Life is incomplete without learning Vastu Shastra

Indian Astrology | 18-May-2022

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Vastu shastra is an ancient wisdom of balancing surrounding energies to attract positivity and prosperity through it.

It is widely accepted that the universe has everything in abundance and it is only through balancing our energies that we may attract the same abundance in life.

Our bodies are nothing but an amalgamation of various energies called pitta, vatta and kapha. If we strike a complete balance between these we are blessed with a healthy and energetic body. Similarly, there are 5 natural elements in our surroundings called Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether.

If any construction or structure has a perfect balance of these energies then that structure promises overall growth and prosperity to its dwellers. 

Vastu shastra should be learnt by everyone to ensure a prosperous environment at home. With the advancement of technology, it has become easier to register for Vastu courses in India.

Now, anyone who has interest in occult and Vastu can learn it from the convenience of their homes without going anywhere. Earlier, the astrologers and vastu consultants were met in person to get important information about life or problem areas of life.

But now, the services can be accessed through online portal without wasting time required for commuting from one place to another.

Vastu shastra has been a subject of deep interest to many people belonging to different age groups. It is a vast study involving in-depth understanding of directions, their elements and effects on our lives.

Vastu shastra works in combination of astrology effectively. And many Vastu consultant courses also impart important information about the planets and their effects on our lives as well.

This effective combination helps us to know valuable insights about our different future aspects of life. 


What is the benefit of Vastu Shastra in life?

Vastu shastra keeps too much importance in modern world when there have been constant space crunches and out of the box construction designs.

In the want of style we tend to forget the most important aspects of construction which lay stress on shapes and right location of different rooms.

Your home or office places not just affect the surrounding area but also all important aspects of your life. You may not know that some discrepancies in construction would be playing havoc in your health, career, education and married life.

Hence, it is very important to construct a vastu complacent structure to ensure overall growth in the lives of the dwellers.

You must have noticed several many times that an individual comes out of the problems in his/her life as soon as he changes his residence of office and vice-versa.

Why does this happen? It talks about the importance of the land and structure you are living in and the effects it may bring in your lives. People have conquered the state of serious illness merely by changing their residence.

At the same time, many people get back to their old residence after facing big problems in their lives at the new place. All this happen due to Vastu doshas.

It is very important to have knowledge about the vastu dosha present in our homes and one may learn it on his own by enrolling for vastu online courses.  


Vastu Shastra works best with Astrology

In astrology, the astrologers find the impact of various planetary placements on a native’s life. They tend to decode what the planets and their placements bringing to the native and try to extract meaningful information through that.

Astrology works amazingly to predict various events in a person’s life and seeking solutions to the life problems. Similarly, in Vastu shastra we talk about major directions and every direction has a ruling Lord.

These ruling Lords are the same as specified in astrology. So, when a person takes Vastu consultation, he gets the best answers to the problems in life because the learned consultant combines the effects of both sciences to chalk out the most effective remedial measures for the native.

But at the same time, the consultant must be an experienced and learned one to successfully combine the techniques of both the sciences.

Here, at Future Point, you will find the best astrologers and Vastu consultant to solve queries of your life with expertise spanning over 42+ years. 


Does Vastu Shastra complement Architecture?

 As per the traditional beliefs and principles of Vastu shastra, every structure has its specific type of energy. Now, this energy can be good or bad as well.

The residents of the house or workers in that office are influenced by that energy a lot. The energy may bring important changes in their lives working at their sub-conscious levels.

For example, it is said as per Vastu that a construction should not be trikona or in triangular shape because it results in disruption of positive energies to the dwellers resulting in failures and health troubles.

In the same way, the location and direction of different rooms also keep very important place in attracting prosperity to the dwellers.

The surroundings in which you spend most of your hours keep an essential place in your life. Architecture should always be in line with the Vastu principles to ensure positivity and hence fortune in the lives of the natives. 


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How does Vastu Shastra help in career?

A successful career is a prime most desire for most of us. Most of the troubles in life can be handled successfully with the help of a promising career and salary.

The mental satisfaction you derive from your career drives you towards making financial and emotional gains in life.

But can you believe that your career is largely dependent on your surroundings and your vastu complacent house. The appropriate direction of your room, bed, cupboards and even study stable may bring wonderful results to your life.

Vastu also ensures interest and focus in studies through a right combination of colors, directions and shapes. The wall of your rooms if painted in your favorable colours may bring you promotions and salary hikes!

Those unemployed may get their dream job by doing minor alterations in the aesthetics of their homes. Vastu may do miracles to promise a successful career to you.

Vastu helps to boost your morale and self-image high so that you achieve your goals with your best foot forward. If you act as per your planets and favorable directions, you are sure to receive due recognition of your determined efforts in life.

Vastu removes obstacles in your way to progress in your career and multiplies your confidence to brave heart every difficulty in life.


To sum up

Vastu Shastra infuses positive energy, fortune, sound health, success and prosperity in life with its techniques of   perfect layout and measurements etc.

A house or building complementing the five natural elements always brings prosperity to the natives. It helps to aid various aspects of life like education, career, health, love and married life etc.

Your all queries in life can be solved by applying most effective vastu techniques learnt at the best institute Future Point.