provides accurate Panchang for the next 10000 years
  • It offers Divisional Charts, Varshphal Charts etc.
  • It gives information about Transits and Muhurats
  • It covers Numerology, Lal Kitab and K.P. System
  • It is user friendly and provides accurate results
  • It offers the feature of Horoscope Matching as well
  • It helps in correctly identifying various Yogas & Doshas

In this fast moving technologically advanced world, an Astrologer needs all the tools that have the potential of enhancing the levels of accuracy & efficiency in the Kundli or Horoscope analysis that he/she performs. 

Therefore, we urge you to take the smart & prudent step of getting LeoTouch from Indian Astrology which is the Best Kundli Software for Mobile and become a successful Professional Astrologer known for providing accurate & life changing astrological predictions!