Will You Find A Compatible Love Partner? Take Help of Astrology

Indian Astrology | 14-May-2022

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Whether you and your partner are soul mates or a recipe for disaster? What would be the status of your love relations? Is it possible to find a most compatible love partner with the help of Astrology? Yes, Astrology may answer all these queries!

A compatible loving partner is bliss and not everyone is lucky to get one. With the help of Astrology we can make out which zodiac sign is more compatible for our zodiac sign than the others.

However, we always look for the filtered version of Astrology when we take notes from the daily predictions as printed in newspapers or magazines. They are just general predictions which may or may not suit your daily events. For a true picture of your daily and future occurrences, one should get the full horoscope analysis done at the hands of the best astrologer.

In this article we will discuss what factors determine your love compatibility in Astrology and what should you do to find the most compatible love partner.

The Determinants of Love compatibility as per Astrology

Let’s understand the factors that determine your love compatibility with your partner. After reading these factors, you may easily determine the reasons for clashes or disagreements between you and your partner if any. Else, use them to find the most loving partner for you.

The elements of various zodiac signs:

In Astrology, there are 12 signs of the zodiac and every sign belongs to certain element. These elements give particular characteristics traits to the natives which ultimately build their respective personalities.

Fire Element- Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

 Earth Element- Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

 Air Element- Gemini, Aquarius, Libra

Water Element- Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Effects on a relationship: It has been observed that the people who have complementary elements within their sun signs enjoy general compatibility between them. For example- water- earth; water- water; fire- air; fire- fire; etc.  So, if your partner belongs to the sun sign holding an element that compliments element of your sun sign, then there is a possibility of blooming and loving relation between you both.

However, ascendants, the sun and moon signs, and lunar nodes should also be thoroughly analyzed.

Sun Sign: This is the sign where the Sun was placed in your kundali when you were born. Your date of birth tells your Sun sign conveniently. You generally come across with your sun sign while reading your “daily horoscope.” For example, if you are a Sagittarius that would mean that the Sun was transiting through the Sagittarius sign at the time of your birth. The sun signifies soul in astrology and thus your sun sign reflects your sense of self, your identity, and how you express yourself in public or when in a good mood. 

Effects on a relationship: The Sun sign compatibility of two people based on basic elements indicates basic affinity. In general, the signs belonging to the same category of element always share compatibility between them. For example, Cancer and Scorpio both bring a similar energy i.e. water. So, they both will possess the traits like sentiments, caring nature, fearful and loving etc.  But the story is not the same every time as sometimes even the opposite elements, say, a Scorpio and a Leo will also showcase tremendous passion due to the appealing differences in the signs. The indifference between the elements also adds a type of curiosity and excitement in the relationship. Especially for the younger lot but it is important to focus whether you wish to have a long term relations or just a temporary one loaded with greater excitement and passion.

Moon Sign: This is the zodiac sign where your natal Moon is placed.  Your Moon sign governs your emotions, mind, instinctive and inner traits. In astrology, Moon is a karaka of a mother, family, and your domestic environment. Your Moon sign depicts where you get solace and happiness in life.

Effects on a relationship: It is desirable to have compatibility between the Moon signs of the partners as well. While carrying free kundali matching through ashtkoota Milan, the Moon has been given dominance over all other planets. The marriage compatibility is checked based on the placements and positions of the Moon in both the charts of the boy and girl.  In analyzing love compatibility, Moon signs matter a lot as of your mindsets are more or less same, you tend to agree at the similar things. There is a better chemistry between the partners. The moon represents instinctive nature of an individual and his/her emotional needs. If looking for a long-term relationship, then the moon signs compatibility is desired. 

Lagna as Ascendant: Lagna or ascendant represents the zodiacal rising sign on the eastern horizon at the time of the birth of an individual. The ascendant represents your personality. It depicts your physical appearance and characteristic traits. What kind of human you are can be ascertained by the planetary influence on the ascendant. This is your general first impression others receive as they meet you. 

Effects on a relationship: This is your physical appearance and here compatibility in terms of elements is not necessary as it talks about the physical attraction. To maintain a loving relationship, physical compatibility and attraction is required as well. And, here the adage- Opposites attract holds true! Hence, someone with their ascendant as Virgo might feel attraction for Leo, and vice-versa. Ascendant falls just opposite to the marriage and partnership house, and thus influences the seventh house as well with its planetary influences. 

Lunar Nodes: lunar Nodes or Rahu and Ketu are shadowy planets means they don’t have physical presence in the sky but are very important mathematical, astronomical intersection points of the orbital paths of the Moon, Earth and Sun.

The nodes are always opposite to each other in the birth chart and function on an axis: The southern node i.e. ketu represents the accumulation of knowledge, accomplishments and habits. The northern node represents your expectations in life. Where you wish to move forward and what you desperately desire to have in life is represented by Rahu. 

Effects on a relationship: If the nodes of both the partners conjunct or overlap it shows both of you are here to accomplish something as a couple based on your past life karmic deeds. The north node demonstrates your aspirations in this life. The south node represents your past-life connections. Hence, these nodal points state that there is something karmic to be performed within this lifetime with that person. The nodes represent karmic bondage and one may explore it in depth by enrolling in the best astrology courses at Indian Astrology.  

In conclusion, it can be said that one should never dismiss a love relationship just by looking at their sun sign, moon sign, or ascendant as there could be other planets completing yours.

It's a deep science, and requires too much determination to come to accurate conclusions. Before drawing any conclusions about the compatibility in any love relations, the whole chart needs to be analyzed properly.