Top 5 Zodiac Signs With the Best Body Language

Indian Astrology | 13-Sep-2022

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Action speaks louder than words! We all have heard and experienced it sometimes in our life for sure. Here, we are talking about top 5 zodiac signs with the best body language. We all communicate through our voice but there are times when we convey our message even without speaking a work. This is called speaking through your body language. The postures and gestures of the body speak a lot even without you opening your mouth. The movement of our hands, eyes, facial expressions and even color of the face say what we are feeling inside. Communication is necessitated to keep continuing love and care in a relation. It is the way of expressing our emotions whether love or hatred, warmth or anger or just anything.

Now, in Astrology, the best astrologer suggests certain zodiac signs that talk through their body and mostly prefer to do so. They are born with such strong bodily expressions that they can’t help but to be impressively expressive through their bodies. There are different branches of knowledge reading and analyzing body language of a person. Here, in this write up we will come to know about the zodiac signs who talk through their body rather than words- 


Known as the most powerful and enthusiastic sign of the zodiac, Aries tell its tale through using body language. The moment you look at them, you just can’t take your eyes off their brilliantly expressive eyes. They are too energetic and impatient to hold any of their emotions and just pour them out with their uncontrollable hand movements. Even you may know personal style of communication through talk to astrologer and get even more impressive in your communication skills.   

They don’t usually communicate much and when they do, it may be more of an argument kind of communication. They just can’t fabricate things and pretend to be nice. They are what they are and never fake. This gives a freedom to mind as well as body to be at ease. There is a great combination of mind and body into their communications. Observe the body language next time you meet an Aries person!


The cool headed and relaxed zodiac sign Taurus also speak a lot through their body than words. You ask something from them and they will nod their heads in answer. They seem too relaxed to occupy their minds into communications. However, it falls in the second house in the natural horoscope, which is a house of speech. This placement makes them effective talkers but they speak as and when required. Most of the time their body gestures help you understand what exactly they wish to say.

They express their emotions brilliantly and have that air of pride as well. Their face expressions can be read easily to understand what’s going inside. One can make out their likings or disliking through the body expressions. They like to be decked up and show it off as well. This is the reason they push their bodies forward into communication as they have a habit of showing off. 

They are very smooth in communication when put at ease and most of the times just express their will using body language.


When we talk about the most influential signs of the zodiac, Leo takes the lead. The royal Leo natives just wish to be centre of attraction wherever they go. It doesn’t matter for them whether the topic interests them or not but they just can’t take the back seat. Their communication style also involves a lot of use of body language especially hands. They are full of energy and enthusiasm and just can’t hold their horses!

Every body part seems to be engaged in their communication. Be it their eyes, hands, loud laugh or deep voice. They are the king and can’t leave others without impressing them. Talk to astrologer to know how straight forward they are. They just don’t mind saying things at the face of the person.  

Their great sense of humor is expressed in loud laugh which tends to involve everyone around. This helps them get into the limelight in any social gathering. They are extremely confident and say it all through their smile, eyes and radiant face. They are born leaders and like a great leader they make every effort of engage and impress people with their highly impressive personality and body gestures.


Termed as the secretive sign of the zodiac, the natives belonging to Scorpio zodiac have that mysterious, sexual and secretive appeal in their personality. They tend to speak less and observe more. If you happen to meet a Scorpio native, you will notice that person often blinking his/her eyes. They listen to everything carefully and have very deep understanding of everything around. They blink their eyes often, give serious and mysterious looks and constantly change their facial expressions. 

You can notice their eye-brows going up and down with the flow of communication. They tend to get deeper into the person talking to them and in a way extract all relevant information with their mysterious talks and expressions. You can’t miss their playful eyes which just get the other person by their side. They may not share their secrets with you but you can’t help but pour your heart out for their trust building factor.

They are flirty at times and use their body language to express this will. They can make the other person understand when they are actually interested in a person and when not. With their best facial expressions, you can’t miss any of their inner thoughts. The facial expressions say it loud whether they find something pleasing or awful. They can maintain excellent eye contact.


Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the wisest planet of the astrological cabinet. The people born under Pisces have inherent qualities of nobleness and genuine behavior. It gives a natural tendency to explore and know more. The Pisceans know no boundaries and open their heart when communicating with the other person. They also come under the energetic folks of the zodiac signs and use their energy into their communication. They are too confident to maintain an uninterrupted eye contact with the person they are talking to.

They have innate warmth that makes the other person feel at ease when talking to them. They use their facial expressions to express their liking and disliking. They communicate with smile with piercing eyes that go deep beyond someone’s heart. There are very less people who can manage to stand their ultimate charisma. They have an excellent balance and coordination in their words and hand movement which further add to their finesse. They give ample space to their mind to think and react. They are the most genuine folks and people generally fall for their irresistible personality.

To sum up

There are people who impress others with their communication while there are some who can’t dare to talk. This all happens due to the birth of a native under a certain zodiac sign and planetary placements. But that doesn’t mean that everyone belonging to a specific zodiac sign will be an effective speaker, the planetary placements in the birth chart matters a lot. It is highly admired for someone to have good communication skills as this is the way through which one can impress others and take a lead in life.