Mantras for getting Power, Courage and Physical Stamina

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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"Om Hanumate Namah"

"Hang Pawan Nandnay Swaha"

"Hang Hanumate Rudratmakay Hung Phutt"
This is a very secret Mantra with unlimited power in it. It brings instant results. One becomes exceptionally powerful by chanting this Mantra. Lord Shiva had given this Mantra to Lord Krishna and He gave it to Arjuna. Arjuna had done the Siddhi of this manta. Recite this Mantra in an isolated and holy place. It should be recited at least 1 lakh times. Follow Bramhcharya during MantraSadhana.

"Om Namo Bhagwate Aanjneyaay Mahabalaay Swaha"
Recite this Mantra 21000 times to eradicate diseases, evil spirits and other types of disturbances in one's life.

Recite this Mantra 12000 times. It gives physical strength, stamina and power. All sorts of diseases, fear, evil eye, black magic, evil spirits, fear of weapon and sudden death etc. get eradicated with the impact of this Mantra.