Chakra Healing: Amazing Ways To Clean And Heal Your Chakras

Future Point | 17-Oct-2018

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Our body is made up of energy and there is a need to balance out the infinite flow of energy so as to maintain peace, greater mental, emotional and physical health in the body. One of the best and most effective ways and techniques to bring out a greater mental and physical health is by the means of chakra healing techniques. Each cell in our body radiates energy and the universe has a constant flow of energy that radiates in our living environment be it in the tiniest ant or the biggest and tallest mountain.

Now, chakras are different and specific key points and channels in our body through which there is a constant stream of energy flowing in and out and balancing these chakras or points are often called as the process of chakra healing. The most simplified and understandable definition of what is chakra balancing is to bring together all your chakras in to a harmonised and peaceful state where in, all the chakras are in sync with each other.

If we dig deep in to the matter, we will find that all the chakras are inter related and they respond in response to the functioning and state of the other neighbouring chakras in the body. Spiritual healing is one of the simplest techniques for doing chakra healing and chakra meditation. Therefore, what is of utmost importance in the process of chakra healing is not only to consider and concentrate each individual chakra but to consider the other neighbouring centres which are in connection and the whole energy system of the body. Listed below are some of the simple ways and techniques through which we all can cleanse and heal our chakras:

The breathing technique and exercise: To relax, heal and calm your chakras, one must opt and follow fire breathing. Fire breathing is a unique breathing exercise which helps to bring in sync all the chakras by making you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and all emotionally and spiritually healed up with all energy healing. In this process, you are required to breathe in through every chakra and imagine a bright light and colour associated with that particular chakra in body. With this breathing tool, many have discovered some unique discoveries about spirituality.

To heal and balance “Root Chakra”: According to astrology experts, the root chakra is symbolic of our feeling to stay rooted and grounded to earth. It is represented by colour red. To heal this chakra, one may walk barefoot as much as he/she can. One can also eat red coloured foods and fruits such as strawberries, red peppers, tomatoes, and beetroot and can also add up more spice in your food and diet. The crystals associated with the healing of this chakra are ruby, bloodstone, garnet, agate.

To heal and balance “Sacral Chakra”: As per Indian astrology predictions, this chakra is representative of our creative ability, our desire of sex and the acceptance and ability to get into new relationships, changes and situations in the life. This chakra can be healed by being gentle & kind to ourselves and others. Eating orange coloured foods and fruits such as oranges, capsicums and carrots can also help. Celebrate and enjoy little joys in life. The crystal associated with this chakra is Sandalwood.

To heal and balance “Solar Plexus Chakra”: This chakra in our body is representing the level of confidence, our feelings, emotions and thoughts and the ability to have a control in our life. If you wish to heal & balance this chakra, you must get outside in the sun as much as possible. And as to improve the zodiac signs compatibility, spend time only with the ones who bring up the life in you and who do not have the intention of bringing you down. The crystals associated with the healing of this chakra are Amber, Tiger’s eye and Citrine. One can also opt for chakra balancing massage.

To heal and balance “Heart Chakra”: This chakra controls and represents all the feelings of love & emotions. It represents our ability to love others and to be loved by others. To heal and regulate this chakra healing, you must spend quality time with your loved ones and always take out the time to do the things you love doing without owing an excuse for the same. You must also follow and cherish your dreams and goals in life. The crystals for this chakra are Emerald and Rose quartz.

To heal and balance “Throat Chakra”: This chakra is symbolic of our ability to communicate and converse clearly with confidence and the power to stick to truth. If in your online horoscope, this chakra is not functioning properly then to heal this chakra, you may sing wherever you can, be it at the time of shower. Also, make it a point to always remain loyal and truthful with those around you and especially your loved ones and family members. The crystals associated with this chakra are aquamarine and turquoise.

Doing these above mentioned chakra balancing exercises will surely help to heal and balance all your chakras in the body and will account for an experience of greater peace and solace in life.