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Often called the ‘man behind Indian Astrology’, Dr Arun Bansal needs no introduction when it comes to Occult Sciences and its related esoteric fields. The brain behind the First Ever Vedic Astrology Software, Dr Bansal set out to make his own name and brand in 1978; a time wherein no one thought that Horoscope or Kundli could be calculated by a computer with 100% accuracy. The Chairman and Founder of Future Point, the #1 Vedic Astrology website in India, he set out to achieve goals that no one in their wildest dreams thought possible. And his great endeavours didn’t stop there, the man took it upon himself to create an organisation that supports and unites all the astrologers present in India under one umbrella- ‘All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies- AIFAS’. The organisation also professes Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, and Vastu courses taught by Top Astrologers of India.

With more than 40 years of experience of providing people with impeccable remedies for their problems, Dr Arun Bansal has hundreds of medals and laureates to his name proving his mettle. His knack to always look for answers and satisfy his thirst for knowledge led him to constantly work on improving his Astrology software from Leo-1 to Leo-99, yo Leo Gold and finally to LeoStar which is trusted by millions of Astrologers worldwide due to its precision and reliability factor. The company he started, Future Point is today the leading Astrology website with over a million users worldwide. Today, Dr Arun Bansal has successfully conducted Astrology Seminars all around the world and is working on another Astrology convention in Australia and New Zealand.

Services Provided by Dr. Arun Bansal:

A man with whopping 40 years of experience in providing bliss and smiles to peoples’ faces and lives, there’s nothing Dr Arun Bansal can’t do. No matter what your problem is, he is the man who can bring you out of it with simple yet amazingly ingenious remedies. The Ace of the pack, Dr Arun is a celebrity astrologer with years of experience in:

  • Remedial Astrology Consultation
  • Property & Land related Consultation with an Astrologer
  • Legal Astrological Consultation
  • Vastu Consultation
  • Health Consultation
  • Education Consultation
  • Career Consultation
  • Family Consultation
  • Basic Horoscope Consultation

The above-mentioned topics only cover half of what Dr Arun Bansal provides his wisdom for. Being a leading Vastu Consultant in India, he has been championing the idea of an abode that is well equipped with Vastu and garners only positivity and contentment through his Vastu Consultant Services. All the Horoscope Reports prepared will contain a detailed answer to your query, along with an analysis that gives you a vivid idea of your future. You can also avail the Talk to Astrologer service to get answers from Dr Arun Bansal directly.

A celebrated author of hundreds of books, an editor who collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry. Born and raised in Delhi, Dr Arun Bansal is the Top Astrologer in Delhi NCR having served here for more than 4 decades. With so many laureates and honours addressed to his name, Dr Arun Bansal is the first choice of anyone looking for Astrologer’s Consultation in Delhi.


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