Mantras for enhancing Beauty, Wealth and Knowledge

Indian Astrology | 01-Jan-2014

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Lalitamahatripurasundari mantras

Srilalitamahatripursundari itself is renowned as Srividya, Rajarajeshvari, Bala, Panchdashi and Shodashi. She is the best form of Goddess Mahalaxmi.
By reciting her Mantra one becomes exceptionally attractive. It bestows lot of wealth, creativity and knowledge also. Recite it one lakh times for Mantra Siddhi. Mantra Siddhi makes one the centre of attraction.

1-"Om Lalita Devyai Namah"

2-"Om Tripursundaryai Namah"

3-"Om Aing Kling Hreeng Shreeng Tripursundaryai Namah"

This Mantra should not be recited without getting proper Guru Deeksha. This is most effective Mantra for awakening of Kundalini. It enhances beauty, wealth and knowledge.