Why Ketu is an Important Planet?

Indian Astrology | 15-Nov-2022

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In Vedic astrology, the shadow planet Ketu is the Southern node on the Moon’s axis. According to Matsya Puran, Ketu has a flag-shaped body that belongs to Dhrum Varna and is from Gemini gotra. Exalted in Pisces and devitalizing in Gemini, Ketu’s is strong with Sagittarius, Pisces, and Taurus signs. Ketu being a malefic planet, can bring good results to natives if placed in seventh place. 

Ketu is shown with a gem or star on his head influencing a mysterious and cosmic light Being a mysterious planet, it influences humans extremely and watches for the karmic cycles of them. The best magicians, healers, astrologers, exorcists, and architects are the natives of benefic Ketu. Although, the psychopaths, serial killers, thieves, and animal hunters are natives with a negative Ketu. 

Ketu is not considered an auspicious planet but because of its strength and giving nature, it holds its significance. Ketu leans towards the temporary belongings and is very sordid in nature. It might be of inflexible or adamant but when in an auspicious transit, it gives superb results to the native. Even better than the more generous planets. It is also seen as a distressing form of Orion which makes it a figurative sign of misery. While Rahu believes in giving materialistic pleasures, Ketu detaches the native from all these so that they can look above all and follow the path of spirituality.


It is believed that, at the time of Samudra Manthan, lord Vishnu tricked the demons into distributing the nectar. He served all of it to the Gods and demons were given poison. Swarbhanu noticed this and sat in the row of Gods and got a few drops of nectar. Moon and sun saw this and told lord Vishnu who cut the head of the demon but by then he was eternalized. From then, the head of the demon is called ‘Rahu’ and the body is called ‘Ketu’. The body (Ketu) didn’t know where to follow as it has no head so it followed spirituality. This planet detaches the native from materialistic gains and luxury.

Originally, Rahu and Ketu are demons and it is believed that they swallow the sun which is the reason for solar and lunar eclipses. As both Rahu and Ketu are incomplete without each other, they are always lacking satisfaction and fulfillment. 


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Ketu can make masters. Artists, astrologers, magicians, and people with psychic abilities are the natives of Ketu. And when Ketu’s Mahadasha occurs, natives will have to experience losses and failures. Here, the Ketu mantra will be very helpful. health, wealth, and prosperity can be achieved if one chants the Ketu mantra regularly. More dedication, more effect!

The Ketu mantra is so powerful that it can completely change a native’s perspective about themselves. The native will attain spiritual knowledge and gain better in the fields of mystical sciences and tantra vidya.

To achieve the full benefits, the Ketu mantra should be chanted 108 times. If done regularly, for a good time period, you will be protected against evil spirits and win over your enemies. The adverse effects of any bad influence will be low.

Ketu mantras will give you sudden results along with awareness and liberty about life and perception. It makes you more sensitive and understanding to be a more genuine person.


To achieve the benefits and wave off the negatives from your life, the Ketu mantra should be chanted appropriately.

  • For accurate 108 times chanting, use a Jaap mala to ensure you are doing it a correct number of times.
  • For enhancing the results, recite the manta 18,000 times with a pooja with flowers and sandalwood prior. Ask or talk to astrologer for correct pooja methods and rituals.
  • Begin mantra chanting within the ascending moon cycle that starts on Tuesday.
  • Chanting the Ketu mantra in front of the Maha-Mrityunjaya yantra will give faster results.

Here are some Ketu mantras to receive all goods in life. to impress lord Ketu, one must chant the following mantras for worshipping.



This mantra heals the mind and relieves stress bringing peace to life. it helps educate the chanter about the right path to follow.




It’s a mantra that protects. Whatever you face in life, this will make you courageous and confident to fight back. Lord Ketu is considered a plash flower and a shining star that guides you towards an improved life. worship this mantra and lord Ketu will surely open the doors for a great life.





This one is a defense mantra that helps you with the logical reasoning of your brain. It will make you wiser and will make you take the wiser decision in life.



The Ketu beej mantra connects your soul with the heavenly energies. This mantra solves almost all the problems from one’s life and also makes sure it doesn’t find a way into your life ever again.

Ketu mantras can solve all the problems in one’s life and enlighten them on the right and wiser path. Though the most effective career predictions are given by experts in astrology only.


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Ketu is forbidding and is considered to be the influencer of knowledge, intelligence, inaudibility, and other intellectual abilities. If a married person misbehaves with their kids and family and has several fights in the house, then Ketu gets disturbed. Ketu is happy with a peaceful house. There should not be any Vastu defect in the North-West direction else the Ketu will get spoiled. A bad Ketu gives hair fall as well.

ketu also indicates wisdom and if Ketu is happy, it brings prosperity and wealth to the native family. It also removes the effects of poison. It is considered as a fire planet and gives fiery results in most cases. It’s a tough planet to please with remedies and predictions.

Ketu usually represents orphans, mentally sick people, handicaps, dogs, spiritual evolution, psychic abilities, detachment, fears, corruption, loss, diseases, and illness. Weak Ketu in a birth chart gives issues like weakness, diseases, weak mental health, poor digestion, and psychic insight.

A strong Ketu on the other hand gives good results with energy and spiritual growth. But if it’s very strong, then the native might be aggressive, impulsive, violent, and overconfident. The problems of high blood pressure, insomnia, ulcers, and acidity will be major issues.

A malefic and strong Ketu gives phobias, depression, bipolar disorder, black magic, and hallucinations that affect the native’s mental health severely. They will witness incidents that others will not believe or understand. Hence the cure is impossible at times. Their physical and mental disorders are hard to diagnose.

When malefic in the horoscope, Ketu may form Kaal Sarp Yog, Guru Chandal Yoga, Grahan Yoga, and Pitra Dosh.


Politicians, ministers, administrative officers, revenue officers, police officers, army officers, naval officers, air force officers, doctors, engineers, scientists, analysts, explorers, researchers, IT professionals, lawyers, physicians, surgeons, psychiatrists, therapists, consultants, advisors, astrologers, tantrics, psychics, healers, priests, religious heads, spiritual gurus, spiritual heads, preachers, teachers, chemists, pharmacists, investigators, detectives, spies, historians, archaeologists, geologists, travel agents, airline industry, hotel industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry; manufacturers of arms and defense equipment, hearing-aids, dog foods; and several other professionals all come under the influence of strong Ketu in the birth chart. All the above-mentioned careers are indicators of a strong Ketu.


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Ketu in the 10th house shows spirituality and communal esteem. Ketu does not believe in showing off and will not give good results even with extreme dedication. Ketu only focuses on pure intentions and if someone is working only for money and with the wrong intentions of hurting others, one has to face the evil effects of Ketu. But if the heart and will are pure then Ketu will let you achieve everything you deserve.

Ketu also gives results like Mars, which signifies real estate, taxation, anger, and spirited talks. Ketu also rules the Scorpio sign that signifies mysteries and secreted knowledge. And to fully understand the results, one must have to check on the associated planets and houses. Ketu’s function is to help without expectations.

If the 10th and 12th houses are linked in any way, and the native has no foreign connections or settlement then there will be a lot of career changes.


In the house in which Ketu is placed in the Kundli, any person gives the result to the person according to the owner of that house. Also, the effect of Ketu in the birth chart of a person depends on the concurrence and characteristics of the other seven planets which are, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury. If you also want to know more about the planet Ketu, talk to an astrologer who is experienced and has expertise in his field.


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