Role of First House in Health & Wellbeing – Vedic Astrology Principles

Future Point | 15-Oct-2018

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In Vedic astrology, the importance, the nine planets and twelve zodiac signs are well documented in various texts of astrology. Especially when one would talk about Ascendant or the First House in a horoscope. Since the first house represents the individual self, their overall physical structure, personality, complexion and more importantly, the health of the native. Health is nothing less than money. One gets to know its true value only when one would lose it. Therefore, one can earn great wealth with good health but not the other way around. There are several astrological aspects that govern our health, wealth and longevity. Hence when a detailed horoscope reading is carried out, one would check the ascendant of the same in great detailed.

First house in health and wellbeing:

When the first, house is checked in any horoscope, it would state the ability of that individual. Since, the first house is the starting point in a horoscope, any affliction to the same, can lead to a poor start. This is very important when one would talk of the health of a person.

Accordingly, when health horoscope or health astrology is consulted to any learnt and expert astrologer, the ascendant, the lord of ascendant and the placement of the lord of the ascendant, will always check the position of the same, in lieu with the 6th house (disease), 8th house (experience near to death) and the 12th house (death).

If the first house is strong in comparison to these houses, then the native is sure to remain fit and fine. However, if the first house is weak and the rest of the above-mentioned houses are strong, then the native would suffer from its after math. There horoscope prediction of any individual starts with the importance attached to the first house or the lagna of any birth chart.

Again, if the first house has good placements of benafic plants such as Ascendant lord, Venus, Jupiter, Moon and Mercury, then one can say that the native is blessed. But if the contrary is true that there is poor placement of Malefic planets such as Satun, Rahu and Ketu, then too the foundation of the horoscope is weakened. In such a situation, the fist house is always strengthened. Hence in the classic text of Gemology, which is the remedial part of astrology, would talk about strengthen the lagna of any horoscope though a property gemstone. This is also recommended as a part of astrology consultation. These remedies, are always specific to every horoscope, however some of the remedies mentioned below are a ready reckoner to the readers.

Some remedies suggested as per Vastu and Lal- Kitab are:

Vastu tips for good health:

- If there is a beam running inside the room wall, just ensue that you do not place the bed beneath the beam. This can be bad to the health, more so, if the Ascendant of the First house is weak in a horoscope.

- Also, while drinking water at home, make sure you face the North-East direction. This is good for your health.

These are some of the Vastu Tips for good health.

Lal kitab remedies for health:

- If head of the Family is suddenly falling ill or the doctors are not doing an accurate diagnosis, then the natives should donate a yellow pumpkin with its stick at any religious place, once a month. Perform this ritual on any Thursday between sunrise and sunset.

- Do not eat meals on the bed. Adopt the practice of having lunch and dinner while sitting in the kitchen.

The above two are again simple methods of Lal-Kitab remedies for earning good health.

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