Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Mantras are considered to be divine rhymes composed by the ancient Indian saints in the divine language of Sanskrit. When recited properly they protect human from different malefic effects of other evil elements. Similarly mantra corresponding to a specific planet protects the person from the bad effects of that planet when recited properly.

Below are various Mantras corresponding to different planets

Mantras for Getting the blessings of Guru and self realisation

Mantras for Attaining mental, physical and spiritual progress

Mantras for Overcoming obstacles and attaining intelligence

Mantras for Getting power, courage and physical stamina

Mantras for Getting Siddhi in the field of trantra

Mantras for Power, protection and elimination of diseases, sorrow, enemies and poverty

Mantras for Enhancing beauty, wealth and knowledge

Mantras for Accumulation of wealth

Mantras for Intelligence, creativity, intuition and knowledge

Mantras for Any type of success

Mantras for Getting victory over enemies and to get complete success in one’s life

Mantras for The fulfilment of all types of wishes

Mantras to Get rid of enemies

Mantras for Power

Mantras for Getting male offspring

Mantras for Getting victory over enemies

Shiv Mantras for Getting longevity, salvation, peace of mind and moksha

Surya Mantras for eyesight, glow on face, longevity, financial prosperity, success and glory

Mantras for Vishnu

Mantras for Kamdev

Mantras for Putra Prapti

Mantras for Panchanguli

Mantras for Swapan Siddhi

Mantras for Swapan Matangi

Mantras for Sarwa Siddhi

Mantras for Putra Sampada Prapti

Sarva Roga Nashak Mantras

Mohan Mantras

Mantras for Intelligence and knowledge

Mantras for Getting Power to Know the past present and Future

Buddhist mantras