When is the favourable period for property investment by me?

Future Point | 16-Oct-2018

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Favourable Period for Property Investment: To own a dream property is one’s desire in everyone’s life. But how lucky are you to own one? Moreover, in the present age of highly moving population, no one knows if one would own a property in the place of city of residence or outside? But all this can be answered with the help of an Astrology Horoscope Predictions for property.


  • All the correspondence and availment of the report can be done online.
  • A complete computerised report is generated.
  • Detailed analysis of the horoscope, D1 (natal Chart), Hora Chart (Financial horoscope) and 2nd house/bhava analysis for income and wealth.
  • Detailed analysis of 4th house/bhava (property) and 12th house/ (loan if can be availed).
  • Direction of the property prospects in horoscope. This would also include land astrology analysis.
  • Land Astrology analysis will suggest if the native would enjoy a Dosha free land or Bhoomi while purchasing the property.

How different is this from others?

Usually it has been seen when one would talk of property, the science of Vaastu is the only answer that comes to the native’s mind. No doubt, Vaastu is a science that studies geometric measurement, layouts, size and shapes of the place of residence. In fact, the study mentioned above is the reason for good prosperity to a native’s life. A person can only lead a happy life if the Vaastu of the place of residence is scientifically designed.

But this alone is not enough. It is her the services of Indian Astrology that answer many queries of the native. In fact, we at Indian Astrology are a team of expert and learnt astrologers. We have been providing astrology services for the past 3 decades. To know more reads can reach out to our Website www.indianastrology.com or write to us at [email protected].

How will this report help the seeker?

Now, when a native talks of a property, there are many types of property which comes to a native’s mind. Usually it is referred in the form of residential property. However, with the advent of better income prospects to a native, one can even invest in the properties of commercial interest. Therefore, mere the support of Vaastu Shashtra would not help the native.

In this case, the native would need the support Astro-Vaastu Shastra knowledge. Here, the native should not only seek guidance form a Vaastu Shastra expert but also from someone who knows astrology too.

Since, the science of astrology would provide the subtle details such as: What type of property should one invest in? Will this be in Residential or commercial property? Should one avail loan to purchase this property or can one deal in bank to bank transaction? Also, will the property require singe or joint ownership. If Joint who should hold major stake.

Thus, a whole host of queries should be analysed first and then a conclusion is drawn from there on. However, it also happens that a native may not seek astrological answers but would straight way consult a Vaastu Shastra expert and then invest in a property.

Later, the native may find that the same property is not providing the required returns. Sometimes even worst, the same property may lead to even losses. Even though the property is Vaastu Perfect. It is here the knowledge and experience of a learnt and expert astrologer comes handy.

Therefore, the team at Indian Astrology are not just Vaastu Experts but also well versed in the field of astrology. Many a time, out team have extended great support to the seeker with correct guidance and thus saved them from gross mistakes.

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