Lunar eclipse 2022 occurs with Buddha Purnima - Effects and Remedies

Indian Astrology | 11-May-2022

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The month of May started with a solar eclipse and now we will witness the occurrence of year 2022’s first Lunar Eclipse on May 16, 2022. The eclipses bring significant changes in our lives and this time the Lunar Eclipse in May is even more important as it coincides with the full moon or purnima in the vaishakh month of Hindu calendar. This is the day when the religious festival Buddh Purnima is also celebrated. So, this year the lunar eclipse will take place on Buddh Purnima which is a significant astrological phenomenon.

Lunar Eclipse 2022

The eclipse will take place in the Scorpio zodiac sign under vishakha nakshatra on Buddha Purnima on 16th May, 2022. Lord Buddha is considered the ninth avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu as per Hindu texts. This is a full lunar eclipse and is also known as the blood moon in some parts of the world. However, it will not be visible in India as it will take place during morning hours. 

Timing of Lunar eclipse 2022

Date - 16th May, 2022

Time- 8:59 A.M. -10:23 A.M.

Important Astrological yogas on Lunar eclipse 2022

As per Hindu Panchang, Lunar eclipse will take place under two auspicious yogas namely Variyan Yoga and Parigha Yoga. It is assumed that the occurrence of any event in the auspicious yogas brings auspicious results. Even if the event is inauspicious, its inauspiciousness is decreased due to the benefic effects of the shubh yoga.  

  • As per the astrological texts and Hindu scriptures, Variyan Yoga ensures success of any work or activity done under its duration. The doer gets success and prosperity through the work done under this yoga. 
  • The Parigha Yoga stands for victory and all kinds of actions aimed at conquering the enemy or any competition is sure to bring victory and success to the native. 

Will there be a Sutak kaal during the Lunar Eclipse?

Since there is no visibility of the Lunar eclipse in India, there will be no sutak kaal. The temples will remain opened and people may carry their daily austerities and religious activities as usual. Buddha Purnima will also be celebrated on this day and in absence of sutak kaal, people may carry their celebrations without any obstructions. People may keep fasts, perform donations and take holy dip in the river without any hurdles on the auspicious day of Buddha Purnima and Vaishakh Purnima.

Generally, the Sutak period for an eclipse begins 9 hours prior to the eclipse and ends with the eclipse. This is the reason that in some parts Lunar Eclipse is predicted for both 15 and 16 of May. The areas where the eclipse will be visible, the Sutak period will begin one day before and they will consider the night of 15 May as well for the purpose of Lunar eclipse. 

Where the Lunar eclipse will be visible?

The Lunar Eclipse will be visible in Southwestern Asia, Southwestern Europe, Africa, South and North America, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Antarctica and Atlantic.

Religious significance of Buddha Purnima 

According to Hindu beliefs, taking a holy dip in any holy river has been considered very auspicious on this day. Taking bath in a holy river on Buddha Purnima is known to remove sins of the person taking bath. It is said that that one should observe fast and worship Lord Vishnu after taking a holy dip. Donating food and other things to the poor people is also considered good on this day. These activities are known to bring relief from all troubles and miseries in life. 

Observing fasts and performing donation son Buddha Purnima removes danger of untimely or premature death of the native as it is known to please Yamraj- the diety of death. It is advised to donate articles of the Moon like milk, rice, cows, sugar, curd, sesame seeds and kheer etc. on the full moon day.

Some precautions as Buddha Purnima and eclipse coincides

  • It is advisable to mix little gangajal in your normal bathing water on this day to avoid any harmful effects of the Lunar eclipse.
  • Make donations of the planet Moon which have been mentioned already.
  • Observe fast and read Vishnu sahasrnaam to get benefits of the full moon day and Buddha purnima together.

Mundane effects of the Lunar Eclipse

The global impact of the lunar eclipse includes-

  • Most of the nations will review their policies and may give a fresh start to their existing policies.
  • There would be change in weather across the nation. 
  • Immunity may dip down and there would be surge in infections among people. 
  • Several people will try to improve their disturbed relations so as countries. It is because the eclipse will take place in Scorpio which induces deep understanding of the things.
  • Alternatively, some countries will also adopt aggressive measures to spread violence all around. 
  • Increased incidents of crime and accidents can be witnessed. 
  • Fights at the border may happen. 
  • Financial policies and budgets need to be revised at a larger scale. 
  • Distrust of public in their respective governments will follow due to increased inflation rates.
  • Throat and mouth related diseases may spread across the country.
  • Disharmony in relations at a larger scale will also happen.
  • Hidden and secretive activities will increase. 
  • Detective agencies may find some valuable information to safeguard the country.


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Effects on those born under vishaka nakshatra

The Lunar Eclipse will take place in the Scorpio under vishakha nakshatra. Hence, the major impact will be seen on the natives born under vishakha nakshatra. The eclipse brings negative results but since it is occurring in shubh yogas, some relief is expected. To remove any troubles occurred due to the eclipse, the natives are advised to follow these prescribed astrological remedies. These may help to nullify the inauspicious results of the eclipse or at least bring them to the minimum possible levels. The preventive measures are:

  • It is advisable to read beej mantras of the planet Moon and Jupiter to safeguard them against evil effects of the eclipse. 
  • Moon- “Om Chandra Chandrmase namah” 
  • Jupiter- “Om Bram Brahaspatye Namah” 
  • You may wear banana root at your arm or wrist.
  • Donate white and yellow articles on this day like food and clothes to remove bad effects of the eclipse. Chana daal, turmeric, yellow sweets and bananas can be donated.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa and Hanumaashtak strota for beneficial results.

Precautions to be taken in eclipse

  • One should recite prayers of Lord Vishnu to commemorate Buddha purnima and it is advisable to chant Lord’s name till the eclipse ends. One should refrain from touching the idol or other religious scriptures during the eclipse.
  • It is advisable to make donations to avoid any kind of bad effects. Donations have a special significance in the duration of the eclipse and everyone should donate something as per devotion to ward off evil effects.
  • Eclipses are meant for spiritual and religious activities as we all pray for our well being while the Moon loses all its strength and luster in the sky. 
  • Recite the Mantra “ क्षीरपुत्राय विद्महे अमृत तत्वाय धीमहि तन्नो चन्द्रः प्रचोदयात्
  • We should just sit and chant or meditate while taking a break from all other materialistic activities. Also, sleeping, going out, eating, watching movies, cutting hair and nails, sexual activities etc. should strictly be avoided during this time. We should aim at reading scriptures and religious books during this time.
  • Other cleansing activities like brushing your teeth, combing your hair, and going to washroom should also be avoided.
  • Do not start any auspicious or new work during this period.
  • Chant shri Krishna name as he has been considered the deity of the planet Moon. You may also perform fire sacrifice to propitiate the planet Moon during this time.
  • Keep tulsi leaves in the eatables kept in your kitchen and refrigerator to avoid any harmful effects of the sutak kaal on your eatables. It is assumed that the water present in the food articles soak up the prevailing negative energy of the lunar eclipse.
  • After the eclipse, the lady of the house should sprinkle holy Ganges water throughout the house.
  • Pregnant women should draw a turmeric swastika on their stomach to protect their womb from the ill effects of the eclipse. They should also should not take rest or use sharp and pointed objects during the eclipse.

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