Mantras For Vishnu

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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1- "Om Namo Narayanay"

This Mantra is most effective to live meaningful life and to acquire financial prosperity and materialistic success. This is auspicious for the happiness in family, unity, prosperity and company of saint. It gives all sorts of Siddhi and glory.

2-"Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaay"

For Mantra Siddhi it should be recited 12 lakh times. 
 This is an auspicious Mantra for enjoying all worldly comforts. It is specially useful for the welfare of women and to improve marital happiness.


1.Sri Matsya (Fish form- Ketu)

"Om Matsya Rupay Namah"

2. Sri Kurma (Tortoise form- Saturn)

"Om Koorm Rupay Namah"

3. Sri Varah Mantra (Boarform-Rahu)

"Om Namo Bhagwate Varah Rupay Bhur Bhuvah Swah Syatpate Bhupatitwam Dehyate Dadapay Swaha"

This Mantra is highly beneficial to get rid of death fear and to get victory in a battle. For Mantra Siddhi recite this Mantra 1 lakh 25000 times. By reciting this Mantra one gets rid of from the obstacles from enemies, thief and evil spirits.

4. Sri Narasimha (Man-lion form - Mars)

"Om Namo Bhagwate Narasinhaya"

This Mantra is very effective to protect one from evil eye, black magic, fear, enemies, diseases and sorrow. This is most effective to get victory over enemies.

5. Sri Vamana (Priest or Brahmin- Jupiter)

"Om Vaman Rupay Namah"

6. Sri Parashuram (Warrior priest- Venus)

"Om Parashuramaay Namah"

7. Sri Buddha (Student orm- Mercury)

"Om Gautambuddhaay Namah"

8. Sri Rama (Perfect Human form - Sun)

"Om Rang Ramay Namah"

This mantra is recited generally by the devotees of Lord Rama. It is good for the consolidation of devotion towards Lord Rama. It is auspicious for family life. It should be recited 6 lakh times for Mantra Siddhi.

9. Sri Krishna (Transcendental Human form-Moon)

"Om Kleeng Krishnaay Namah"

This Mantra is auspicious for the devotees of Lord Krishna. Recite it 6 lakh times for happiness in family life and getting devotion towards Lord Krishna.

10. Sri Kalkin (Divine protector - Ascendant)

"Om Kalkine Jay Jay Shaalgramnivasine Divysinghay Swayambhuve Purushay Namah Om"