How To Know If Your Horoscope Has A Government Job Yoga?

Indian Astrology | 10-Jan-2023

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It is no doubt to say that your horoscope can be the blueprint of your life, it can tell you about the major events and outcomes that you may face and endure. If you talk to astrologer, who has the right expertise and experience in this vedic astrology field, then you can know about precise and accurate hints for taking big decisions in life. And hence if you really wish to know about if you have a government job yoga in your kundali then career prediction astrology becomes utmost important.

However, if you wish ensure the accuracy in the career prediction in your horoscope, then you must have with you the exact birth details such as the time and place of the birth. If only this information is correct then you can expect the right prediction else not.


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Is there a Government Job Yoga in your Kundali?


To know the answer to this question, you must clear all your doubts and get the right prediction and answers through consulting the career horoscope. In this type of consultation, you get to know how planets can affect your life and can even influence the career choices and profession that you might undertake later in your life. There are specific houses and planets associated in astrology that tells about the area of profession in the destiny. 

  • The second house in the birth chart is said to be indicative of the wealth of the person.
  • The sixth house is said to be the house that tells about the service, career and jobs section in the kundali.
  • The ninth house is the representative of the fortune.
  • The tenth house in the horoscope is said to be the house of job and profession.
  • The eleventh house can predict about the wealth and income of the concerned person.


The Planets & Their Representation in The Astrology:


The Sun: While talking of government job yoga in a person’s destiny, one of the most supreme planet that comes in the career prediction in your horoscope is the sun. it tells about the type of job, whether a person can have a government job or only be doing the private job. It is also indicative of other aspects in life such as the politics, physician, position, authority, medicine and leadership qualities in a person.

The Mercury: The planet of mercury in vedic astrology is representative of communication, travel, media, journalism, accounting, railway and insurance.

The Saturn: The Saturn is believed to be one of the strong planets in the astrology. While you talk to astrologer, he/she always gives the right emphasis on the placement of the Saturn in your birth chart to know about certain big things and events in life. The planet of Saturn is representative of labor, mining, coal and service. 

The Jupiter: This planet is also very important and when placed in the right house at a strong position then it can bring in the fame, good luck, intelligence, knowledge, and sheer success.

The Venus: If one wishes to have luxury and pleasure in life, then this planet should come in direct consideration. It is indicative of creativity, design and arts, music, singing, and literature.

The Moon: While talking of moon, the astrological representation of this satellite is suggestive of travel, sailing, fishery, and marine related areas in life.

The Mars: if one wishes to be a good lawyer, surgeon or go in the defense segment of the society then he/she should have a good placement of mars in the birth chart. 


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The Planetary Positions That Make Government Job Yoga in the Horoscope Possible:


If we go by the career horoscope, the tenth house in the birth chart must be strong enough to get a government job. However, there are certain planetary placements and positions in the kundali that ensures that a person can have a public sector job in his/her destiny. Now let us get on to know when the government job yoga is formed in a horoscope:


The Government Job Yoga Formation & Combination:


  • When the lord of the 10th house is a strong one and is placed in the quadrant or trine. For an example, the House numbers such as the 1, 4, 7, 10 are commonly known as quadrants while the house numbers such as the 1, 5 and 9 are referred to as trines)
  • When the planet Lord of the 9th house is perfectly placed and positioned in the 10th house
  • When the Lords of the ninth and tenth houses are strong and are placed with interchange their signs.
  • When the 9th house and 10th house’s lords are positioned forming a conjunction. 
  • When the Lord of the 10th house is positioned in the 3rd, 6th and 11th astrology house in the career prediction in your horoscope.
  • When certain planets, such as the Mars, Jupiter, Moon, and sun, are under laying a positive impact on the tenth house.
  • If there is a placement of the planet Jupiter in the 4th house of the birth chart.
  • When the planet of Rahu is positioned in the 5th house and 10th house and along with the Lord planet of the 10th house. 
  • When there are powerful planets and strong planets which are perfectly placed in the 10th, 9th and 1st house of the birth chart.
  • As per career prediction astrology, If planets like moon, Venus and Jupiter are in the 5th house, then there is a strong chance that the native may get a good government job that may be related to contracts.
  • If in the birth chart, the Lord of the 12th house is perfectly placed in the 11th house, and in the 2nd house, quadrant or trine and the planet of Mars is positioned in the 6th house, 11th house or 3rd house, then there is a strong chance that the native may get the Govt. jobs related to the army or police. 
  • When the planet of Mercury has its strong position in the 6th house in the birth chart then you might get Govt. jobs that may be related to typing and short hand.


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