Astrology Tips for Clearing Debt and Loan

Indian Astrology | 10-Nov-2022

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Debts and borrowings make our lives terrible. Whatever we earn seems to get in the repayments of the loan in terms of installments. The person loses peace and passes sleepless nights. Is there anything that can be done to free from the burden of debt? Can astrology help in removing loans?

The answer is yes!

First, we want to notify you that astrology is a way of life, not superstition. Astrology is an ancient wisdom that translates the planetary language to make it simple to understand for ordinary folks. Every one of us should talk to an astrologer to understand what's written in our fate. There are certain yogas and doshas in the kundli that make our life happy or miserable. Not everyone takes a loan, and those who take have astrological "rina yoga" for that!


Always visit an astrologer before taking and giving a loan.

Do you know there are some yogas in the Janam kundli that will not let you pay off your debts no matter how hard you try? Similarly, there are yogas that will not let your money come back once you give it out as a loan. Thus, it is very important to visit the best astrologer to understand the position of debts in your kundli. Because when in a problem, we make hasty decisions that only make us feel guilty later.

Mars the most important planet for debts

Mars is the planet that is responsible for debts and borrowings in life. If Mars is related to the 6th and 11th house in the birth chart, there is a possibility that the person will take loans. The association of Mars with the 11th house puts the native under a huge burden of debt.

Mars is a warrior planet and doesn't let the person lose hope. So, the person keeps dragging the burden of debts throughout his life and hardly thinks of paying it off. He always worries but doesn't make needed efforts to repay that. So, whoever has a connection of Mars with the 6th house of debts should think twice before taking loans. 

Mars forms the rina yoga in the birth chart, making the person restless. In your free horoscope, if Rahu also shows its connections, then the person takes loans to maintain a lifestyle of showing off. The influence of both Mars and Rahu makes the native lose his sense of right and wrong. In this case, an astrologer may make you aware of what you are born with. In such a situation, the best astrologer suggests rectifying the planet Mars to get rid of the debts.

A negative yoga-like angaarak and guru chandala yoga creates obstacles in business or career and earnings. The scarcity of funds ultimately makes the person borrow or take loans. If the birth chart's 2nd, 10th, and 11th houses are under the influence of the malefic planets, the person borrows money. A malefic impact at the 6th and 12th houses also causes a person to take loans. 

The best decision will be to avoid loans if your birth chart doesn't allow so.  

Effective Remedies for Loan and Debt

As we said that Mars is the main planet responsible for loans and debts in a person's life, one should pacify Mars. Lord Hanuman removes the harmful effects of the planet Mars. So, one should worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays to get rid of debts and loans. One should recite Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan to get the deity's blessings. Refrain from consuming alcohol and nonvegetarian food on Tuesdays.

Mix an equal amount of black and white sesame seeds. Put a pinch of this mixture under a peepal tree every day. The ants will feed on it, and you will get rid of the debts.  

The Sun is the planet of name and fame for a person. The rising Sun means rising fortunes. One should offer arghya to the rising Sun to get rid of the debts. Debts bring ill fame, and by worshipping Lord Sun, we seek the blessings of Him. One should also read Aditya hriday strotam for better and quick results.

The best astrologer also suggests planting an Ashoka tree to escape the debt burden. One should water it daily.

Plant two banana trees at the temple and water them daily. One should not eat the fruits of the trees he planted and donate them to poor people. The debt problems will start reducing with the plant-bearing fruits.

Burn 5 cloves with camphor in desi ghee daily and put a tilak on your forehead while leaving home.

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Vastu tips for removing the burden of loans and debts

Keep your office, home, and surroundings clutter-free. 

If the borrower sleeps in the South West direction in the room, he soon comes out of the debt. 

Pay your loan installments on Tuesdays. Never lend your money on Tuesdays.

Keep a bowl full of sea salt in the corner of your bathroom. This helps to reduce the negative energies in the house. 

Place a mirror in your house in the North-East direction to attract prosperity. 

One should keep the valuables in the cupboard facing South-West direction to get rid of debts.

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Effective mantra for debts and loans

  • Recite Gayatri Mantra 108 times daily.
  • Recite Shri Suktam on Fridays.
  • Every Tuesday, you offer a plan, illaichi and laung to Lord Hanuman.
  • Offer laal masoor in shiva temple. 
  • Recite "Rinmochak Mangal Stotra" daily.