Which gemstone should I wear according to astrology? Know the benefits of gems!

Indian Astrology | 05-Jan-2023

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Astrology is an ancient science and its calculations can guide you with the best and worst in your life. As per astrology, each planet has its own significance and can cause you good and bad effects according to its placement in the birth chart of the concerned person. Therefore, at times there could be a situation when a planet is placed in an ill house and can give you some trouble in life. In these times, wearing a gemstone after a good detailed talk to astrologer can bring your good results and also can help in lessening the ill effects of the negative planet in your horoscope.

To fully enjoy the impact of gemstones in your life, you must consult a good astrologer who has the right expertise and experience in guiding you with the best suitable gemstone as per your kundli. If not suggested properly, gemstones can also have some ill effects, therefore, choosing the right one is utmost important.


The Astrological Significance & Benefits of Gemstones:


It is pretty obvious that each of the gemstone has got its specific benefits and at the same time it also depends on the planetary and starry positions and aspects in the horoscope.

Considering the vedic astrology, gemstones have a special role to play in wherein they can elevate a person’s luck and decrease the ill effects of a particular planet. For the same reason, gemstones are being used since a long time to liberate and remove the complexity and problems cussed by the planets in the horoscope and zodiac sign of a person. It is said and believed that people wearing these gems can get the right benefit and acceleration in every aspect of life by enduring the right progress in business, education, and health. Because of their tremendous benefits, it is no doubt that even some of the big industrialists, business person, celebrities and sports personalities are getting benefitted from these gemstones.

If we go by the vedic astrology, it is said that one should always wear the right natural and authentic gemstone to yield the maximum benefits that it is supposed to give.

Therefore, if you are planning or ever plan to wear a gem stone, make sure that you find the right one for you as per your horoscope. And also don’t forget to wear it in the right manner that is by following the right procedure of choosing the right day and time to do so.

If all this is done in right manner, it is undeniable that the right suitable gem stone is believed to bring good luck, fortune, health, wealth and also fulfill the dreams and aspirations of its wearer.


When to Wear a Gemstone?


If you are suffering through some struggling and miserable times in your life, then you must first of all consider getting an astrological consultation from a good and renowned astrologer. The talk with astrologer can guide you with the right gemstone and you can wear it as one of the simplest, easiest and quickest astrological remedy to get out of the tough times in life. However, it must also be noted that the suitability of a particular gemstone can vary from person to person and the horoscope placements of planets and stars. It is also true that while one gem stone can be extremely beneficial to one person, giving all the right benefits and at the same time it can have some major adverse and ill effects on another. So, choosing the right suitable gem stone is extremely crucial and beneficial.

Although there could be several factors which can help in determining that which gem stone is best suitable for which person and how. But one of the most common and simple method is to know by reading the birth chart of the person and also through the Zodiac sign. If you know your zodiac sign, you can also know which gem stone will be suitable for you.


How To Pick the Right Gemstone For You?


Now it is said many times, that a good astrologer can help you pick and choose the right gem stone for you as per your planetary conditions of stars and houses in the horoscope. If done in the right way, it can bring in the right amount of success, happiness, wealth, health and even fame in the desired area. But on the other side, if there is a slight error in selecting the gemstone it can also have some adverse effects. If there is an error in your horoscope reading and analysis and you wear the wrong gemstone, you can start to witness some bad events in your life. Therefore, proper horoscope reading, right calculation along with the right zodiac sign can help in determining and selecting the right gemstone for you. Also wearing it on the right day and time is also very important. The right procedure and method of wearing a gemstone should always be followed and never ignored. 

It should also be in your notice that you never combine two wrong gemstones to wear simultaneously as it can hamper your growth and success. You can consult an astrologer to know about what are the bad and wrong combination of gemstones that one should never wear at the same time.


The Wrong Combination Of Gemstones


Pearl with Emerald (Panna), Diamond, Neelam, Lehsunia, Vaidurya, and Hessonite (Gomed)

It is always suggested that if a person is wearing a pearl then it should never be combined with gem stones like emerald, diamond, hessonite and all of the ones listed above. As per the science of vedic astrology, pearl (moti) is suggested to be worn to lessen and decrease the ill effects of the moon in the kundli. And if someone has combined it with the wrong combination of gem stones such as the one listed above, it can bring in some mental stress and all the more obstacles in life.