Become Rich and Wealthy with Astrological Remedies

Indian Astrology | 12-Nov-2022

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Money is something we can't expect our comfortable existence without it. We all need money to meet several needs in life. Our primary concern is earning enough to promise our loved ones a comfortable and secure life. But financial troubles and scarcity of funds make it difficult to realize. 

There are some effective remedies for financial problems in astrology that help to strengthen your financial status. One needs to appease Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi to gain wealth and money. Both these deities are the deities of wealth and prosperity.   

People with abundant riches have dhan/wealth yoga in their kundli or birth chart. The dhan yoga helps to amass wealth with the help of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber. If you wish to multiply wealth, follow these simple remedies and effectively remove your financial troubles. 

Money helps to enjoy a comfortable life and gain recognition in society. With increasing desires and needs, one needs to work continuously to become financially comfortable. Grow your finances with the help of astrology. Talk to an astrologer to understand the dhan yoga and other auspicious yoga in your birth chart. An astrologer may also tell you at what age you will become rich or earn desired wealth. 

However, one should work hard to earn the desired amount of money. Just having dhan yoga wouldn't help if you don't make the desired efforts. Hard work and destiny take you to the desired levels of success and prosperity in life. Even in your birth chart, the ninth House of destiny is just opposite to the 3rd House of courage and hard work. So, a person has to work hard to gain the support of luck!

The 2nd House and your money

The second House in the birth chart is called the dhan bhava in Vedic astrology. It is the House that represents your income and finances. One can see all the resources to earn money and assets through this House. You may earn great wealth if the 2nd House is strong in your online kundli. A strong house ensures no scarcity of funds and financial resources. The placement of the lord of the second House and its karaka, Jupiter, is also important. If both these are placed well in the chart, the person earns desired levels of wealth and income. Any affliction to the second House indicates problems in a person's financial status. 

Importance of the 11th House in financial matters

The 11th House in the birth chart is the House of the fulfillment of desires and gains. The House indicates whether your desires will be fulfilled or not. A strong 11th house represents the availability of many financial resources. It ensures all kinds of benefits including financial and spiritual. A successful business man and a famous saint both have a strong 11th house. The 11th House helps to determine whether your wishes in life will be fulfilled. Now, these desires may be worldly or spiritual. The association of the labia bhava (11th house) with the dhan bhava (2nd house) creates dhan yoga in the kundli. 

A strong 11th house is necessary to maintain wealth and attract prosperity. This is the strongest upachaya House in astrology, and almost every planet does excellent here. In the 11th House, the presence of the malefic planets is desirable.

The joint influence of the 2nd and 11th House on your wealth

If you wish to know how much wealth is in your destiny, visit an astrologer. After analyzing the positions of the 2nd and the 11th House in the birth chart, the astrologer can indicate the quantum of wealth in your life. Your financial status and obstacles you might face in earning money can also be determined. Once you know the hindrances in the way of earning wealth, you can take remedial measures to overcome them. Various resources through which you can earn money are also indicated. Some people don't work hard but earn through inheritance or lottery, and these sudden resources are hidden in your birth chart, which can be revealed with the help of an astrologer.

If the 2nd and 11th houses are not strong in your birth chart, you may face problems earning wealth. In that case, follow these effective remedies to solve the problem of your finances-

Astrology Remedies to Improve Your Finances

  • Respect females as they symbolize Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi doesn't stay in a house where females are not given their due respect.
  • The main motto is to appease Goddess Lakshmi. So, one should recite Shree Suktam Path daily to get her blessings. On Fridays, one may also observe a fast to improve wealth and finances. 
  • Improve your karma to improve your finances. If you do evil deeds or earn through illicit means, sooner or later, that will go away, leaving you behind in miseries. Always earn through your hard work and apply moral means of earning.
  • Be kind and help those in need. One should make regular donations to needy and poor people. Performing charities would help to remove doshas in your kundli. 
  • Saturn is the karmkaraka, i.e., the planet of karmas in astrology. Saturn becomes happy if you help poor and needy people. Saturn blesses the natives with the fruits of his hard work, which may miraculously take you from rags to riches.
  • Install a Kuber yantra in your house ad recite the Kuber mantra in front of it daily. Worshipping Kuber Yantra will help you gain desired worldly pleasures and happiness. 
  • Light ghee-filled lamp near the Tulsi plant daily. This practice helps in giving health, wealth, prosperity, and luck.
  • Recite Vishnu Sahastranam on Thursdays as it helps to strengthen Jupiter, the karaka of wealth. 
  • Don't keep any broken or useless vessels at home. These broken items attract financial obstacles and challenges in life. 
  • Keep your house clutter free to attract good vibes into the House. 
  • Chant the beej mantra of Goddess Lakshmi on Fridays.